To All Trump Supporters

My teenage daughter works at a popular store. She cashiers and gives out great customer service. Today she had shared an incident with me which caused her sadness and opened up her eyes. While my daughter was ringing through a gentleman’s items, he decided to share that he was a Trump Supporter. He talked about negative effects of foreigners coming to North America and even showed my daughter pictures of foreigners on his phone. Throughout all of this, she kept smiling. I am not sure if he was aware, but my daughter is half Spanish. She may look like a non-foreigner, but she is not. So, to all you Trump Supporters please be aware who you share your rant to (some foreigners do have have light hair, light eyes and fair skin) Why an older man would even say such a thing to a 17 year old is beyond me. Luckily, my daughter grew up in a great household just smiled and told him to have a good day.



2 Responses

  1. Donald Parker says:

    So what does this have to do with Trump? You mean no one other than a Trump supporter has shared their view on immigration? I’m Canadian and feel the same way about immigration. The Liberal government is letting illegals in to the country while immigrants who are going through the correct process are waiting for years to be legal in Canada and some never do!
    It has nothing to do with Trump. Just one mans opinion. The same way I shared my opinion.

  2. Debra Armstrong says:

    I agree with you Donald!


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