Tipping Policy?

I had an incident that happen to a group of us that went to dinner at a restaurant downtown owned by the Tres Carnales group concerning tipping. At the end of the meal everyone payed and left and me and my wife stayed for an extra drink, then asked for our bill afterwards. When our bill came we payed it and left a sufficient tip for the waitress, after the waitress left the manager stopped us before leaving the restaurant and questioned us about the tip we left?? He explained that he had a to tip out the waitress and the kitchen and that the tip left by the group was not sufficient. At first I was angry that the group didn’t tip properly but then I focused of the fact that tipping is not a mandatory item. So my question is whether tipping is mandatory and can a manager of a restaurant actually do what he did in this situation? Keep in mind that the minimum wage has gone up to $15 dollars an hour and that restaurants seem to be the only industry that tipping is mandatory. Its not like teachers, firefighters, police officers or retail workers expect a tip for helping you find something on a shelf or to find the size of jeans you wear. I’ve known a few waitresses that work at nice restaurants that make so much money on not taxed tips that they question changing professions.


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  1. Angela Chwyl Angela Chwyl says:

    I’d love to get tipped for talking rude calls and getting yelled at everyday!

  2. Nope. I don’t and won’t tip anymore!! Defining the word job…. is a service some provides and gets paid for it!!… there are so many jobs that ppl work and get paid. And many of the jobs don’t get tipped!! I think tipping is old fashioned and was a time that waitresses got paid less than minimum wage… but that no longer is the case. And this is my opinion that I am intitled to ,, no need to surge or reply rude comments

  3. Tipping is a gratuity for good service please stop with the entitlement and expectation of people giving you their hard earned money for your crappy mediocre service. Tipping is a gift from customers to the servers for a job well done. I don’t appreciate being told how much of a “gift” is “required” to supplement someone’s wages. If your not getting good tips something tells me your probably not the greatest server. People usually tip based on service, up your game ! Tip is like a present, I may either come to you with or without it. How much of these Tips are you claiming on your income tax?? Ok enough of the tipping post .. so over these already ! I

  4. Super classy of that manager… I wouldn’t go back

  5. T.i.p.s. = to insure prompt service… seems to me it is not a requirement. It’s based on the service you get

  6. i agree Colin i also worked for years in a restaurant, and tipping is and always should be for great service. not just slapping some food in front of you.

  7. Colin Noble Colin Noble says:

    As someone who worked in the restaurant business for 15 years i will say this …. Tips are earned not deserved! The current generation that is predominant in the hospitality industry is embarassing. Not everyone but the majority is shit. Tipping should be based on how much the atmosphere, experience, food and hospitality. If i have to wait on my food/drinks, getting seated is prolonged affair, the food is mediocre at best then why should i tip? The person at esso makes my experience good by smiling, making small talk and simply being nice. Im not required to tip him so why should i tip the self absorbed server who sucks? Stop being self entitled and actually work!

  8. Deb Kerr Deb Kerr says:

    Wilma Flanders I think you’re in the wrong position.

  9. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    I only tip 5% now as most servers are lousy at their job. I barely eat at restaurants anymore cuz the quality of food is also down, along with the service.

  10. Stan Smith Stan Smith says:

    At $15/hr per employee, why are you subsidizing the restaurant?

  11. If you are a cook and want tips ask to be transferred to waitress position .. if you want more then $15/hr get a new job .. gas attendants pump fuel in -30 and you never hear about tipping policies for them! I know because I did the job!! I agreed with tipping BEFORE 15/hr min wage .. but times have changed! If I feel I don’t want to tip for whatever reason may be , and the waitress came at me while I was leaving the restaurant bitching at me …. let’s just say they’d need a better paying job or at the very least, good medical benefits that would cover the therapy they’d need after I was done ripping them a new asshole! You don’t know the financial situation of the customer … maybe that’s the first time they have been able to treat themselves in a long time .. they shouldn’t have to stress about tipping! Be thankful they are giving you their business at all! Because even without tipping, without their business … you wouldn’t have the job that pays $15/hr …

  12. A waiter called me out at Montanas once as I was walking out I yelled across the restraunt back at him saying be a better waiter and you will get a better tip it’s a entitlement thing with alot of them they think bring your food your drink but dont come for refills or to even ask how my meal is fuck them that isnt good service and doesnt deserve a yip from me

  13. Wilma Flanders where do you bartend? Will avoid that place for sure.

  14. Tipping is not mandatory. So really if I don’t want to tip I don’t have to. With that being said if I choose to tip the amount is what I feel the waitress deserves. If the food is really good I will actually tip the kitchen.
    I don’t in any way agree with restaurants that do a tip out from sales. So if a waitress does $300 in sales and has to tip out 7% but only gets 5% worth of tips. they have to take the other 2% out of their money. That is unacceptable.
    Original Joe’s, State and Main, Boston Pizza, Chili’s, all do this.
    the Brew House not only does this it also makes the waitresses pay for any mistakes that are made. Whether their fault the customers or the kitchens!!

    • Delia Fleck Delia Fleck says:

      I agree with you 100%, Connie Farrow … Regarding “errors” …
      If the “kitchen” or “bartender” makes a mistake on an order, it sure as hell is not the server’s fault … Things can get pretty “dicey” if a “chef / cook / bartender” doesn’t like a particular server – I won’t get in-depth, but think about it … “Office politics” are rampant in every industry … Just sayin’ …

  15. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    You’re a cheap fuck. Piss off OP

  16. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    I know some guys who would sometimes go out to eat and drink together , and after getting great service just did not tip as a kind of social experiment. They got quite the responses. One server even tipped them and said you guys must need a little help as she handed buddy a $10 bill when the tab was paid. Vicious , i know. Lol .

