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The UCP Cannot Get Rid of the Carbon Tax

If your motivation to vote UCP is to get rid of the carbon tax think again. This tax was mandated Federally. The NDP decided to make their own so that the money would stay in Alberta. If they didn’t then the Federal government will put one in place, which is exactly what will happen if the UCP try to get rid of it.

Only the mega rich will benefit under The UCP. I have no idea why so many people fail to see this unless they are so in awe of the rich they cannot think for themselves



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  1. UCP values money over people. Everyone griping about the oil workers out of work and think UCP will fix this, yet don’t care about the plans to cut education, health care, and lgtb rights. They don’t care about the risk to our lgtb youth if they are outed the way Kenney wants them to be.

    You don’t have to agree with NOD to see UCP would be a terrible thing for our province.

  2. Blah blah blah. It’s more than about carbon tax. I just want to govt to stop choking my business out of the modest profits that we have so I can hire people and pay more!

  3. Don Amyotte Don Amyotte says:

    Get your facts strait, Saskatchewan is taking the feds to court over this with Albertas blessing. Between the NDP and the Libs U have just about destroyed the economies of the west.

  4. a federal government can get rid of it

  5. Alison Kuz Alison Kuz says:

    Maybe, just maybe it is time to have a grown up conversation about a provincial tax. Every other province has one. If our main resource is being held hostage by the rest of the country, it may be time to look out for and save ourselves. With a provincial tax in place we CAN manage to pay down debt AND still maintain our spending AND be able to set up a responsible Rainy Day Fund. No one wants it, I know. But honestly, the easiest and fairest solution. And we would not be going backwards in any area. We ALL want more of everything, and the best of everything….THAT is the Alberta Advantage. The tricky part is knowing which party will have the balls to bring it forward, stick to it and make everyone realize it IS the way to solve our problem, and then be accountable for transparency as to how those extra tax dollars are divvied up.
    Then everyone has more time and energy to focus on getting these damn pipelines built for the ENTIRE COUNTRY to prosper.

    • Alberta Sales Tax, some would say political suicide, I say leadership. The debt the deficit needs to be handled for now and the future. A party proposing a PST would have my vote.

  6. Thank you for having a brain, I’m learning that many Albertans are missing theirs. UCP is so lost that their leader thinks he’s running for PM

  7. David Sveum David Sveum says:

    It’s hilarious that everyone who is against the carbon tax has no problem that Klein sold off our utilities and now you’re paying roughly 2.5x more than the carbon tax for admin fees and other BS. Last month on my gas bill it was $40 for the carbon tax and $100 for service fees and such.

    • David Sveum one can be against both, you are projecting by saying those with a carbon tax issue also agree with more utility bills. Not true!

    • David Sveum David Sveum says:

      Kris Jacobsen the only thing they complain about is the carbon tax. So yeah it sure seems that way. But being publicly pissed about the rest of the fees you’d have to go against conservative policies which brought us to this point because Klein allowed for privitization of the service. If you’re against both why not campaign for fair pricing or something to encompass it instead of attacking a party specific policy which the previous government was going to bring in but nobody made a peep then.

  8. Then why isn’t Saskatchewan paying it? Or Quebec?

  9. Samantha Koe im cringing

  10. Even the UPC can repeal the carbon tax , the federal government will just put it right back on.

  11. Derek Walsh Derek Walsh says:

    The UCP caters to people who make more than 100000 a year. Plain and simple if you make less than that you are probably better off voting for a party that is further left as they take money from the rich and use it to subsidize the lower income bracket

  12. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Not if we get rid of the federal government ,before the national carbon tax is in place ,

  13. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    Shut up! People are going to vote as they see fit! I am so sick of these political posts! But… but… but the CONS did this and the NDP have done that. Just shut up. In the end the people get fucked over regardless of what fat fuck is running things. Just bow to your masters pay your taxes and mind your business!

