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Ticket for wrong registration

Hello. An employee received a $465 ticket for having wrong registration on his company construction van. Registration indicated passenger van when s/b commercial. We had registered in good faith and reg was not expired only wrong category.

Why is the ticket so high when we did in fact register the vehicle? What is the ticket for NO registration worth??

We never would have called it a passenger van as only the driver picks up his supplies for work. The other company vans are commercial registration. The registry is at fault here as we are for not noticing the error. Also, tickets was written in employee’s name not the company name on the registration so is this ticket still valid? So angry with this registry as they have messed up on our personal registration in the past too.

Any advice or info is appreciated. Thanks!



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  1. Registry is not responsible for how you register your vehicle, it’s your responsibility to let them know what it is being used for to ensure that YOU register it correctly.

  2. Contact Alberta Ticket Fighters they could help

  3. Niki Ginter Niki Ginter says:

    It’s your responsibility to make sure your paperwork is in order. And it’s the drivers responsibility to ensure they have proper paperwork after they leave the yard.

    Ticket is valid. Fix it and pay the ticket. DOT is just doing their jobs.

  4. Lara Clement Lara Clement says:

    Definitely fight it. Company should be responsible to have their vehicles registered properly.

  5. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Its NOT the Registries fault it is your responsibility as the person who is taking care of the vehicle check to make sure that you have the proper registration people at the registry office may have made a mistake you should double-check quit blaming them and take responsibility for your own actions

  6. Did you know that you can get a ticket and substantial fine if you hand the cop your little registration and insurance folder and it contains last years valid registration as well as this years valid registration. Approx $300.

  7. Skye Brown Skye Brown says:

    Drivers responsibility to ensure the vehicle is properly insured and registered. That’s why it’s in your name not the companies.
    As for the wrong registration you employer should have double checked to make sure it was the proper one when they got a copy of the registration slip. Talk to your employer and see what they will do about the ticket.

  8. If company had done due diligence and verified the info this ticket wouldn’t even exist…lesson learned.

  9. I got a ticket for expired tags last year. $355. He wrote the ticket and let me drive away. I went and renewed it. Went to court and talked to the Prosecutor. She said since he let me drive away, she reduced the fine to $240. Fight it.

  10. Why ask us and not the people at the registry or the person who wrote up the ticket?

  11. Your fault, not the registry as it is your responsibility. I would make sure the ticket is not in the employee’s name though as that will impact his ability to register a personal vehicle if not paid. He should not be on the hook for this as it is not his vehicle.

  12. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    I remember reading an article about a retired man who was a cop who later became a crown prosecutor. He was saying it is astounding how fines , in frequency and amount have increased in the last few years to have a negative impact on society. I would seriously consider going to court on this one and explaining that there was a simple oversight , and no malice was intended.

  13. 310.00 is what i was fined for expired plate (no registration)

  14. Cindy Loo Cindy Loo says:

    Check with your insurance broker. They maybe able to check that out

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