  17. I’m totally against tipping that was not okay what the manager did to you. Tipping is an American invention and I’m not supporting that corrupt system

  18. As a server, I’ll run back and forth to your table a dozen times servicing you with refills, napkins, condiments, checking up on you, making sure you have everything you want and need to fully enjoy your meal! I do everything in my power to earn that tip! My min wage pays me to be in uniform, take your order and give you the bill. Same as in retail, my wage paid me to stand behind a till, take your money, and to give you the receipt and items and thank you for shopping at the store. No tip required as theres no true above & beyond customer service in retail.

    • Janelle Dionne Koop your wage pays you to do your job! Which is take order and give good customer service … waitressing is customer service … customer service requires you to give good service to the customers who pay your wage … without your customers you wouldn’t even have your $15/hr job

    • Mickell Penney like I said I work hard to earn my tips. I dont just expect them. I’m grateful for the $15/hr but was not one to ask for it. I’d be fine with a lower wage to cover my time and still work hard for a tip. I also dont get upset if I dont get tipped. Its disappointing but maybe I didnt work hard enough.

  19. Stella Tam Another reason not to go to Tres Carnales

  20. My biggest complaint about mandatory tipping is that it is based on how much you spend and has little to do with the service . Just because I can afford to order steak and lobster does not mean I should pay you more to carry my plate than the table next to us that had burgers . I believe tips should based on service and attention to customer

    Enough said

  21. I think the restaurant handled this very poorly. Many restaurants for parties of people will charge a gratuity on the bill, usually 18% I believe. Tipping is not mandatory otherwise and if this restaurant wants to charge a party gratuity it should be explained at the beginning and added to the bill. To stop a customer at the door and question them is like closing the barn door after the horse got out and in very poor taste in my opinon.

  22. No, we’re not doing this again. We just got finished with this tipping bs.

  23. Delia Fleck Delia Fleck says:

    I have a solution …

    “Tipping” is NOT mandatory – even though many restaurants (illegally) “impose / enforce” a “mandatory gratuity” from 18% to 24% for a “group” of more than 4 people => with the server expecting a “tip” above and beyond that gratuity … Restaurants that do impose / enforce this “tipping” immediately lose my business after my initial “visit” … I also ensure that family / friends are made “aware” so they, too, can avoid those businesses.

    Servers / delivery drivers => Get over yourselves … Quit feeling a sense of “entitlement” … You are delusional if you think tips are mandatory – they aren’t. Do the job you are paid to do – take the order, serve the food, refill drinks, present the bill to the customer … Do not constantly interrupt the customer by asking “How is everything?” and “hovering” … If there is an issue you will be told …

    Here is my personal solution to the “tipping” scenario – which I have implemented for 2019 …

    Any and all tips I would normally pay – whether into a “tip jar”, paying a delivery driver or paying a server – will now be paid, in cash, into a jar in my home … That jar will contain all the tips I would have paid, as well as all receipts with tip amounts written on them … I will inform all who I would have tipped as follows (business cards will be printed that say this so I can hand them out):

    “Your tip will be part of a pooled ‘Tips I Would Have Paid’ fund, which I will enforce for the entirety of 2019. At the end of the year, that pooled fund will be donated to an animal rescue of my choice. The animals at the rescue and I thank you!”

    Quite frankly, I think animals in need deserve my hard-earned money more than tip greedy servers / drivers / restaurant managers/owners do …

  24. when I drove taxi I appreciated every tip I got, regardless of the amount. I opened doors, I carried groceries, I even checked out homes late in the evening for seniors who were nervous of being mugged. I did the little extras because I wanted what I did to be a good experience for my customers. Yes I loved tips and I made a few, but never would I ever demand one. Sometimes a heartfelt thank-you was worth more than a few dollars.

  25. at least you have a job. You can always quit.

  26. Myself and three co-workers ate at Khazana’s just a couple weeks ago. When we were paying our individual bills I noticed on the interact machine tax was added in BEFORE the total, so I caught it but I was too late giving my co-workers a heads up that they are tipping twice. Just not acceptable. We need to beware of this practise.
    I don’t mind tipping but it’s up to me how much I should tip.

  27. Tipping is customary in Canada at 15-20%. It is very rude of a group (or an individual) not to tip. I am sorry your daughter did not have the money, but lesson probably learned eh? I DO NOT agree with your last statement. When someone takes me out for dinner I always offer to pay the tip part.

    • Delia Fleck Delia Fleck says:

      Nowhere will you find a specified “rate” that MUST be given as a “tip” in Canada … In fact, there is no LAW in Canada that requires one to “tip” – for any type of service … It’s the greedy businesses and servers / drivers who feel “entitled” to a tip that “force” tipping on their customers in various ways … Do some research – there was a time not too long ago when “tips” were not claimed / taxed as income in Canada … Eventually, when “tips” were to be “claimed” as income, by law – and taxed – too many of those who received tips did not claim that income as those tips were in cash and not “tracked” / traceable … So things changed – more CRA audits of those working in the restaurant / service industry, tip sharing / tracking, etc. I’ve had servers get visibly upset when I want to pay for my meal by debit / credit card – because it means any tip will not be in cash … Cash tips do not necessarily make it to the “tip pool” …

    • Mindy Judd Mindy Judd says:

      When servers give a tip out to the kitchen, it’s not a percentage of their tops. It’s a percentage of their total sales. So, when you say cash tips don’t make it to the “tip pool”, that is false. Doesn’t matter the method of payment. They tip out on total sales.