  14. No. This is false. The NDP has made a provincial one ON TOP of the one being put in place federally. UCP is able to repeal the provincial carbon tax and will have the right to fight the federal one but i dont feel they will win against the federal government

  15. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Kenney isn’t bringing anything to the table worth changing government over.
    Kenney gave us Trudeau. Remember that.
    Check the man’s resume.

  16. David Sveum David Sveum says:

    Mark Kokolsky she knew a federal carbon tax was coming in so they made their own before the feds. To make sure the feds kept their hands off the tax money collect. Which is now being used to fund public projects like rebates to green house (if you choose to) and help build both Calgary and Edmonton let expansions. But yes let’s cut the provincial one and give all that money to the feds to do whatever the hell they want with it.

  17. Derek Wood any comments?

  18. Nikki Sereres not a chance

  19. Ahh, ya they can. Get your heads out of your asses.

  20. Vote for The Alberta Party! F*ck Kenney & Notley lol

  21. I’m a low income single mom trying so hard to make it! Under this government st $41000/yr gross and two kids to raise I still don’t qualify for and social programs! I’ve tried finding an Alberta employee to take me on and have sent out 100s if resumes and I’m either overqualified or for my new career, under qualified or from the job ads I’ve seen I don’t qualify unless I’m a newcomer!!! Under this government my family is dying . Newcomers and migrants are filling entire work crews in every while Albertan’s and Canadians are in financial ruin! Alberta employers are a big part of the problem as they’re not hiring Albertans!! Will this change with a change of government? I’m voting UCP but I doubt that will change

  22. Debt is bad.
    When times are tough the solution isn’t to break out the credit card.
    That’s what the NDP has done and will continue to do.

  23. I agree with you wholeheartedly! The UCP’s agenda is tax breaks for the rich corporations and individuals and screw the middle class and lower income! Look at where KKKENNEY came from people! The guy has been handed everything and really hasn’t worked a day in his life! Not to mention his past accolades against LGBTQ, women etc! He has no wife or children, he doesn’t give two shits about families!
    If your motive is to get rid of the NDP by voting UCP, you’re going to see how bad Alberta can get with this buffoon! Please remember the PC days of cuts and remember Redford, Klein, the messes they made! Healthcare and Education will go down the tubes!

  24. Tiara Preist Tiara Preist says:

    global warming, is now climate change; carbon tax is just bull shit; if it were a real thing, Maxime Bernier has the right solution; no more corporate welfare and get rid of the carbon tax are a few of his ideas; forget liberals and conservatives (AKA liberal lite) and go independent,

  25. Naomi Thompkins Jason Kenny!

  26. Sorry, but the money does not all stay in Alberta. Any singular person who believes this has not looked at their receipt or clearly didn’t understand it.
    ALSO, every single thing you buy in a store or online is ultimately CARBON TAXED. Food is CARBON TAXED at the farm it is grown from or factory it is produced from. It is then CARBON TAXED at the shipping level.
    CARBON TAX is crushing many businesses and it is killing many jobs. If you have to choose between that extra hand on the job and the CARBON TAX, bye bye job.
    NOTLEY said she was going to fight the CARBON TAX, instead she quickly rolled out ads saying we were getting every penny back….There is simply no way that we are getting that back. There is no fair scale to decide how much each household truly uses.
    I don’t really know how I plan to vote, but in the instance of throwing out the CARBON TAX, Jason Kenny has the right idea……….I have yet to see anybody flash a wad of cash at the environment and the environment giggle with glee while quickly adjusting itself to please the environmentalist like Notley or Trudeau.
    As for the announcement that Notley made about the Calgary-based Value Creation do some fact checks on that. It is nothing more than an abandoned facility in Strathcona and no projects were even scheduled at the time that they were announcing they were underway. The land hadn’t been touched in years.
    Research how she will buy your votes with illusions.
    I wouldn’t vote NDP, but I just don’t know about the rest either.

