Think Twice about Renting at The Palisades Building.

There have been numerous problems at The Palisades building (9820 104 St) in Edmonton. Here is a heads up for others thinking about renting here.

good janitor and maintenance guy
large windows
concrete building

-*subsidized units where Boardwalk has zero input into who comes in. People with drug addictions and criminal behavior (like drug dealing and bike theft) are subsidized to live here and the mountain of problems that creates is unbelievable.
-rotating property managers who seem overwhelmed and unable to clean up the building or kick out problem tenants. Even when numerous reports and warnings have been issued.
-an unsafe back pedway entrance where dangerous people loiter. Including the top of the wooden stairs.
-sketchy people gaining access to the building (again, the subsidization program problem) and doing things like starting little fires in the stairwell, looking for open apartment doors, damaging the entrance locks, leaving used needles on premises, fights with the people they know, demanding access when you try to enter the building.
-bed bug issues relating to subsidized suites.
-rents that do not account for economical conditions or the issues the building is plagued with.

In the last two weeks here is a list of problems:
-blood in the stairwell going down 4 floors.
-a needle in the stairwell.
-tenants physically fighting in hallway.
-unending renovations on suites where tenants moved out (a growing issue).
-unending elevator closures.
-a loud dangerous person who appeared to be a drug user and possibly homeless banging on someone’s door at different times trying to get something of theirs back.
-people making the building very dirty on weekends (ie. vomit, spit, and unknown liquids on elevator, lobby and stairwell).
-crazy tenants yelling and fighting late at night (ie. 4am) with absolutely no regard for their neighbours.
-tenants who use the hallway as a dumping ground for garbage.
-tenants with loud stereos (ie. subwoofer)
-bottlepickers who live in the building and who routinely go dumpster diving (which becomes a bed bug danger).
-weird and scary tenants who make women feel unsafe.
-rent is too high for comparable apartments available downtown.

The building may have at one been used for professionals and students mostly but it has gone downhill big time. We are moving out. I would have posted a dozen photos but the site only allowed one, which is of the blood in the stairwell (that was there for four days. The janitor is a good guy but one person cannot always clean up the mess of this building.)



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  1. Thank you very much for this info. We are moving to Edmonton in eleven days and appreciate knowing this up front. We’re a senior couple on a fixed income looking for a two bedroom apartment. would have hated to end up there.

  2. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    Holy smokes that’s horrible ,hope you move on to a better place yikes

  3. All you have to say is “Boardwalk” and you know it’s gonna turn out bad. I had my landlord get charged with stealing people’s rents, mine included, and Boardwalk still had the balls to charge me for the rent that was missing even though the landlord pleaded guilty! Shit suckers, the whole company – grrrr.

    • Ooh and I’ve been checking them out. How does a landlord steal rent though? He’s the landlord,,,,doesn’t it go to him?

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, he had two sets of books. One he gave the tenants rent receipts for, the second he submitted to head office. I got a call a few months after I moved out stating that I owed several months rent and had skipped out on my lease even though the landlord had a confirmed sublease tenant. I complained and they did an investigation. The cops got involved and charges were laid, me being a primary witness because I always paid my rent in cash so he took my money for himself, gave me a receipt but told Boardwalk I didn’t pay. Then after he pleaded guilty to all counts, BW still had the nerve to charge me for non payment of rent and threatened to sue me! I was young and didn’t realize I should have taken them to court so I paid the money. I didn’t keep my receipts because it had been a while since I moved out and I didn’t think I needed them anymore. Such bastards!!!

    • Never, ever pay cash for rent. Either direct withdrawal or send an email money transfer. That way you will have proof on your bank statement, and they can never dispute that.

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, this was over 20 years ago when I was more trusting! And my son did have another bad experience with his rental company even though he paid via money order. He got evicted, I laid into them and got an investigation going that got my son’s damage deposit back and now we are going after them for damages. You can’t trust corrupt rental companies! They will try to get away with whatever they can!

    • Wow Thank you all for the heads up. I’ll be very carefull checking any place out before I hand over my money.

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, yep, His rental company insisted his money order wasn’t cashable even though we could prove that it was cashed and deposited into their bank account. What a nightmare and my son was really affected by the whole experience.

    • Do money orders still have those thin see through receipts? They’re so easy to lose.

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, you can always take a photocopy of it or else if you get one from your bank, they always have a copy of that on file.

    • I don’t use money orders. Has anyone heard of Realstar properties?

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, never heard of them, sorry.

    • Their ad was a bit strange. All it showed was the bathroom and the front of the building.

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, if you get a money order from your bank then you never have to worry about where you put the copy or anything.

    • Ida Vanschaik Hull, yeah, lots of scammers in this city.


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