    • Delia Fleck I didn’t say it was a LAW. Just common courtesy if a person serves you well. I think you should move to Australia where they really don’t have the custom of tipping. Also, it’s hot there, maybe enough to warm your frozen heart.

  28. I only tip for really good service and that seems harder and harder to come by. If tipping is mandatory then it should be included on the price in the menu. Or is this just an under the table cash cow. I would never go back to the restaurant. It would be nice if these places were posted so one could avoid them and go where a tip is appreciated and earned.

  29. Mandatory tipping is wrong

  30. Sandi Maik Sandi Maik says:

    Been out with large groups, service was horrible. Is this because they know they are automatically getting 15 to 20 percent regardless? Sometimes I wonder. Tipping is based on service, and food quality in my opinion. I will never be forced to tip.

  31. Tipping benefits one person only: The owner of the restaurant.

    They can keep prices low while also keeping wages low at the same time!

  32. We recently had a similar experience. 10 of us went for dinner and we were told there would be an automatic gratuity…. fine, there usually is for a large group and we were warned ahead of time. But, I agree tipping should be for service above and beyond. I also used to work in a service industry and definitely did not EXPECT tips. Especially as the service was garbage at this place. The manager who helped deliver the meals dumped a side of ketchup on my 6 year old nephew… what he was thinking handing a huge plate to a child is beyond me. When we politely pointed out that one order was wrong and another tasted terrible, we were offered 1 free dessert. We declined the dessert. We weren’t offered an apology, or a replacement let alone an offer to remove anything from the bill. We were then over charged for 3 happy hour specials and 2 additional drinks. After we brought that to their attention, we were ignored. Poor service, poor food and yet they still got 18%. Seems to me like the idea behind tipping is lost….

    • Jessica Brown I agree. I was a server too and I always appreciated a tip but I didn’t always get one and that was okay because it is their choice and that’s what it’s all about. I cannot complain because are also very generous people out there too.

  33. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    Please put your review on Yelp and trip advisor and the manager will change his tune when patrons quit coming.

  34. I also don’t agree in mandatory tipping I worked in service industry once and it was a time where you worked for your tip and if it was a poor tip you sucked it up because you probably didn’t do a great job. We are one of the only societies that tip , in most of Europe it doesn’t happen and the wages the are not great for servers. I’m sorry the industry only makes 15 an hour but so do many occupations and they don’t get tipped.

  35. Tracy Ho Tracy Ho says:

    Tipping is not mandatory.

    “Tips are a GRATUITY, it is a sum of money customarily given by a client or customer to a service worker in addition to the basic price. Tipping is commonly given to certain service sector workers for a service performed, as opposed to money offered for a product or as part of a purchase price.
    Tips and their amount are a matter of social custom and etiquette. The customary amount of a tip can be a specific range of monetary amounts or a certain percentage of the bill based on the perceived quality of the service given. A fixed percentage service charge is sometimes added to bills in restaurants and similar establishments. Tipping may not be expected when a fee is explicitly charged for the service.

    From a theoretical economic point of view, gratuities may solve the principal-agent problem(the situation in which an agent, such as a server, is working for a principal, such as a restaurant owner or manager) and many managers believe that tips provide incentive for greater worker effort.

    However, studies of the real world practice show that tipping is often discriminatory or arbitrary; workers receive different levels of gratuity based on factors such as age, sex, race, hair color and even breast size, and the size of the gratuity is found to be only very weakly related to the quality of service.


    • Tracy Ho actually in restaurants it specifically states when there are 8 or more people 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the bill. Read the fine lines on the menu.

    • Tracy Ho Tracy Ho says:

      Bridget O’Connell-Sutherland Hence “Tipping is not mandatory.

      “Tips are a GRATUITY, it is a sum of money customarily given by a client or customer to a service worker in addition to the basic price. Tipping is commonly given to certain service sector workers for a service performed, as opposed to money offered for a product or as part of a purchase price.
      Tips and their amount are a matter of social custom and etiquette. The customary amount of a tip can be a specific range of monetary amounts or a certain percentage of the bill based on the perceived quality of the service given. A fixed percentage service charge is sometimes added to bills in restaurants and similar establishments. Tipping may not be expected when a fee is explicitly charged for the service.

      From a theoretical economic point of view, gratuities may solve the principal-agent problem(the situation in which an agent, such as a server, is working for a principal, such as a restaurant owner or manager) and many managers believe that tips provide incentive for greater worker effort.

      However, studies of the real world practice show that tipping is often discriminatory or arbitrary; workers receive different levels of gratuity based on factors such as age, sex, race, hair color and even breast size, and the size of the gratuity is found to be only very weakly related to the quality of service.

    • Tracy Ho Tracy Ho says:

      Bridget O’Connell-Sutherland , That whole paragraph from the except wasn’t suppose to send again .

      But the paragraph does say in there that it’s considered “a fixed percentage service charge that’s added to bills in restaurants” so that 18% gratuity is actually considered a fee.
      Most people know that if they are already paying that 18% service charge they are NOT going to tip either 10-20% on top of that. Plus the 18% “gratuity” is not actually in the fine print; majority of restaurants that implement this practice actually explicitly state that.

  36. Rocky Wilson Rocky Wilson says:

    This happened to 2 of my friends. They came late and joined a large group. They only had 4 drinks but still left a $20 tip (they were on their own bill). The waitress actually came up to them later and sarcastically asked “Was my service not good enough?” That pisses me off, regardless of the tip amount, they have no right to come up and confront someone over the amount. I hope the OP did not tip more for the group and mention they tipped more than sufficient for their own order. I know I’d never go back to the establishment, very unprofessional of the manager.