  27. The greed clouds people judgement.
    Happens ALL to often.

  28. Do you think that is all the UCP are doing? I think you better check your facts. The UCP have a huge mess to clean up from our esteemed current provincial leaders. Leaders who have killed Alberta’s Economy completely, and send major investors running. Once Alberta’s pay cheque was gone, rather than doing what most normal people would do – meaning hunker down, get spending moderate – the NDP continued to get the hairs, nails, pedi’s, mani’s done, eat out ever meal, and take a vacation. We have gone up from 4.7 Billion deficit in 2009/10, to a heart stopping 95 BILLION DOLLAR PLANNED DEFICIT under the NDP. We have 100,000 unemployed oil field workers. In my own industry – I work with small, medium, and large businesses. The small folks who employee a lot of Alberta are going under. Too much has hit them all at once including carbon tax, and a way to high minimum wage when our economy is in the toilet. Now, you may feel this is all for the business owner, but let me ask you this. Once a business owner looses his job, there is no EI for them. How are these people even tracked as “unemployed”. Further, those employed by these people are now out of work too. I would caution young people to actually understand how the economy works before trying to conceive what the UCP need to do to get Alberta out of the huge mess we are in. I would strongly suggest that people – rather than listen to rants on Shout out Edmonton pick up papers. Watch the debates. Figure out what is important to you. Use your own mind….. shout out is hardly the place to make an important decision such as who will run our province for the next four years. The poster shows very little dignity for posting his opinion.

    • Patrick Jean Patrick Jean says:

      The travel and hospitality budget for conservatives was $27.6 million its 3.8 under NDP. They cut the salaries and eliminated perks for Alberta’s public agencies, boards and commissions. They phased out the obscene salaries for post secondary executives and introduced guidelines for superintendent wages. Even with our borrowing Alberta’s net debt is 6.5% compared to 15% in BC & Sask and 45% in Quebec it’s the lowest per capita in the country. We have the highest GDP per capita and spend less per capita than the PCs did! Stop trying to twist the numbers to fit your narrative!

    • Economy was going down way before the NDP got into leadership. Infrastructure was a joke prior as well. Everything was falling apart and in major need of repairs. Meanwhile the big rich companies were getting the tax breaks. They were the ones making the big money here. Throwing some cash to the PC to keep it going. Everyone had their hooks in the land when the money was rolling in. Meanwhile everything else went to shit.

    • Len Prescott Len Prescott says:

      Nichole Saskiw The conservatives surfed on the high Oil for decades the Oil crashed multiple times people lost their jobs,houses,cars multiple times under Conservative rule but even knowing and seeing that oil is not a stable resource they did nothing to help Alberta sustain itself and keep people from losing everything again when it was time for oil to fall. Alberta is in this mess now because of the conservatives plain and simple there was no one else running this province but them. The conservatives did not try to bring other industries into this province that would keep us from falling when our oil fell.Alberta had so much money we had the sky as our limit to bring in new tech with multiple industry.. and that brings opportunity for everyone in all situations .The conservatives kept Alberta stuck in a closed loop only connected to oil that was doomed to fail .The NDP came in to a mess that the conservatives left the NDP has tried to build pipelines they have built schools they have not cut social programs they have been trying to open Alberta so that we can strive forward again and not be solely dependent on oil .They have been trying to keep people working in the jobs they have now the NDP has been useing the carbon tax to help new schooling for new tech to offer money to new industry and to help expand the LRT among other things. This is being done to help Alberta and it’s people and the NDP have been doing this in the middle of Alberta’s worst ever economic crisis.If Alberta doesn’t keep changing and stops moving forward and doesn’t get out of the closed loop it will only get worse not better.The NDP have done more to help Alberta and it’s people in 4yrs than the conservatives did in 40 + yrs.
      The world has been changing around us for some time and we have to change with it or we won’t make it . But Kenneys idea is to give the mighty corporate a sizable tax cut so they can have more profit.

