Treating the elderly like garbage

I live in Meadowlark, and on Sat evening, I was with my 4 year old walking home from the Walmart/Meadowlark center. We were walking passed the Shoppers, and suddenly this adorable little old lady, probably in her late 80s or early 90s came up behind my little man and gave him a friendly poke on the back to say Happy Thanksgiving to him.
She was accompanied by a woman who I’m assuming was her caretaker.

This woman noticed the old lady trying to talk to my son and I, and she straight up said “KEEP WALKING” in an extremely rude tone. I was confused about who the women was talking to at first, but the little old lady said “don’t worry, she’s just talking to me…” In a sad, embarrassed kinda way.

She kept up with my son and I anyways, and processed to tell me about a recipe she knows of for stuffing.
Again, the women accompanying her said something like “OK LET’S GO, YOU DON’T NEED TO TALK TO EVERYONE YOU WALK BY, STOP TALKING, AND GET GOING”.

I’m sorry lady, but that’s just plain fucking ignorant of you to treat the elderly like a piece of shit. She was the sweetest little old lady, and you’re treating her like she’s a burden. I don’t know if you’re the caretaker or daughter, or whatever, you have absolutely no right talking to her like that, and I swear to dog, if I ever see you both out again, I will personally come visit with that sweet lady, and tell you to your face that you need a new job, because shame on you for being a complete Royal Bitch.

I can see why the old lady was trying to make conversation, clearly you treat her like shit everyday, and she was looking for some positivity and love, and trying to look passed your ignorance.



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