To the Whyte Ave Firebug

What the hell is wrong with you? Setting cars on fire?
Takes a special kind of dirtbag to screw with what could be someone’s only transportation.




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  1. Daly Tillotson no one smoking pot would do something like that my boy, that’s meth

  2. EPS are charging him with 18 charges lol

  3. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    He was shouting “xebophobia, i’m not going to hurt you” is pretty much all you can hear in one of the videos, this was and Antifa/NDP supporter

  4. Adam Spamler I like that photo because I make faces at my kids all the time. Thanks for reminding me it exists.


  5. I’m sure he is reading this

  6. Yin Samoht Yin Samoht says:

    Keith Denny the comments tho lmao

  7. Lilith Fawn Lilith Fawn says:

    I think mayb schools need to start teaching more of other cultures . how lucky we ar to be in Canada . Real world issues .bcaus then mayb the younger society wont be so selfish .ignorant .nd bored . Sad how disrespectful

  8. I saw his facebook. Hes just mad about that receding hairline.

  9. Adam Spamler you mean things might get litty like a titty?

  10. Larry Larry Larry Larry says:

    Adam Spamler ..the President of the United States of America……Commander and Chief!!! (Althought I personally wouldnt call him either…..but he is…Trumps not native!!)

  11. Larry Larry Larry Larry says:

    Nicolette Bader ,,with our bloody justice system…hes already out in the streets!!!

  12. I don’t feel audited at *all*. Weird.

  13. Adam Spamler Setting cars on fire is a shitty thing to do, and your immature (apparently racist) bullshit doesn’t make it any less shitty, was my point. Fucking with someone’s livelihood luke that isn’t badass or whatever, it’s just shitty.

  14. Adam Spamler Tell me more about native culture and history, White Adam.

  15. Adam Spamler There he is. Good ol’ white Jesus. (Jesus was dark skinned, fool.)

  16. (Honky means “white guy”, Adam.)

  17. Adam Spamler You got it, honky. You have me audited, if you like.

  18. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    Good one. Buuut. The chief runs the tribe. Please stop. You’re being dumb

  19. Adam Spamler Chief is literally an ENGLISH WORD you moron. From ENGLAND.

  20. Adam Spamler I didn’t mean to offend you by using a word that made you feel less white, comerade. Won’t happen again. I’ll let the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, and the Chief Executive Officer of all the businesses that they’re using a native word.


  21. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    Chief is a native thing. And I’m white. Better stop or I’ll have you audited

  22. Antonio Del Antonio Del says:

    it’s the liberals fault

  23. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    Please don’t call me chief. I’m white

  24. Adam Spamler I bet you’re a big Marshall Mathers fan, aren’t ya, chief? Lol.

  25. Mental health issue – the get out of jail free card idiots use to excuse their behaviour and avoid punishment

  26. Fiiiiiiiiire *techno music*

  27. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    His parents named him Malice. Poor kid was doomed from the start. And I’ve looked up his fb profiles… clearly messed up with the wrong things or mentally ill.

  28. probably some Antifa pussy

  29. Tara Dactyl Tara Dactyl says:

    What I really want to know is why that woman kept drinking her coffee when he was being taken down right behind her. lol

  30. Think he needs to be set on fire

  31. Lori Weir Lori Weir says:

    Adam Spamler are you his friend ??

  32. Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

    It is shocking and upsetting but he is clearly mentally ill.

  33. His parents named him Malice. He obviously suffers with serious mental health issues and by looking at his Facebook page he has had mental health issues for a long time. I am just thankful that he didn’t set any people on fire. Cars can be fixed or replaced, lives can’t. Yes, I understand many are frustrated by the inconveniences that his actions caused but be thankful he didn’t set buildings with people in them on fire or shoot up a school. He may have done this to get the help he needs…

    • Valerie Cooper you’re thankful he didn’t set buildings on fire with people in them? no he just sent cars on fire with people in them, because ya thats so much better. He needs to be set on fire

  34. Val L Bate Val L Bate says:

    Check his profile…..he lives in a dark world

  35. Josh Bauer Josh Bauer says:

    Props to vigilantes Hawaiian shirt and 2×4 guys.

  36. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    What do you expect, his parents named him malice

  37. ” Hello my name is Malice, and i like to spread it ” – — Should be his catchphrase

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