    • Len Prescott and Jessie – I am much more willing to follow a group who fully understand our main resource in our province. Natural Gas and oil are never going away. We need to fuel jets, large ships, cars, trucks, and just this past February, our homes. We have an amazing resource here, and I will not follow a form of government who is willing to shut that down. Further, I beg to differ. In 2014 we had a strong economy, and major companies were investing in Alberta. Was there an economic downturn headed this way? Absolutely. But rather than help Alberta through it, during our darkest hour, they decided to help the oil crash along, rather than help with it. You would best keep in mind that strong business in this province will also ensure work for everyone. You don’t think that with a tanked economy across the country that Notley can continue to spend the way she is, and not have to pay the piper? It is irresponsible to continue to spend money this province can not hope to make. There are too many people who have never recovered from the 2015 crash in the economy. Another looming economic crash as we speak will put the remainder of people under. More businesses close their doors, more people are let go. And, I am not talking about just oil industry. I’m talking about the construction companies, restaurants, large box stores, private healthcare, landscaping companies, home builders, etc etc. Take a look at the Real Estate Market at the moment in this province. This is another huge industry in dire straights. People need to get the idea out of their heads that large corporations are the only ones benefiting here.
      YES, we need to keep these large corporations here in Alberta so we can keep Albertans employed. We need to attract large investors, and business to the province to create jobs, and stimulate the economy. The NDP are an anomaly in this province. A mistake I hope is never made again.

    • Len Prescott Len Prescott says:

      Oil is never going to come back the way it was a government does not control this the world controls the oil prices the NDP need oil because that is all we have that is our money but if you look at what the world is doing now than you can see that the combustion engine is on the road to extinction. County’s have already put deadlines on switching over to other technology for cars even Canada & the U.S have put a time line for this.The demand for oil will continue to diminish as the future unfolds, this is a fact and is already happening now it is not a secret check it for your self. As this change in technology picks up speed around the world what is going to happen to us?We need to adapt .we keep our oil going as long as the world needs it but in the process we need to add more to this province and please look past the propaganda the NDP didn’t scare any investors away the low oil prices did .
      Do the research yourself and you will see what other country’s have planned for the combustion engine, and then decide whether or not oil will sustain us .
      Did you know that the combustion engine is the same technology we had a 150 yrs ago all we did was attach computers to an old technology because of gasoline. And during the 1900’s did you know that the electric car was being used widely and was phased out when the model T was invented because it was cheaper than the electric vehicle even though the fumes were toxic .But don’t take my word for it check all these things yourself!

    • Len Prescott I’ll say it again. Natural gas and oil are not going anywhere any time soon. We need it to power planes, trains, equipment, and homes. You can try and argue it all you want. Until such time as they find something else to use in the above other fossil fuels, you might want to stop bucking it.

    • Len Prescott Klein diversified the economy, having revenues from oil and gas go from 38% when he took over to 18% by the time he left.

      He also balanced the budget on an average of $35 per barrel.

    • Len Prescott Len Prescott says:

      Nichole Saskiw Like I said don’t take my word for it all you have to do is punch in search!

    • Len Prescott You presume I am uneducated and haven’t researched? Quite the opposite. I understand how the economy works, and I understand certain things require fossil fuels. This argument is being redirected back to the UCP also making investment into Alberta favourable again. We must attract investors in order to stimulate economy growth.

    • Len Prescott Len Prescott says:

      Alden Gushnowski That was when oil was high in demand and price!Have you noticed how many electric charging stations have increased in Canada & U.S alone? Can you tell me that will not effect oil prices?

    • Len Prescott Len Prescott says:

      Nichole Saskiw I never insinuated you were under educated ,we both agree Alberta needs investors but we need investors in everything not just oil we need investors that want to bring all sorts of industry to this province and the conservatives are not interested in that track record proves it ..and so does Kenny’s promises he doesn’t even have a proper plan .People believe that the conservatives can change the economy but it is not going to change because we are solely dependent on the price of oil ,the price of oil controls Alberta .That is the problem.