  37. Larry King Larry King says:

    Tipping is not mandatory….you dont see Macdonald employees getting tipped…now for the people….(the hostess on here)…complaining its there god given right to get a tip…and to approach they way they where ….i would have asked for my tip back….i wonder if they ever stop people that may have overtipped that shitty service…or a lazy hostess and offered a refund….

  38. Tipping is not mandatory. Tipping is based on service. Shitty service no tip. Good service gets a tip.

  39. Tipping was supposed to have been invented by shop owners who didn’t want to pay their black staff members, according to the “Weird History” site…

  40. Angela Chwyl Angela Chwyl says:

    I find that very ignorant and wrong. I drive for skip and lots of people dont tip me but I thank them and move on. Ya I get paid for the travel to the house but I still put myself and veichle out there at risk every trip. But I would never say thanks for not tipping.

  41. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    I would prefer the cook gets my top and the waitress gets tippee out

  42. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    Tips aren’t to ensure proper service

    They are offered as a reward and a thank you for proper service, I both lived with a waiter for years and work in the service industry

    I will never presume I’m as so much better then to provide a service based on an expected tip

    I’ll do my best and if they tip then that’s fantastic (amount doesn’t matter) and if not, then oh well

  43. Kelsey Dawn Kelsey Dawn says:

    I tip enough so that the waitress/waiter isn’t having to pay out of their pocket to serve me. (Tip our kitchen and bar)
    If it was really good service I tip more

  44. Tips are a thank you for great service. If I don’t receive great service, no tip. I also tip on the before tax amount. As for being chased down, great way to alienate the customer and ensure they never return!

  45. I’ve worked as a waiteress now for over 20 yrs. Tipping is not mandatory but proper etiquette if you give good service. We do have to tip out kitchen and support staff. At our establishment large groups of 10 or more will have 15% gratuity added. However the patrons are told this beforehand. It’s very unprofessional that the manager would single you out like that. Some people can’t afford to tip, don’t believe in tipping etc. whatever the reason it comes with the job. Not every table will tip you. You don’t get to question why you didn’t get a tip. If you’re a good waitress you will make good tips. I have been lucky enough to make a career out of serving. But I do believe in your situation the manager 100% was in the wrong!

  46. Tipping is based off of good service and was meant to supplement wait and bar staff as they were paid lower than minimum wage (because of tipping). Now they are paid the same wage as everyone else I really base my rate off of how I am treated. Are my drinks kept full even after I am done my meal. I also only tip 10% not the new standard of 15%. I also believe that wait staff should not need to share the tip with back of house. Wait staff deal with more crap and children’s messes.

    When work as a bartender I made $3 less than the back of house.

  47. Shaun Siever Shaun Siever says:

    I guess the staff should unify and demand change against forced tip outs. What’s that word again for workers who show solidarity…

  48. U s u should tip but shouldn’t matter how large the group especially if everyone pays separately. Then u choose what I want to tip by your bill amount and how your service was. Very unprofessional

  49. how large was the group? a lot of restaurants have a minimum tip added on for larger groups. and it is around 15%

  50. A tip is another word for gratuity in that you show gratitude for good service. I tip well for good service but if it’s bad service, no tip & I don’t tip fast food takeaways

  51. Since minimum wage went tipping has decreased significantly, if one of my servers challenged a person for the amount she was tipped she would be coached on proffessionalism, on that note though I have seen staff pay out of pocket after tipping out kitchen, hostess, porter and bartender. Tipping is optional for sure but reminder that someone has to work that minimum wage job and it is not full time and does not come with benefits or any other perk. As long as people continue to eat out, someone has to be willing to work for minimum wage.

    • Connie Holczer So should we start tipping retail workers? The cashiers at Safeway? They make minimum wage. As long as people live in this society, people need to be willing to work for minimum wage. These positions are meant to be entry level jobs for people entering the workforce.

    • Christine Lambert there is nothing entry level about being a server or a bartender…and not “just anyone” can do it, cashiers and retail front line positions are entry level for the most part. I have done it all…but for people who don’t want to tip…it’s their choice.

  52. Put your complaints on Google and Yelp and maybe Travel Advisor

  53. Tipping started because of servers going above and beyond and actually giving something called SERVICE. Crazy isn’t it! And yes, I was a server… I got good tips and bad tips. And the ones I got bad tips from I knew why… maybe I was hung over that day, forgot an order, made a mistake, was too busy chatting in the back and not focusing on my tables. Now, not all, but a lot of servers go into the industry expecting tips and I think it’s ridiculous. Tips are from good service, give it and you’ll get one. Don’t and you won’t!

  54. Bahahahahahahahaha. Wait staff is NOT NEEDED. Youre hustling for money. I MAKE 6 FIGURES A YEAR AND TIP BASED ON SERVICE. AND YOUR SERVICE IS FUCKING TRASH 80% OF THE TIME.

  55. Right on their menu:
    Menu is subject to change without notice. A 15% gratuity will be added for groups of 7 or more.

  56. Arthur Sk Arthur Sk says:

    At the end of the day, tipping is optional. If the manager/ owner won’t pay the staff more that’s his or her issue; not yours.

  57. No tipping is not mandatory unless it a larger table group. My daughter makes more than double my wage waitressing even before the wage went up. She travels all the time and still has money saved.

    I tip according to how I was treated from the moment I walk in , To the how the food is as far as accuracy and time it takes as well attitude of staff during my visit.
    I would t returns o that establishment if someone approached me about tip as they did in your case.
    I’ve been a waitress in my younger years. The money is there even if some tables don’t tip.
    Be grateful for what you do get at the end of the night. Or leave that job and find a higher paying steady wage maybe.

