The Consequences of Whistle Blowing

Fours years ago a bad accident happened at my previous employer. A loader collided with a rock truck. The rock truck driver was injured. People blew the whistle on the company due to safety concerns. A few of us discussed information openly. Someone went to injured employee with the information.

With the events that have transpired at the time of the accident before and after I regret my decision for speaking so openly. The rock truck operator got so many people into trouble for flapping off at the mouth. Things do find they way back to people. A cousin heard all this while at they were at the same facility as the operator. The operator was heard saying the company was going to be in so much trouble. The company was fined so much money. The owner was at the hospital where the operator was had a physco on his face. Old coworker posted on FB that the truck crashed into the loader. The old co-worker was going to be in trouble. The rock truck was rebuilt and inspected before going back into service the rock truck operator had someone tell a new employee the history of truck causing the employee to quit. The rock truck operator was getting harassing texts from an old coworker. When the rock truck operator was playing with the co-worker feelings and leading them on. The rock truck operator is blaming the company because no safety was on site for the ongoing injuries they have substained. The rock truck operator was just as responsible as the loader operator. The rock truck operator should have not been in the loaders way and should have move out of the way. The rock truck operator did not wait for the loader to signal that they were ready to load.

The loader should have watch were they going. The employees are responsible for safety as the employer. The company and both operators were in the wrong. The company was fined. The company was not charged under pending prosecutions or conviction or appeals.

I regret whistle blowing and talking so freely because the operator is being mean and spitful and smug not taking responsiblity for their part in the accident. It was sad the operator was injured and has ongoing medical issues the operator made mistakes as well.



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