The Best Camping Experience Ever

I’m looking for what all of you think would be the best camping experience ever.

What do you dislike in a RV Park/campground? What would you love to see in a RV Park/campground? Unique ideas/suggestions are welcomed also!

Thanks Edmonton!



12 Responses

  1. We usually look for an open area to play games like boce ball, beersby, lawn games,etc.

  2. Most are nothing more than a glorified parking lot with utility hookups, too cogested, no privacy and no contact with nature, after all, that is what camping is all about, contact with nature.

  3. Love RV lots with swimming pools

  4. Lots of trees, lake for boating and a must is showers. A person on site for security

  5. Privacy is a must…accessible trails for those w mobility issues easy entry washrooms, office, store etc. Free showers. Clean beach. No smoking/alcohol off own site. Clear signage as to stall numbers.

  6. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Well if you like the mountains and hiking cadomin

  7. I look for lots of trees and privacy, showers (free is best but I’m fine with paying for them), I don’t mind outhouses but I love when there’s flushing toilets. A big fire pit is awesome, clean beach and hopefully a play area for kids. I also love when wood is included in the fees and delivered to the site.

  8. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    I like where we are. Hilah Ayers…. I would love to see some upgrades though.

    Dog Park
    Splash park (or updated park)
    Mini golf
    Tennis court/ basketball court
    More trees
    Common fire pits (super big with seating)
    Clean laundry facility
    Clean shower houses with 2-3 locations
    Golf carts ( cuts down on traffic and more safe for kids)

  9. Privacy and no drunken assholes making a nuisance of themselves.

  10. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Best camping: Jasper in June when all the elk are having calves. Its great to sit and watch the babies. Also bear cubs always out munching dandelions. I like camping off season before kids are out of school… much quieter. Jasper and campgrounds are also very walkable and there are lots of bike trails.


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