  58. Holy shit! That manager has some balls to confront you like that. Interestingly enough, I have always wanted to try the food at Tres Carnales tequeria but now, due solely to this post, they will never receive a penny of my hard earned money. I do not support such behavior or the ideology that tips are mandatory.

    When you stated “TRES CARNALES GROUP”, that suggested to me that there may be more than one restaurant falling under the umbrella of that name. If there is could you please let me know the names of any others so that I can ovoid them also.

  59. can this page stop posting tipping threads

  60. April Smith April Smith says:

    That restaurant has pretty good reviews u should post ur negative one on google so ppl going to that restaurant will know ahead of time ppl need to stop complaining on here and complain to the source sometimes if they see a negative review on google they try to correct it

  61. Ask yourself, Can I live off of $15.00 an hour?

  62. I find the places that charge mandatory 18% for group usually dont provide exceptional service. If we are “pre-tipping” you, my cup better not be ever empty but it usually is.

    At my work we sometimes do team lunch and can be 10+ people. On average $40 a person so a $400 bill, at a “mandatory” 18% that’s $72 in just tip. Can people honestly say they did enough to earn that $72? Asking honestly.

  63. My suggestion is put this review on their google listing reviews or something like that, not everyone uses them but it gives direct feedback to the restaurant and for people that do use it… It also increases the likelihood that others whom have experienced the same will call out…

  64. My partner and i once went to a restaurant, Glenora Grill. Our bill was close to $50, we left an $8 tip, mind you this was over 10 years ago. When we left the restaurant, one of the staff ran out and chased us down the sidewalk to tell us not to come back for leaving such a lousy tip. I was really mad.
    The restaurant that night was empty and the staff were sitting at a table talking loudly and laughing. They made the atmosphere uncomfortable from the beginning. But i tipped “too low”.

    • Camilla Chameleon wow unbelievable! That is over 15% and based on the experience it sounds like you were already generous. Geez some people

    • Delia Fleck Delia Fleck says:

      Wow … If any server was rude to me about a tip or chased me outside of a restaurant to admonish me about the amount of tip I’d left – I’d take a pic of her / him and record what I could, then put it out on social media and ensure that the restaurant owner saw it … I’d probably be so pissed that I’d say “Well since you are being a complete bitch, I want a refund of the tip I actually paid …” LOL

    • I had a similar experience at Tony Roma’s at Bonnie Doon Mall. We even told the waitresses and management that the meal and services were terrible that day. Payed our bill and only the bill, and left. As we drove away staff came out the side door swearing at us.. as we drove away one of them jumped in their own car and started following us . Giving us the finger ,driving down 82 Ave.. unbelievable!!

  65. Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

    If you cant afford to tip at the end of the meal..learn to cook and stay home..stop whining about tips not being mandatory..and accept the understanding that if you are eating out in a restaurant tips are a part of that to ensure proper service.

    • So people who aren’t overflowing with cash aren’t allowed to go out for dinner every once and a while? Wow I bet you are real fun to be around…

    • Tara Adams I thought that’s what you are getting paid for unless your not making a wage and rely solely on tips at which point management should post this in the entrance of the establishment

    • Wow, turning away business because a patron can’t afford to tip sounds like a stellar business plan. If I were an owner I’d way rather make a couple bucks off a patron who didn’t tip, then to not make any money at all. Who knows, that patron may come back when they have more and may tip better down the road.

    • The OP did tip, but the rest of the party didn’t. OP shouldn’t be responsible for everyone. Plus, tipping isn’t mandatory so what the manager did is highly unprofessional.

    • Fine. Then accept that as the economy worsens, more and more people WILL stay at home and cook a Fabulous meal.

      For the rare times that we eat out, in the few places we frequent, we tip VERY WELL. We know our servers, they know us. Great service is a constant and so is a great tip.

      This holding hostage and extorting them with threats of shitty service or even spitting in peoples food is Bull shit.
      Mean: Shitty service/ food
      = no tip
      Put THAT in your tip jar.

    • Tipping was never a mansitory thing, it was for those that went “over and above “the status quo. Not the bare minimum, and still “expect it”

    • Antonio Del Antonio Del says:

      mansitory? is that a made up word?

    • Tara go fuck yourself. Why dont they get a real job.

    • Tara Adams I pay the inflated food cost when going out because the staff are paid a wage . Tipping is not mandatory

    • Tara Adams didn’t mean to tag you

    • Bren Kambo Bren Kambo says:

      Tara Adams Tara Adams tipping was not always part of the service in the food industry and if you’re tipping for a service then there are many jobs out there that should also be categorized in this category to be tipped for services given…… I work part time and work a couple of jobs and believe me I give 110 percent to customers that need help and go far and beyond to help them and as well have a huge itinerary work checklist that I must meet before leaving work each night …….there’s so many customers that need assistance and they do come first and foremost and I do get everything done before I leave……..I work darn hard in serving customers however don’t get tipped and my wages are as low as one might be for a restaurant server…………I’m not complaining about my job and having to serve people but indicating there are many a job out there that could include tipping for sure however they don’t and if everyone would do that we’d be broker than ever…….wages should be at a minimum wage as they are and left at that in my beliefs and people are hired on the basis they will give good service and or do a good job and if not they can be replaced with someone who will ……….pretty simple

    • You are so, so wrong Tara! If you, as a waitress, are hoping for a tip when a customer pays his bill, then your attitude, behavior and level of service had better reflect that. The onus of tipping is 100% on the server not the customer.

      Your statement, in it’s entirety speaks of your lack of education, your level of ignorance and your feelings of entitlement.

      How dare you tell anyone how they must spend their money.

    • Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

      Firstly I dont work in that industry anymore..havent for years….and to insult me or my education ..when you know nothing about me screams volumes of your entitlement..and ignorance
      When you know that it is expected to tip and you can’t afford to do so..then stay home instead of complaining about the policy….the fact that you dont understand the the acronym to ensure proper service.. something they actually teach in any service industry…is a fact..if the service is prompt and done well then tip accordingly..if you can’t afford to do so then change where you eat..perhaps McDonald’s..or Arbys is more your speed..or learn to is not the job of a waitress or restaurant to cover your cheap ass. .I’m not telling you where to spend your money..I am however indicating that a full service restaurant may not be in your means…and that is not the responsibility of the restaurant or server to make you feel better about where you spend your money.if you can’t afford to be a customer..then that’s on you.

    • Tata tips arent a requirement. Restaurant should pay their employees. Not the public. Tips would be required if the server made 0$ per hour. Other than that go away.

    • I’ve successful ran a business for over a decade. If I gave my customers the option of a shitty service at lower prices or competent service at a high prices…. I would have been out of business a long time ago.

      My customers are my bread and butter and I treat them with respect. Without them, I wouldn’t exist.

      Customers EXPECT to get what they’re paying for. And any Business owner that wants to survive, better deliver.

      Its usually some self entitled Tw@t ‘demanding’ more than what they delivered.

      Go open your own business, treat your own customers like shit and see how long you last.

      I started off as a server, so I know what the job entails. If you’re any good at your job, the tips will come without demanding anything. I went to Europe on my TIP money.

      No one owes you a damned thing. Get that through your thick skull. You’re just not that special…. and neither is the shitty service you deliver.

    • You go ahead and do that and when you lose your job for it, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. Also remember you’re the one who took the job so you’re suppose to do it well regardless of tip.

    • Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

      Macsen Simmons you sir are a prize…full of presumptive ignorant opinions…and derogatory one is saying you have to tip..but I am saying if the service is worthy do so..if you know wen you go out you can only afford to pay for your meal ..and not tip then stay home and cook or go somewhere that tips are not expected..servers pay out the bar and kitchen staff out of their tips..if you as customer dont tip it effects them.. that is what the rules are where they work..and choosing to not tip isnt the solution..actually speaking to management or the corporation head office and voicing your concerns is a start.
      If you treated me how you are speaking in this feed..buddy I’d dump a drink on you and tell you leave..but that’s why I dont work as server anymore.

    • Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

      Bren Kambo if you dont get any positive perks for a job well done that’s unfortunate.

    • Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

      Tips. To Ensure Promt Service! Not ‘proper’

      Damn waitresses are entitled lil shits now a days. I left waitressing for a better paying job. How about if you dont like your pay, find another job..and ill eat where i like.

    • Tara Adams I am sorry but I do not agree with you. Tipping is NOT mandatory, it is a way for a consumer to show their appreciation to the service that provided. In the OP post, they did tip but according to the manager it was not “enough”. It is unacceptable for a manager to ever approach a customer and ask them to give more. There are penalty of jobs out there that provide a service. Just because it has become the norm doesn’t make it mandatory

    • Shaun Siever Shaun Siever says:

      Tara Adams wouldn’t “to ensure prompt service” be TEPS? Oh right because it actually stands for “to insure prompt service”. It acts as a low budget form of “insurance” to ensure fast service.

    • Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

      Sherri Herman ..if they had an issue about it they could have complained to the Management..instead OP complained here….not the place to garner sympathy or results from the company in question.

      It is mandatory for some servers with some restaurants to tip out the staff in the bar and kitchen. And if you as a customer are cheap..and not tip your server, they then have to top the kitchen end from their own pocket..I didn’t write the policy ..I’m simply explaining what happens for the yes it’s not mandatory..its courtesy to validate good service.

    • Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

      Tara Adams while I, as a bartender, agree the group should have left a tip especially with service, although this restaurants policy of going up to order drives me nuts, the balls on that manager. Had no right to do that. A tip is an extra. Not to be expected.

    • Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

      Jules Maria I absolutely agree..the way the manager handled it is shameful..not to mention the customer just agreed with no issue ..yet complained ridiculous

  66. I would tell him to fuck off

  67. Typically, restaurants automatically charge a gratuity for large groups. If seperate bills were requested this should have been reflected on each separate bill. I think that was out of line for the manager to request more of a tip and I wouldn’t go back there.

  68. I normally tip really good not just for the food industry but also cab drivers etc. BUT if we got shifty service I make my husband pay because he doesn’t tip at all. If me and the hubby go out for dinner I normally tip $20 and cab drivers I normally tip $5 – $10 depending on the distance and how nice the drivers were. If the drivers/servers are meh then I tip shitty but like I said. If service was horrible like they are grumpy, don’t do their job properly then we Don’t tip period

  69. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    Unprofessional is right!! Wow – ballsy or what – tipping isn’t mandatory and if it is they need to state that clearly. Tipping should also be determined by the service you rec’d NOT the service your entire group rec’d unless you were paying for everyone. This guy needs to be reported and I wouldn’t hesitate to include the name of the restaurant in your post (not just the company that runs it) so the rest of us don’t have to encounter this asshat either – hopefully that will affect their business and maybe the owner will get rid of this jerk!

  70. 18% is the standard rate tipping rate for large groups — whether they pay by separate cheques or not.

    do not dine with people who dont know how to tip. not only is it embarassing AF its also systemic of other societal norms they lack in practice

  71. Samara White Samara White says:

    The fact that servers get paid 15 dollars an hour ontop of tips is crazy. I used to waitress like 8 years ago and I would average anywhere from 20 to 35/hour. I can’t image how much money I’d be making now with it being 15. Maybe I should switch careers.
    Don’t ever. EVER feel obligated to tip. Restraunts need to Change their policies and stop making servers tip out the rest of the staff. But even when I was a waitress I only tipped What I felt the kitchen/bar deserved and never the amount I was told to, they can’t force you to tip out either.

