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The puppy or the wife ?

I’m seeking some advice,

My soon to be wife, has now made it clear that I must make a choice between her or our dog . We brought the puppy into our lives a little over a year ago , it was actually my fiancé’s idea ….. I wanted to wait a month or two , to get the house puppy proof , and perhaps take a holiday before we had the responsibilities of pet. However she found a Siberian husky pup with in a couple of days ….. she was excited , and so was I , how could you say no to that cute puppy face .

We each paid half the cost of the female husky puppy , and all was great .

Over the months my fiancé became more and more short tempered to the dog , and was jealous of the time and attention that spent with the puppy . She finally said it’s the dog or me , and told me that we could take her to the spca , and that the puppy would be adopted quickly as everyone loves huskies ………

I’m very much in shock , first off there is no way I’m taking my puppy ( and she is very much my puppy now , with this whole situation now ) to the spca , if I give my dog up , I’m going to take as much time as it takes to find her the best home possible , and I don’t want any money back , it is pretty clear my wife to be , doesn’t want any money back , if she is wanting to take the spca route . … I have clearly told my fiancé that if we do give the puppy up , how we will do it , and it will take time , and effort ….

I guess my question is , do I really need to look at my relationship more closely ? This ultimatum is very much a surprise to me , am I over looking , or not seeing other surprises in the future . Am I being selfish spending time with my dog , having a pet is a huge responsibility , maybe we did not realize this before we got the puppy .
I love my fiancé , and I love the dog …… if I’m forced to give up the dog , I’m obviously going to have feelings of resentment to a degree towards my wife to be .

We are not even married yet ……communication is so very important and the key .

To add to everything , her parents keep hinting how they would love to be grandparents , and my fiancé loves the idea …… am I the ownly one who sees this as not necessarily a great idea . We failed the puppy , if my fiancé says I’m spending way to much time with the dog , what is she going to say about how much time I spend with the baby …… you can’t take a baby to the spca ….



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  1. Jimmy says:

    The mistake here is you chose the wrong breed of dog for your lifestyle. You chose a huge breed that needs a tremendous amount of training and attention when your future ex-wife can’t or won’t make time for it with you. What she really needed was a lapdog. If she’s a decent human otherwise, find the dog a good home and remember this mistake if you get the itch to own a dog in the future.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My way or the highway thinking isn’t really akin to a good relationship. Sounds like she doesn’t really weather hardship or frustration well at all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    take the fiance to SPCA, maybe someone will adopt her

  4. Mercedes says:

    Wow!!! Yeah I would maybe think twice about a life with her, clearly something is wrong with her! Pets are for life and really who doesnt want a dog in their life??

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