    • Len Prescott I fully disagree. Although Kenney was not my first choice to lead this group, the one thing he is most definitely is experienced. I’ve read the UCP policies, and I feel they do have a proper plan. This includes (as we have been already speaking about), letting investors know Alberta is back in business – and not just in the oil industry. They have committed to nix bill 6, and stimulate agriculture once again, as well as protecting women from both sexual and domestic abuse. They are increasing health funding, and putting money into education. These are only a few of their policies you can find on their web page. These are all a few things I hold very dear. But apart from my personal opinion, this is also vastly important to many other Albertans. We can continue this ongoing. However, I am merely showing some people on the fence, that it is important to make your own assessments. Read policies, watch debates. Find where you stand.

    • Len Prescott Oil is still in high demand. Care to notice how many people India and China have?

    • Alden Gushnowski
      Who owns the oil in Alberta?? Seems to forget the cons sold our interests off to US and China… US is booming with their own down south and shut down production here . Notley can’t control that

    • Nichole Saskiw the UCP puts money before people. The things Kenney wants to cut (lgtb rights, education, healthcare etc), will be far worse for this province than anything the NDP did.

    • Brandy Conlin I think you should go read their policies. They are investing in Education, and Healthcare. Its all over the place in the news that they have committed to it.

    • Lei Gryshik Lei Gryshik says:

      Alden Gushnowski no. He didnt. He got lilucky as he was premier when oil was booming. He still managed to scew up education, health care and infrastructure. He was not the gold standard so many make him out to be.

    • Lei Gryshik Oil wasn’t booming until very late in Klein’s tenure. Check your facts.

    • Brandy Conlin Looks like you believe the NDP scare tactics. The UCP has said nothing about cuts to any of those.

  29. Yes they can remove the carbon tax educate yourself

  30. Naomi Thompkins Unfortunately that’s a flaw in our system. The great thing is that in 4 years you can vote them out again, just like Alberta is about to do with the NDP. We’ve had enough of the 4 year accidental socialist experiment.

  31. Katie Hurley Katie Hurley says:

    jUsTiN sToP hIrInG aLL ThE rEfUgEeS aT TiMs pLz

  32. Not a fan of the carbon tax but it is peanuts compared to the fees the gas companies gouge us for

  33. ya but it’s about the person that actually goes through with the policies promised.. I can’t trust anything they say or promise

  34. Naomi Thompkins Vote for policy not people. Look at which party’s platform most aligns with your values.

  35. seriously is Jason Kenny better? Who do you vote for when all parties are going to be horrible choice..

  36. Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

    If Alberta threatens to cut off equalization payments you’d be surprised what will happen. all the have not provinces are dependant on our oil revenue.. stop giving them ab money and they’ll do wtf their sugar daddy tells them to do.

    • Mike Gunn Alberta doesn’t provide equalization payments. Stop spreading that fallacy. The federal government pays equalization from general revenue. The only way to stop paying is to separate from Canada.

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      Maxime Berneir who’s from Quebec is running for the Fed with that being one of his policies.. in his own words Quebec should be embarrassed that it needs our money and they need to generate their own income and not rely on ab oil money.
      And I’ve wanted AB to separate from Canada for about two years now but we’d have to take the hippy dippy province of B.C. with us so we’re not land locked and if it took civil war to accomplish this.. it is what it is..

    • Mike Gunn He’s talking about changing the formula to include Quebec’s hydro industry and even the undeveloped oil reserves in the Maritimes.

      Unfortunately too many people think that the Alberta Government sends Quebec a cheque. This isn’t the case.

    • Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

      Why does it make no sense to separate… because we are not a coastal province. If we had access to the ocean, different story. So please, stop with the separation madness – it seriously makes no sense.

