Too much #metoo

Ok. So I’ve been noticing a trend. And it’s been driving me insane for a long time. #MeToo.

I am for women’s rights, I am all for justice brought swiftly to people (not only men) who harm another human. I am for an equal world, and always have been!

Lately, I’ve been seeing news reports of celebrity males trying to explain that not all men are horrible. And they are Right!! Not all men are horrible.

Just like 99.9% of foreigners aren’t terrorists, 99.9% of men arent rapists, or sexually assault women.

Some ladies have taken this WAY TOO FAR!


I just read a story where a teenage girl called herself a “Survivor” because she was kissed by a guy at a party that she didn’t like. The rest of the story was about how he misread their interaction. He didn’t take her in a room and throw her down. It was a little kiss. And now this guy will be afraid for a long time to kiss a girl!

Do you see my point?!

It’s time to start educating young women (and apparently older women).

That shaming an entire gender is wrong.

It’s not right to shame women, it’s not right to shame men, it’s not right to shame people in general!!!

We all need to understand that Rape is wrong, but we need to define rape a little more seriously.

A misunderstood, teenage, hormone filled kiss is NOT rape. That’s called BEING A TEENAGER!



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  1. Excellent post……I really has gotten totally out of hand

  2. I agree!! I think that it’s great that women are able to break the silence and speak up. But certain things are just so minor that it isn’t even necessary.
    Not to mention, the first Bill Cosby accusation (which more or less started this movement) was how many years ago now? And people are still saying “this happened to me 10 years ago!”. Statute of limitations – if this was any other crime then would we be taking this as seriously.
    It sucks things happened to these people. It really does. But like the OP mentioned, we need to reeducate people what rape/assault actually means. Because if we don’t, the stereotyping of men will only get worse.

  3. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    How about parents just teach their kids to respect other people and havecsome self respect who are you to say it was an innocent kiss? Geez

  4. Liz Johnson Liz Johnson says:

    How hard is it to ask for consent before touching someone?

  5. Rowena Eger Rowena Eger says:

    It’s too bad this post can’t be posted,because it sure needs to be read!! I am in 100% agreement!!

  6. Andrew Bax Andrew Bax says:

    Tying into this:

    When did proof, Due Process and “Innocent until Proven Guilty” lose all meaning?

    All it takes is an accusation (and frequently anonymously) to destroy a career and a life.

    People being fired or forced to resign based upon an accusation?


    • Karen Ann Karen Ann says:

      Andrew if that is the case then either they didn’t receive due process (which would create a seperate case of wrongful dismissal) or during due process it came to light that there was reason to dismiss the person. Either way I agree that due process has to happen,,,for both sides.

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  10. The girl you described did not accuse the person of rape. She said he kissed her and it clearly made her uncomfortable. That’s not “part of being a teenager”.

    What we need to be teaching ALL of our children are the nuances of consent and the importance of bodily autonomy.

  11. This is what happens when the terrorists win.

  12. Here is the bottom line. #metoo isn’t about men.

    It’s funny that some men are trying to make it all about them when it’s really about women sharing their stories with each other and supporting each other.

    That being said, you don’t get to define sexual assault. The criminal code has already done that.

    People who are claiming that men often get falsey accused of sexual assault are simply misinformed. It is very rare for an allegation to be false. Your chances of being falsey accused of sexual assault are equal to the chances of being falsely accused of any other crime. I don’t know about you but I don’t wake up every morning in fear that I am going to falsey get arrested for robbing a bank.


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