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Tipping Movers

How much did you tip your movers? It isn’t a huge move or very far, but three men are doing the work, how much should a tip generally be? Assuming they get the job done well and are professional.

Also, should I have lunch/snacks and water for them?

It’s my first time using a moving company and I want to be prepared for what to expect.

Thank you!!



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  1. Tracy Smyth Tracy Smyth says:

    If you hire a low budget company they help themselves to your tips.

  2. Why tip? That’s their job, they get a wage for that. I wouldn’t tip.

  3. I’ve tipped my last mover ut was guilted into it. Before that I’ve never tipped.

  4. Shit as a mover myself I have been tipped up to $500 and as little as $20. If there professional do a good job tip them what you think u can afford.

  5. Don’t need to tip as they are already getting paid

  6. Kel E Ameroh Kel E Ameroh says:

    I didn’t tip with cash. I did provide all the iced tea and water they could drink. Also fed one set of movers lunch as it took all day to pack our house for moving so I got KFC for us all.

  7. Dean Rogal Dean Rogal says:

    Your food and stuff is good. Throw them a box of beer and a fatty and they will be happy as shit.

  8. Joan Parker Joan Parker says:

    First things first………..check them out on the Better Business Bureau. Lots of shady movers out there

  9. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    often small ind. companies is owner operated. i would perhaps tip the “employees” but I have only ever hired independants whom help load, unload and drive (and myself and my friends do most of it!).. the owner was paid well. when i get a uhaul and have friends/family help..i ensure they are fed and that a variety of drinks are offered.

  10. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    My SO has a hauling company and when he did moves, he never expected tips. I’m sure there were times he outright refused them because that’s who he is. If you feel comfortable doing so, then do it on your discretion, cause that’s not typical.

  11. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    We just bought them each a $20 gift certificate for Timmy’s and provided them with cold drinks, coffee and donuts during the move.

  12. Last time I just provided beer and pizza. Then I took photos of them drinking the beer and made several claims about broken product. Cha ching.

  13. No tips needed. We just love helping people

  14. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Must be a new thing. I used to move furniture. Tipping was certainly not expected. Once in awhile someone would toss us a beer , or ask if we would like of ice water . These kinds of “tips” we’re certainly appreciated but we sure didn’t expect tips.

  15. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Did not know it was a thing to tip movers. Are they not hundred of dollars to hire them?

  16. Amanda Kuhn Amanda Kuhn says:

    I think cold drinks and maybe some snacks would be a good tip! I’ve never had movers but I wouldn’t tip.

  17. I have never tipped movers. Water & food yes. I love Australia where it is not the custom to tip at all. I do tip at restaurants, hairdresser, manicurest.

  18. Karla Mackay Karla Mackay says:

    I work for a moving company and honestly the tips are not expected. People are already paying so much to hire a mover and my guys totally understand and are still getting paid to do the job. If it is something you absolutely feel you should do then even just $20 a mover is more than enough. You are not expected to feed or tip the movers, but it is totally appreciated if it happens.

  19. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    We tipped around 30 a piece. But they were in and out n done in no time.
    There wasn’t time for lunch!

  20. I usually tip $20-$30 & offer them water and snacks or sandwiches

  21. Shut up you don’t tip movers Jesus!

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