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      yeah I already said we’d have to take bc with us even if they don’t want it it don’t matter well have to take it.
      I’ll prove it makes sense.. Google image search the last federal election results by province… the whole country but AB was red and AB was all blue.
      In Ab the cons got 29 seats the liberals got 4 and the NDP even with Notley as premier only got one seat in the same election that saw the libtards take a federal majority when the majority of AB is conservative leaning.

    • Alberta doesn’t pay a cent in equalization. Research how the formula works before spewing ignorant bullshit. Fuck.

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      sure thing chumly. again Quebec got $9 billion of AB oil revenue in one year..
      Also then why would a federal candidate who’s from Quebec be running on ending them?

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      That’s a win for me now go do your own research and cure your own ignorances

    • David Sveum David Sveum says:

      Mike Gunn Alberta Oil doesn’t prop up the equalization payments. The tax the feds collect from all provinces is pooled and given back with the formula (one that Kenney himself re-evaluated while working with Harper) kind of like a GST refund. Is it fair as is? From someone who doesn’t know the formula, probably not 100%. Can changes be made? Probably but not at a provincial level and the stooge that has you all bent out of shape about it had his chance to do something about it and the opted to leave it as is. Interesting fact too while we get nothing in equalization payments we do get $1 Billion towards our healthcare from the feds for it.

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      David Sveum Im against that. Have not provinces can figure something out or become part of a province that has.. less provinces smaller government… I like it already.

    • Mike Gunn want to talk facts instead of flinging childish names, bud? Or would you rather go all “keyboard warrior”?

    • Remy Frederick Hey, his proof is a Rick Mercer video. Thats all the evidence needed that Quebec gets money directly from Alberta.

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      “Finance Minister Bill Morneau recently released the numbers for the next two years of equalization payments with Quebec receiving a $1.4 billion boost while Alberta and Ontario won’t receive any payments for 2019 and 2020.”

    • Mike Gunn Mike Gunn says:

      Fk your communism .provinces can earn their own way or get enveloped by one that can.

  37. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    Naomi Thompkins but are you really paying to save the environment? How is closing Alberta coal mines and buying the same product from the US saving the environment? Is there an invisible wall keeping that nasty US air out?

  38. Sylvia Flett Sylvia Flett says:

    get rid of NDP and Liberal and start solving the problems from every side

  39. Josh Bauer Josh Bauer says:

    Saskatchewan did. Lol

  40. We need to educate ourselves & not rely on main stream media. Not everything printed or online is neccesarily true (think the Covington kids in the US)

  41. The UPC voters are just voting for big paying jobs from Kenny. Not going to happen. They are voting with the flow. They don’t know why. All the comments on posts are ” vote this person or that person” they don’t say why. They say ” killing the economy” How are they killing economy? Merit Construction gave money to UCP, deal is lower min wage.

  42. Andrea Francis This post is about the provincial election.

  43. Andrea Francis you loosing you Job to a refugee says more about you

  44. ok I rather pay a little tax to save the environment.. the province will really go to shit if Jason Kenny is elected.. he’s a liar and will cut every important program needed.. either or it’s gonna be a shit show!

  45. It’s funny when people dont know what they are talking about. The Government of Alberta introduced the Carbon Levy as part if its Action on Climate Change.

  46. That’s right!!! Carbon Tax is a federal obligation put on Canadians. No one is going to be able to repeal it – except Trudeau’s bandits. Rachel just wanted to keep the money in Alberta.

  47. The conservative movement grifters know their marks. They rope them in with racism and general xenophobia then introduce the economic policy afterward.

  48. Pretty sure she was the one who signed the bill in order to get her “Social License”. And looking at the dates, the Alberta carbon tax started Jan 1st, 2017, the federal carbon tax passed in December 2018. So timelines are a little off for your statement to really work.