    • you know 15/hr is MINIMUM wage right? you lnow gas prices, energy prices, car prices, tomato prices, diaper prices have ALL gone up since you were are server, right?
      15/hr is not “crazy”. its barely enough to survive on in alberta in 2019.

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Ian Lambertus you clearly know nothing about serving. You realize NO SERVER makes min wage right? You realize NO SERVER claims 100% of their tips right, because no server records nightly how much money they walk home with, ever no matter what they say. There is NO WAY to prove how much a server actually makes. Do you know how much money TAX-FREE servers make? are they suppose to, no but they do because servers just ballpark or only claim 10-15% tips on their wage. And I dont know about you but currently, gas prices ARE NOT higher than what it was when i was serving in fact they are lower.
      If a server isn’t making tips its simply because they are a shitty server, yes some people don’t tip but the ones that do make up for the ones that don’t and if thats not how it is for the server then they need to…be a better server.

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Servers do not deserve 40.00/hr. Which I am 100% confident that I could easily earn as a server with my base wage being 15.00 now. You know who deserves 40.00 an hour? The ones that base wages pay 40.00 an hour.

    • Samara White not every restaurant is that busy. Some smaller places and a server is lucky to take home $20 a night in the off season but I note that tips are calculated by the POS machines and till now. Each sever has a number and at the end of the year it produces their tip amount for the year b

    • Here’s the thing tho
      No one in their right mind would be a server without tips. It is 100 percent the worst job in the service industry. You get stuff spilt on you, yelled at, hit on, puked on, degraded, and on top of that you’re basically getting paid to work out because of the amount of running around you do. And then dealing with piggy kitchen staff. No one would do it if tipping wasn’t involved

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Brenda Nelson how can they calculate when people pay cash? You can’t. Serving isn’t supposed to be a job that people make a living off of, its suppose to be for those that are going to school and can work flexible hours; And as far as no one serving without tips, I would much rather work in a restaurant and make 15/hr then work at McDonald’s and make 15/hr.

    • Samara White McDonald’s workers get raises actually. And yes ALL jobs should be jobs people can live off of. Shame on you for thinking they should have to get welfare too because their job doesn’t pay well enough to live off.

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      And every job has a wage cap. They don’t just give you an infinite amount of raises. You seem to think that if restaurants and places that pay workers minimum wage to start paying them wages like 25/30/hr that they would be able to have an affordable product. That 15 dollar sandwhich meals now gonna cost you 30 because no one starts a business to not make money. You also seem to think that I think people shouldn’t make a wage you can live off of, and that isn’t the case. What I’m saying is that people should get paid the wage according to the job they are doing.
      A construction worker that builds steel buildings for oil fields makes 25/hr to start, their job is FAR more dangerous, hard-working and overall just harder than serving. If we paid servers the same amount for doing a less qualified job- how is that fair to the people that bust their ass off working, going to school to actually make a career.
      Lets talk about an electrician, they start off at like 34/hr. With their schooling, and hard work they put in you think its fair that a server that literally has no qualifications, – or even has to do anything but show up to their job because they don’t even have to be good at it, you think they deserve to make 10 dollars less than someone that has to put in a shit ton of hours and schooling?

    • Samara White tipping out is stupid. I don’t see why managers should get a tip. That is why I over tip know as they have to tip out

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      I 100% agree. Servers should not have to tip anyone.

    • Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

      Samara White incorrect. I have served for over 22 years and claim every single tip I make on my taxes.
      Tip out to the back of the house is a different percentage at each place I worked but let’s just say Sawmill Oliver Square is closed because we all went to he labor board over the “walk out fund” we also had to pay.
      I am in a different career now, but would still serve in a heartbeat because I like treating people as if they were in my personal dining room. I remember names and faces and drink preferences. It’s a difficult job juggling everything, you should try it.
      But claim all your tips or you’ll be screwed if you ever get audited, because it’s triggers a full house staff audit. Don’t lie, treat people well, and tip or stay home.

    • Crystal Brown managers dont get tips. Only bartenders, hostesses and kitchen do

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Saying tip or stay home isn’t fair to those that work hard and finally manage to save up enough money to go out and treat themselves. No one should ever have to feel obligated to give someone extra money. Ever. Apparently, according to you that single parent that finally took their kids out for a nice dinner should give their server an extra 5.00 instead of keeping that money and spending it on groceries. I don’t feel the same way. You have your opinion and I have mine.

    • I 100% dont think you should stay home if you cant afford to tip, but tipping is a courtesy. I hate the fact that I ever had to tip out other people, solely for the fact that I’m dealing with the rude, drunk, ignorant people meanwhile the kitchen is making $5 more an hour and doesnt have to deal with anyone.
      That being said if tipping didnt happen in the service industry you would notice the amount of serving jobs open up drastically. You would rather serve for 15 an hour than work at McDonalds but guaranteed you’re one of a very small percentage of people who would say that. Atleast McDonalds offers benefits.

    • Brenda Nelson I leave cash tips into the servers hand

    • thats cute Samara but i was a server and bartender for over a decade. and could out-serve you hands down. your attitide belies your shitty skills as a server. plus, since you seem to over-confidently know the service industry inside ans out i dont need to remind you that your tips are taxed once a year.

      but please, continue your silly little argument which is a cover for your bitterness for not being a good enough waitress.

      or for only earning $40/hr now. you know thats nothing to brag about, right?

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Ian Lambertus- hey pot meet kettle.

