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Tired of it all

I’ve had my life turned completely upside down for something that I literally just walked into… I’d never change where I am or who I am with for anything in this or any other lifetime!

I love everything that my partner has brought into my life. The only thing that is driving me crazy is my partner’s ex; I’ve been followed, posts have been made about me, rumours have been started… All of the things you would expect in a jr/high school and not so much from a grown adult.

Right now I just need a place to vent without it getting back to any of the parties involved. I’m an adult that is fully independent, I work to pay my bills and mind my own business, why can’t my partner’s ex?! >_<



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  1. Honestly BLOCK her and move on. YOU are not a high school kid, you will no longer associate yourself with her negitivity. If she gets no reaction or attention she will move on. She is probably hurt and upset and jealous. She does not know how to handle her emotions in a way that is not harmful. There is nothing you can say or do to change her. You are only responsible for the way you react. Life is literally to short n precious to waste a moment on a person who does not bring you happiness or help you grow in life. Her toxic energy is already effecting your life. It will turn into stress which is unhealthy. Fucckk her and her meaningless opinions. We can’t impress all 7 billion people on this planet and they won’t all like us and that is okay. Also you only hurting yourself more when you check up on her. Catch yourself and say No, I don’t care what she is doing because it does not effect me and don’t look. Over time you will do look less and less often till eventually you don’t have this urge to know what is going on in someone’s life that was toxic to you.

  2. Liz Large Liz Large says:

    I beat up my ex-husbands gf when she stalked me. Now she’s just all talk through text. I have her blocked anyways an go on with my life.

  3. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    Girl you should join the page “That’s it, I’m ex shaming” it’s a great page for shaming exes

  4. How would you know this person is writing about you unless you’ve been stalking them? There’s more to this, and from what you’ve said; you hardly sound innocent. Also, it sounds like your man needs to locate his balls.

  5. Myra Maines Myra Maines says:

    How do you know posts have been made about you unless you were OOGLING her page? And how do you know rumours were started unless you were listening for them. You’re obviously NOT minding your own business.

    If hes great. You’re great. Life’s great. Why are you concerned with what she’s doing? Live you life and pay not mind to her.

  6. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    If you absolutely would not change a thing, then stop complaining. You re exactly where you want to be.

  7. Some people are plain asshats. Ignore it. It takes two or more to disagree. Make it clear you’re not playing. Besides, happiness is the best revenge. Others see their true colors. Let yours outshine theirs!

  8. Erin Rehbein Erin Rehbein says:

    Oh I hear you! Crazies being creepy slithering snakes. Stalking everything in your life, including family members they have zero part of. Really makes them look pathetic. Almost time for a restraining order.

  9. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    Your partner should be dealing with this and putting a stop to it!!

  10. Some people just cannot let go !

  11. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Some people exs just dont get the point. They are an ex. Dont make it your partner’s problem if they aren’t talking to the ex.

  12. Shannon Mae Shannon Mae says:

    Talk t0 your partner if you havent already..does your partner still talk t0 their ex?(trying to be friends or aqauintances with person? ) Not sure how long you and your so have been together but when you have this talk I’d make sure they know exactly how I’m feeling. To me if the harassment and childish games and not appropriate treatment of you continues to me as a partner I’d be upset about it. Partner may need to consider what’s more important how you feel and how your being treated or trying to be friends with the ex(if they still are).
    As far as social media it’s hard to prove its them writing it(I know I know but had the police say that to me once with a situation with a previous so ex). ..change your social media names, lock down your privacy settings, block the individual.

  13. Kat Mcd Kat Mcd says:

    The police are an option… but they really hate getting involved in disputes. You need a lot to prove danger to yourself. If you have that then great. Otherwise… remember that at the end of the day the people who know you won’t believe her, those that do don’t matter or care about you and it shows how pathetic she is. I had a similar problem and just laughed and made passive aggressive comments and poof! She was gone.

  14. Good luck.
    I’ve been dealing with the same damn thing for 3 years after moving 8000km to a country where I barely comprehend the language.

    My advice is to just be the best version of yourself that you can.
    The better you look, the more of an idiot they will.

  15. I think you could charge her with harassment. I certainly would. I think then you could get a restraining order.

  16. Have you… told your partner about this? Maybe your partner can talk to their ex and finish whatever unfinished business is clearly in the mind of the ex? I mean.. they are doing all that to you, I’d almost guarantee they’re still harassing/talking to your partner in some way too. Or at least trying to. I dunno, communication is always key. Talk to them and see what they say on how to handle it.

  17. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Restraining order or peace bond

  18. Consider civil court for slander/defamation of character.

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