  49. I worry about Health Care in the province if UCP are voted in, they have said that they would slash the budget which means job losses and longer wait times. Take a look at what’s happening in Ontario right now with Ford. Do we really want a Conservative in office to dismantle our public sector?

  50. Boy the NDP sure has paid a bunch of trolls to bash Kenney this time round.

  51. Bring on the rage! You are a hundred percent right. All people want to believe is what they’re going to believe. But believe this, they’ll see.

  52. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    federal government if they get in are getting rid of the carbon tax

  53. So Shoutout Edmonton is a political platform?? Come on admins stop this happening

  54. I don’t think shout out edmonton is for political

  55. Carbon tax is only one problem, does no one value their kids education or like our free healthcare both of which Kenney has openly said he will make drastic cuts to.

    • Gordana Dordic He said no such thing. He stated spending freezes. Those aren’t drastic.

    • Gordana Dordic He said no such thing. He stated spending freezes. Those aren’t drastic.

    • Alden Gushnowski they are when 15000 kids are entering kindergarten and the budget has the accommodate them. Cuts will have to be made.

    • Meghan Smethurst Or efficiencies can be found elsewhere as well. Maybe a couple more kids per class. I’m ok with that. At some point the drunken spending has to stop and the monies saved from paying interest debt can be reassigned.

    • Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

      Gordana Dordic education system sucks it produces fools to the system and your health care isn’t free you pay for it in so many ways ,you have no clue ..but good luck in your endeavours

    • Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

      Meghan Smethurst kindergarten never existed and now because you need that 500k house two 60k vehicles just to keep up with the Jones you both need jobs so please maybe spend what you can afford and educate your kids at home till grade one then go back to work, and we wouldn’t need a budget for 15000, kindergarten kids …

    • Steve Friske Steve Friske says:

      Nothing is ever free, its the working people who pay for it and with less working people that means there is less money going towards those anyway. You can only eat your tail for so long until you consume yourself. Our deficit should reflect that.

    • Gordana Dordic – oil and gas industry provides 25% of Alberta’s GDP it still hasn’t recovered and never will without a new pipeline. That money pays for teachers, nurses, doctors, police officers salaries.

      Since these jobs all are paid by tax dollars or borrowing of the central bank, which in Canada is called the bank of Canada, which is not owned by the Canadian government or Canadians themselves.

      The last 4 years Alberta has borrowed $40 billion dollars off the central bank to pay for all the government programs. I’d hate to see the Alberta debt hit $90 to $100 billion dollars by April 2023. Since it was $6 billion when I moved here in June 2014.

  56. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    It looks like the carbon tax is here to stay no matter who collects and re distributes it. I’d rather see it collected and spent within our province than have the (liberal) feds get their greasy paws on it.

  57. Funny thing is that when carbon tax was first being talked about it was when cons were in power and do you all know who signed his name on that…Jason Kenney…

  58. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    Notley is really starting to look more like camilla every day. Did she think politics would be easy?

  59. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    (Cons) (libtards) who thinks up these idiot titles anyway? Like name calling wins you a debate lol! (Actually it does if the topic is prove yoyre behaving like a moron.) Well, this “libtard” is going UPC too this year as there actually is no other choice.

  60. Dan Lewis Dan Lewis says:

    That’s why you need to vote conservative in the federal election as well as provincial we need to get rid of NDP and the Liberals they are destroying our country

    • Dan Lewis 45 years of cons rule led to a recession and massive unemployment. They had 45 years to build a pipeline, save money and make Alberta strong and they blew it.

    • Dan Lewis Dan Lewis says:

      Rob Henderson whatFucking rock have you been hiding under I’ve been working pipeline for 48 years and I’ve worked steady until the Liberals took over and the NDP now we are chasing fucking work

    • Dan Lewis Nah, old dying people who have given up on life a long time ago and are not able to adapt to change is what’s destroying the country. Not to mention all of their children that they fucked up raising, and failed to show how to be decent human beings who don’t want to force their way of life onto other people. If your generation did a better job raising their children, you wouldn’t have a bunch of NDP and Liberal children begging for Big Daddy government and the Nanny State to take care of them, in the way their parents never did.

