Traffic Circles have Crosswalks too!

I live right by the traffic circle by Bonnie Doon. Whenever I need to cross the traffic circle (via the marked crosswalks) it is terrifying! I am a driver too, so I understand the stress you might get when waiting for your chance to go, but please take a second to look for people trying to cross.

I make sure that I make eye contact with each driver before setting food on the road because half the time the drivers are staring into the circle waiting for their turn to go.

So, please, just take the extra minute to look for someone crossing, or loom a few times if you find yourself waiting a while to enter the circle.



11 Responses

  1. I agree I do same thing,don’t want to get hit……I think u meant setting foot,not food on the road…made me smile reading that lol

  2. That circle is HORRIFIC with people going through in wrong lane and crossing over in front of people. Seen so many close calls. Unreal.

  3. Evann Clark Evann Clark says:

    I’ve lived there for a year not once did I come close to getting hit or anything. And I take the bus everyday to and from work? “what you talkin bout willis?”

  4. too many accidents there with drivers not knowing how to properly go through a traffic circle-almost got hit this morning by a driver going to turn right in front of my vehicle. Learn the traffic circle pattern and follow it!

  5. Brian Deakin Brian Deakin says:

    no worry’s the circle will soon be gone…..LRT will be going through

  6. Each roundabout should have a giant Darwin sign in the middle, saying”this means you”

  7. Cam Matthews Cam Matthews says:

    I use food to bait predators too

  8. I live near here too… The only thing more scary than being a pedestrian at this cross walk is being a driver.. Traffic circles are designed to flow nicely and when someone steps out onto the road when someone is about to exit, they have to slam on their brakes and then the entire circle has to follow…

    Not saying it’s the pedestrians fault, but I firmly believe there shouldn’t be cross walks in traffic circles.. I have almost been in (front, middle, end) or seen twenty plus accidents all just because someone started to cross. Its dangerous!


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