    • Nicole LaBelle at my old work managers got tipped out. As well as hostesses, kitchen staff, dishwashers, expo.

    • Courtney Kingdon the the place you worked is sketchy cause I’ve worked in numerous places and management has never been tipped out

    • Samara White you should be able to make a living off of serving. I know many who do. I have friends that rent tables in higher end places and they do quite well. The idea that serving is a job to supplement your income is just ignorant.

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Bill. I never said they shouldn’t be able to make a living off of their wage. What I’m saying is Servers shouldn’t make the same amount of money as people with a job that requires more skill, training, and education.
      I’m also saying its not our responsibility as the customer to have to tip and pay their wage. That should be done by their employer. To think that people have to tip is ignorant and is the definition of entitlement.

    • Samara I agree with you completely. And to the d-bag who felt the need to attack you like he’s on his rag… if you don’t think 40/hr is something to brag about, you’re messed up and out of touch with reality. Ain’t nobody should ever be able to afford a fucking mortgage from serving tables.

  72. Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

    I just want to say that while tips are taxed when the waitress, cook etc gets them they are suppose to put it on the tax return where they do get taxed. So saying not taxed tips isnt true.

  73. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    Mandatory tip is always added on to large groups and has for a long time now. I personally don’t agree with that especially if the service was crappy. For the manager to stop them after the group left and demand more tip money was wrong. If I was him I would have asked to see the receipt for the group and checked to see if the mandatory tip was on it and bitch at him if it was for shaking him down for more money. If they did not put the mandatory tip on it their fault not the last two peoples responsibility for that.

  74. Tipping should not be mandatory, however, most waitresses/waiters are expected to tip out based on their sales (not on the amount of tips received). If they do not receive a sufficient amount in tips, they have to pay out of pocket. As minimum wage has gone up as well as most menu items, I think that this practice needs to stop.

  75. Tips are taxes. Teachers, firefighters, and police make more than minimum wage. Even retail workers get raises. And retail workers don’t have to pay every time they sell something. Minimum wage went up but it’s still the minimum.
    Having said that the person who went after you was incredibly rude.
    Your response should have been “if my tip didn’t cover the required tip out then maybe you need to lower the tip out”.

  76. I’m tired of mandatory tipping no matter the size of group. Before you go off on me, I did my time as a waitress, so I know how it works.

    Yesterday my daughter took me out for supper for my birthday. She doesnt make much and shes never taken me out for supper before. She was proud and happy to do this. She couldnt tip because she couldnt afford it and she didnt mention it to me until after. But it would explain the glaring look we got from the serving staff.

    The pressure of having to tip is getting out of hand. If you do not like the wage you receive, then get another job for more hours or more pay. Millions of people work part time hours for same wage at other jobs and receive no tips, they make ends meet or get another job. I’ve done it and so have millions of other people.

    Time to put an end to mandatory tipping and tipping out from the servers pay to top up the other staff wages.

  77. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    Some places are adding tips to the bill. You need to watch so you don’t double tip.

  78. I don’t care how many people are in my group. If service is decent they get a 15% tip. If the service is shit they get nothing.

  79. I was a waitress for 27 years i was not getting rich getting tips, but it helped…but if i didn’t get a tip didn’t matter as long as i know i did my job. What about other jobs, you serve your customers in other jobs do you get a tip NOPE. Now i am housing ppl i sure don’t get a tip, i go to stores they serve me, help me i don’t tip them why is a thank you not good enough. That’s all i expect

  80. Aly Khan Aly Khan says:

    I would have asked the manager if he wanted my other “tip” if they tried to pull that shit!!

  81. Wow that is unprofessional!!!

    You never track down a guest for that especially since large groups normally have a tip added to it! Dining out is an experience and it is their job to do all they can to fulfil that! Yes some guests are never happy and will complain about everything. I worked in hospitality for three years, half of that in the restaurant and most of the people I worked with, including myself worked hard at that. Being downtown means it is more expensive so you need to bring it! And yes, you get stiffed a lot! But you depend on people coming back so you smile, you thank them and wish them a lovely day! Hell, I offered a coffee to go for them.

  82. Tips are optional, but they are taxed.

  83. If you were a large group, then there was likely an auto gratuity added to the tab that I’m guessing your table didn’t fully pay. This is standard in most restaurants.

  84. happened to us at tony romas, we paid our bill ,left a tip but service was shit, hair in my food by the time i got my food we were done eating.but i took mine to go, however we left a tip but the manager and waitress followed us outside and demanded we pay the extra cause there was more people even through the bills were separate. we have never been back sure made us feel like we did a dine and dash.

  85. Personally i will not tip unless i’ve been served. This mandatory tipping is for the birds. I used to tip more because of poor wages they made. Barely enough to make your rent. But now that the min wage is $15 i will leave a 15% tip max. As far as tipping people for just bringing me my food i paid for (delivery drivers, subway, etc)…i just can’t afford it anymore. I have reevaluated my tipping standards.

  86. Andrea Gould Andrea Gould says:

    Typically speaking, on groups over 6 people, the restaurant adds an 18% tip onto the bill

  87. and the debate begins again. Happy New Year and a manager has plenty of nerve singling out one couple in a large group.
    Large groups already get a built in gratuity added so I would say the person has a lot of nerve.

  88. A bill passed last year where there’s a tip already included in your bill, that’s why the portions got smaller and the food got more $$.. so if you’re tipping on top of the bill that you paid..basically you’re tipping on top of your tip already. It’s 5% of the bill goes to the waitress and kitchen. And yeah! Tipping is not mandatory lol.. wth. I’ve been a waitress for 3 years, tips are great but if someone doesn’t tip, I wouldn’t get all pissy about it the way ppl get lol

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