  61. Trudeau and Notley destroyed the entire Canadian Economy. We don’t need refineries, or rail cars. We need to build our pipelines and get our Western Heavy Crude Oil to world market where we will get 3 times the amount and generate revenue. All Canadains will then prosper. No one is going to invest in refineries. Trudeau and Notley’s carbon tax chased investors right out of Canada due to loss of confidence in our government. They destroyed Alberta and Canada’s economy. I can’t believe the Canadian people would support a carbon tax that would destroy an entire country’s economy for putting out only less than 3% of the entire worlds emmisions. Canada has the most cleanest energy sector in the world. People need to educate themselves, as we are loosing Canada as we know it. We are broke. Trudeau and Notley’s spending is out of control and it needs to stop! Wake up Canada, as we are qickly becoming the next Venezuela!

  62. Brian George Brian George says:

    Taxing Carbon to control climate change is as effective as taxing stupidity to improve IQ

  63. Yes it can be removed dipshit

  64. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    Educate yourself … NDP is only good if you are sitting on social programs paid for by UCP supporting tax payers.

  65. Dario Tomada Dario Tomada says:

    sounds like a libtard

  66. Actually they CAN get rid of it. Now Im not going to argue which party is better because they are all crap right now. But being that the carbon tax we are currently paying was introduced in a bill passed in the Alberta legislature, it can also be removed in the same place. Now the federal government may impose their own on us that we couldnt do anything about but thats not the same. And currently there are several provinces taking the feds to court over the federal carbon tax.

    • Hugh Hawes Hugh Hawes says:

      Mark Kokolsky it’s not the federal federal government may. It’s the federal government will. The provincial governments will 100% lose in court. They really don’t have a case to make. All standing and precident are on the federal government’s side.

    • Mark Kokolsky they can get rid of it BUT the Federal Government will add their own

    • Yes and that has nothing to do with the one currently in place. The one currently in place in AB can be removed at the provincial level. If/when the Federal government impose one then it would definately not be as easy to fight..

    • Hugh Hawes Hugh Hawes says:

      Mark Kokolsky literally noone is arguing if you can or can’t repeal the provincial tax. The argument is why would you do it when the federal government will 100% force a carbon tax on Alberta. It’s federally mandated. The mijnute it’s repealed the federal tax kicks in.

    • Jenny Galka Jenny Galka says:

      Well in Saskatchewan they refused to pay the carbon tax and effective April 1st, carbon tax will have to be paid until the court date.

    • Its not if or when Mark Kokolsky, the federal tax is already in place for any province that doesnt have one of its own. Saskatchewan started paying the federal tax January 1 2019. And they will lose their court battle, the constitution guarantees that federal governement has the authority over taxation.

    • Sacha Mary Sacha Mary says:

      Technically he’s right guys. They could get get rid of the provincial carbon tax but then Ottawa would come in and slap us with a federalone and then take all the money from it. But I guess that’s okay according to UCP logic

    • Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

      Mark Kokolsky The OP already stated this

    • Sacha Mary if they remove the provincial one they would likely also fight the federal one. And who knows, they might win. And who knows what will happen later this year after the federal election. But I guess just taxing people without any concern is ok by NDP logic.

    • Jenny Galka, and then Saskatchewan will most likely lose the court challenge…

    • The UCP will repeal the carbon levy. Ottawa will try and impose a carbon tax. Its then where we will see leadership. Trudeau could lose the election come October and the CPC could repeal the federal tax.

      Put it bluntly, I’d rather have a premier who will fight Ottawa than one who rolls over and appoints anti-oil members to policy boards.

  67. Yes
    Kenny is actually banking on stupidity of the people to believe he can get rid of this

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