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The Real Government??

I work for the Government of Alberta and transferred here to Edmonton, AB from a small town. The big city life has shown me how cruel and corrupt the Government really is. Looking for advice on what to do.

Should I just pack my bags and move on or stand up and fight, or put my tail between my legs and deal with it? I have faced many adversities in the past 6 years of my life including Domestic Violence- the Government of Alberta has many supports in place to support employees facing these circumstances.

I thought sharing my situation with the Supervisors/ Managers, they would have understanding and compassion with me, however it took the opposite turn and they used it against me. While dealing with my personal issues at home I had also had to deal with bullying and harassment and possibly racism at work. With the disrespect and questionable approaches, I was made to feel like I was unable to function in society and questioned my ability to hold full-time employment. I haven’t received any proper training and feel like I am at a dead end with no where to go.

I wrote a 4 page formal complaint of everything I have been through in the office and feel so hopeless. My personal issues have not impacted my performance at work but strengthened it because when my life took a spiral downward, work was the only thing I maintained control of. Rather than supporting me for success I was given bigger road blocks, what do I do now??? Am I just seeing The Real Government now?



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  1. I work for Municipal Affairs in the GOA and it is the most amazing ministry in the government. Everyone treats you like a real human being. If your having a tough day, you can go talk to just about anyone with welcome open arms. It seems like you are having just shit luck in your department. Definitely start looking elsewhere for work and take it up with Human Resources and if you are able to use the EFAP program, do it!

  2. HR has also recently set up a new investigation unit for employee matters. Look into this.

  3. Contact Diversity and Inclusion

  4. Dont say anything at work to anyone, you will get hurt in the long run. Just smile and keep your job, gov jobs are hard to come bye. If you have faith in Jesus open the Bible and read starting from Matthew, let God protect you and you pray for wisdom. I am praying for you. The union will not help you at all!

  5. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    I wonder if your job with in child protection? I worked here for a very short time and holy crap did I run out of there. Not because of the clients we dealt with but with the other workers there. Absolutely awful people who want to bring you down and use whatever they can against you. I worked in several offices and Jesus! These are the people entrusted to protect children? They do a terrible job! That whole area needs to be cleared out and all new people and management brought it with much stricter rules/policies for the workers.
    Advise for you – don’t give up your job – maybe request a move to another office (same city) to have a fresh start. Keep to yourself. Do your work and don’t try to make any friends.

  6. WCB will help with this believe it!

  7. Public shame comes to.kind. call them on their shit…gluk

  8. I worked in the federal government. It is no better and you will never be able to create any change single handedly. Management will take note if you start causing too much trouble and theyll make your life miserable. I just packed my bags and quit for my own sanity. It’s not worth it in the long run.

  9. Consider your options. A government gig offers flex time, benefits, employee & family counseling, pension and other perks that many private jobs do not have. Not sure what the roadblocks you mentioned are about but if they’re holding you back, and you’ve truly reached the end of your rope, maybe it’s for the best to cut ties and seek something you’ll be happier at. There will always be politics no matter what job or career you have.

  10. Try taking some courses that would broaden your knowledge and hopefully help them see your value for more respect. If not, those courses can be an asset to help you find employment elsewhere.

  11. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    The government is not your parent. If your personal choices interfere with your ability to do your job, your employer – the government – has every right to coach you to do the work they pay you for.
    That said, no one deserves to be bullied or harassed at work. But, your post seems to blame everyone else. Perhaps using some of your awesome benefits to engage your Employee Assistance Plan to meet with a counselor can help you sort through some of these issues and perceptions. Good luck.

  12. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Honestly, although there are steps you can take, the only changes they will make are on paper. Eventually the Union and hr will consider you a liability if you keep fighting. There go the promotions! Personally I would get my resume out, make a clean start.

  13. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    Aren’t the whistleblowers protected ¿

  14. This is not really a government issue but a management issue that you could experience with any employer. At least with the government you have the union who can support you if you feel you are being treated unfairly. You can call the union for advice on this and request to have a union representative present with you if you are required to have any kind of meeting to discuss your employment it performance. Don’t blame the government, this happens everywhere unfortunately.

  15. You are just realizing the government is corrupt? Wow

  16. I’m sure it’s not just government. When it comes to trusting co-workers and managers with personal information, be very choosy. Sadly, lots of people will use your problems as their personal stepping stone.

  17. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    I can see things from you side however I’m sure it would vary from department to department also perhaps your expecting the same work culture you get in a smaller community. Where people all know each other . The city environment is different. Do you need to stay within that department? If so you need to play the game.

  18. I experiened the same. Loved my job and thrived. New management and all of a sudden i was no longer any good. Gets to the point where you can’t do your job because you feel so intimated. Your health is most important a d trying to get justice is a losing battle. Management supports management right or wrong.

  19. This is the way government is. If you don’t like the corruption, the best option is moving to Iceland.

  20. Susan Csapo Susan Csapo says:

    Welcome to the gov!!☠

  21. As someone who has dealt with the Federal and Provincial Governments…you will never fix it. It’s broken, always has been and always will be. If you are lucky with talking to your union, etc. Don’t be surprised about backlash, demotions, etc. All that shit happens…no matter how many plead they don’t…they do

  22. If you transferred to Edmonton and don’t like what you found in the big city, why not transfer back to a smaller centre. I worked for the Government for 30 years & made many long-standing friends there.

  23. I could be very wrong about this but I get the vibe that nothing is good enough for you.

    You can call 211 and speak to someone who can suggest avenues to explore.

  24. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    If you’re this far ahead into the government, keep going. There’s so many of us who wish to be able to make a say but arnt at your level. I believe from your post, you can be a great leader to have gotten yourself this far. I wish you had more support for your accomplishments.

  25. If you are a member of the union, you need to contact them. That’s what you pay union dues for! Good luck.

  26. Quit your cult! You can’t fix a broken system, especially one designed to control the lives of other people.

  27. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    get ahold of the PPC member for your area and see if they can give u some ideas

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