‘Tis the season’

In the last few months I have watched friends lose a parent to cancer, leave an abusive relationship, go thru a miscarriage, lose a job unexpectedly…so many hard things that you can’t “see” on the outside.

I just would love to challenge our shoutout community to not only give to those that may “look” or vedbalize that they need help and support during the Christmas season, but to show love to everyone!

That grumpy lady in the parking lot may have lost her husband, the single mom asking for help may have unexpectedly lost her job last month..that stressed out cashier at Safeway may have just been told she has to work the day her family was planning Christmas dinner. We don’t know what people are going thru, and the holidays are stressful for everyone!

Being nice and showing love should be 365 days a year, but over the next week let’s just give a little extra.

A smile and “merry Christmas” goes a long way.
Buying a Christmas cookie for the person behind you at Tim Hortons (or paying for their coffee)
Sending a Christmas card to that grumpy neighbour.


Merry Christmas everyone! If I could send some Christmas love to all of you I would! I hope the holidays are filled with happiness, or atleast a genuine smile despite the hardships and loss a lot of you are hiding inside right now ❤️



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  1. I wish everyone the best! I just have my doubts on some posts… especially those out right asking for money or food because unfortunately, there are a lot of people who take advantage of others. I’m happy to offer my advice or thoughts but I’m not swimming in money either. I just saw a guy at Walmart yesterday steal a drone, leave the store, come back and give it to security and then yell and swear at the security for writing “something” down about him. My family knew a lady who used to shop at the food bank. She was a doctor’s wife and had a 3 storey cabin in Alberta Beach. It’s sad we can’t just trust and give but that’s the world we live in.

  2. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    Yes, just be kind. So easy to do.


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