Thanksgiving alone with my child

Hello. Does anyone have any thanksgiving dinners for the less fortunate in edm?.

It’s just us two and we don’t have much. Can’t afford to pay 20+ per person at a restaurant for a turkey dinner :(.

Tia. And happy thanksgiving!!.



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  1. Why are people so mean? Sheesh. I bought 2 turkeys and have one to a needy family .

  2. Rae Wright Rae Wright says:

    We were hit by a drunk driver and I am now disabled. Were having Spaghetti tonight… You make what you can. Just because others are eating turkey doesnt mean you have too. Do what you have to do..

  3. Most Canadians know about these services for the poor and homeless.

  4. Churches Salvation Army Food Banks all do for those in need especially children!! Are you from Canada?

  5. Lina Kozoway Lina Kozoway says:

    If I was in Edmonton, you’d be more than welcome to my home ..but all I can say is that possibly the mustard seed will have a free turkey dinner.
    I truly hate seeing people alone on holidays, I wish you nothing but the best this thanksgiving day

  6. Superstore sells cheap utility turkeys that may be missing a leg or something but are still fine. You are not alone if you have a kid. They are growing fast so it is good to spend as much time together as possible. There are places with free dinners for thanksgiving. You can probably find them by searching online.

    • Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

      And if you buy a turkey it can feed you two for a week with soup and sandwiches. Making it stretch is easy. We make bone broth with ours and it is very nourishing.

  7. Jesus!
    I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days.
    Unfortunately I don’t live in Edmonton anymore but if I had there would have been more than enough for two more at our table.
    It’s always nice to meet new people and who knows, maybe some new friends!

  8. Did any of you think maybe the companionship of others, not just dinner, is what this Mom and child need ? Some of you need to show a little love and compassion <3

  9. today there was one at the boyle street. I wish i seen this post earlier!

  10. Pm me if you still haven’t gotten a dinner plate I have a ton of leftovers

  11. They were just asking for help if you can’t help then maybe you shouldn’t comment people go through hard times show some compassion

  12. I have some ham, veggies, buns etc left over that you are welcome to. Where are you located?

  13. Erin Hage Erin Hage says:

    Indian Fusion downtown offers free food to those in need. Daily. I know it’s not traditional Thanksgiving food but to still a very decent meal.

  14. Did you get a meal yet? I made a lot.

  15. I have leftovers from tonight I’d be happy to share. We didn’t have turkey, but had chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh veggies and dip and buttered buns. Not super fancy, but I’d be happy to share. Northwest side of the city close to Westmount. Send me a PM.

  16. Check with the Bissel Center….I don’t know if they had their dinner today or if it’s tomorrow, but they have Thanksgiving dinner for those who cannot afford one

  17. Char Tipler Char Tipler says:

    If you near me ; i give you plate for you and your girl

  18. Wow… Out of all the comments, only a couple individuals showing compassion. What is the world coming to??

    Grateful this Thanksgiving I’m not surrounded by miserable people like many of you.

  19. I’m out of town till tomorrow, but I will happily give you some of ours! Pm me!

  20. Lisa Lunney Lisa Lunney says:

    Pm me and I’ll etransfer you a bit of money so you can have food at home

  21. The more I read the snarky comments on posts like these that are simply asking for suggestions the more I understand why the world is going to hell.

  22. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    If I was at home I’d happily bring you a plate of homecooked dinner. No questions asked. I can’t believe some people!! Are you that selfish you can’t share a plate of food?!?!?

  23. Jasmine bell cafe has their free turkey dinner until 5pm tomorrow starts at 2

  24. John Knoll John Knoll says:

    Internet is free in many places people, and computer access is also available.

  25. Alex McGrath Alex McGrath says:

    Can’t pay for food but can pay for internet to ask people ?

  26. Darcie Daye Darcie Daye says:

    At the Leefield Community League, the Millbourne Laundromat will be hosting their free Thanksgiving Dinner.

  27. Go get a precooked BBQ chicken ($10), box of stuffing (77 cents), 5 lb bag of potatoes ($5.00) and a bag of salad ($5.00) a can of cranberry sauce. For around $20 you have a thanksgiving dinner with left overs. I just did it. $25 would get you a small bag of veggies, gravy and a pie.

  28. Dennys has decent turkey dinners.

  29. Just make some chicken and stuffing and mashed potatoes and salad. Have your own dinner. It wouldn’t cost much. Not anymore than a regular dinner.

  30. Boyle street community free dinner

  31. Lee Ridge community center has one.

  32. I was wondering the same thing…
    Following 🙂

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