Troubles in relationahip

I’ve been married to the same guy for 10 years. I have been faithful and honest. He has had an affair, kissed another woman etc….
He has been harassing me for 4 weeks about the sizes, lengths and gerths of the men j slept with 10 years ago. Like he wants exact dimensions, wants to know what they were like size comparable in my hand etc. Like harassing me. Because I told him 10 years ago I had someone thicker and wouldnt tell him. Only reason I told.him is because he was obsessed with knowing.

I feel harassed by my husband over this. We cant wvwn ne in the same house because he is obsessed with knowing all about their man members.

Do all men harass their wives like this about their past sex partners? Do I have to give him this information?



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  1. Um no. This isn’t normal. This is mental abuse, which can be worse, with longer lasting effects then physical abuse. Seek counseling or end it b4 it gets worse.

  2. Tina Adam Tina Adam says:

    This is after 10 years?? Did you get married when he was 4?

  3. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    No, that’s typical narcissist behaviour

  4. That’s not his business! You don’t have to tell him anything. He wasn’t with you at the time so it doesn’t matter. He may use it against you as well.

  5. If you are interested in continuing your marriage, you guys should see a marriage counselor. If he is not willing, you need to ask your self how much more you are willing to take. If you are ok with the pain associated with him having something on the side, and you taking the back burner – then stay. But, if you feel you are worth so much more than that – get yourself in for therapy, and start the process of ridding toxicity from your life. Either way, its a decision only you can make. You need to decide what sort of life you are willing to live with.

  6. Cindy Mason Cindy Mason says:

    He is trying to excuse his own cheating

  7. Sounds like a case of Small Dick Syndrome (similar to Small Mans Disease).

  8. My fiance won’t/doesn’t want to talk about/know anything about my ex(s), he won’t talk much if at all of his. So..harassing you over it is wrong and downright creepy.

  9. Sex therapy. Call Insight psychological.

  10. Just give it to him to shut him the fuck up lol or move on

  11. Maybe he is turned on by hearing about other men’s penis. Could be that simple. Shut him up and tell him a lie. Seriously you could have just done that ages ago. Like can you seriously remember the size of anything from 10 years ago.

  12. Umm sounds like he may be fantasying about it. All the little details of other men’s junk?!? Lol I would say he’s questioning his sexuality or he’s cheating. I’m gay and like penis and even I don’t ask my husband about other men he’s been with. That’s the past and however it went that’s how he found me.

  13. This is not ok at all. What does it matter now if you are married? Sounds like he’s cheating. Cheaters always become suddenly highly suspicious.

  14. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    He’s still cheating

  15. Karley Marie Karley Marie says:

    Tell him you gotta go look at their dicks again to get the exact measurements.

  16. Fuck no! Why would he even want to know?? As far as the harassment and his inability to stay faithful… I’d be out. You deserve better.

  17. This is fucked get out know Jesus Christ

  18. Tell him he has an under average willy. Torture the asshole a bit. The jerk deserves it.

  19. Mike Luu Mike Luu says:

    Sound like he coming out of the closet and want you to put on a strap on. Since he want to know every detail, take him to the sex shop and ask him what size does he want and get ready to have some fun!!!

  20. Sounds like he is hung like a bull gerbil and is insecure.

  21. I think you are confused.

  22. That guy doesn’t know boundaries. I’m going to assume by what is going on, these are not his only issues. He may be looking for reactionary behaviour from you as well to justify his behaviour as well, which is why he’s harassing you. Probably a narcissist on top of it. Look it up. I know my ex wouldn’t stop with the crazy harassment on multiple issues and it was completely crazy making, outside of his other highly toxic and abusive behaviour.

  23. Reverse blame? Buddy’s got some issues.

  24. No, not all men harass their wives about this. Just like all women don’t harass their husbands about this. The only ones who give a shit about the past sexcapades of their partner are the insecure ones. Tell him if he won’t move on, you will.

  25. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Wth did I just read? He’s bi.

  26. KJ McAvany KJ McAvany says:

    why do so many people immediately jump to “you need to break up with him”. No fucking wonder divorce rates are so ridiculous.

  27. Nope. Never been asked. I’d be keeping an eye on him,.

  28. Michael P. Keaton that’s not how it works ‘down there’.

  29. Play
    His game and ask about the women he is been with.

  30. So you told him but didn’t???

  31. I think if you have to inquire about this situation with the preface that he was unfaithful you, you know how bizarre the behaviour is. This won’t get better imho.

  32. You need marriage counselling.

  33. Killing him is probably your only option

  34. Tell him what a he wants to know…what are you losing.

  35. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    maybe he is wanting a man…..??? i would tell him to grow up or get out! lol.

  36. All I read was blah blah blah … oh yeah i was reading something

  37. He has some sort of insecurities going on here. Something is on his mind. He shouldn’t be doing this to you as it’s damaging the relationship. He’s cheating you say… open the door for him and give him a push out

  38. Sounds like he wants to use it against you because of his cheating..

  39. Wow. My hubby has never asked me that kinda question. We’ve been together since 2002.

  40. The past is in the past for a reason you can not move forward into a loving relationship and grow together if you keep looking in the review mirror. And comparing to another person, everyone is unique even idential twins. He has an insecurity, either it stems from guilt if he has cheated or just a fear of not satisfying you so therfore you will become unhappy and leave or cheat yourself.

    This is not a healthy behavior but it can become a healthy conversation.

    If you are happy see what you can do to reassure him he satifys you and makes you happy. Find something he does or has that no one else does and focus on it. When he brings up this subject take control and redirect the conversation.

    You have to rebuild by rewiring the brain from a negitive thought and replacing it with a positive. Or create a conversation and find something new to expirence together that can be “your thing”. Sometimes you just have to re discover passion

    • Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

      Katrina Sweet, girl, that’s nice when u r in high school but in the real world, his behavior is beyond toxic. The OP must forgive him for herself but then step over his useless body and walk out that door forever!

  41. I would show him how wide the door is and kick his ass on the way out! Don’t put up with his stupidity!

  42. Leave him girl you will do much better without negative energy around you

  43. Ew my ex boyfriend use to do that it’s beyond creepy and weird I know the feeling! Like what’s the obsession!

  44. What a disgusting man. Toss this guy to the curb. He is a nut job for sure.

  45. Tell him they were all much bigger than him lol…he sounds controlling and weird…you need to get out of there.

  46. Cat Hills Cat Hills says:

    Sounds like my ex…… notice I said EX. Say “see ya boy bye”

  47. Honestly. Next time he asks you just say. Fine. If you simply MUST know. I slept with John stamos. it was amazing, please read up on what women like in bed if you are concerned because I’m not sure anyone will compare

  48. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Lol, this page cracks me up!!!

  49. Maybe he is secretly into men and wants to hear about dicks cause it brings him pleasure! Just saying….

  50. Dave Wilson Dave Wilson says:

    You don’t HAVE to do anything. It’s YOUR past and none of his business. If it came up in a conversation and he just happened to ask at the point and then dropped it and never asked again, that would one thing. But to actually harass you about it and not let it go, that’s not right all. Tell him it doesn’t matter and to let it go. If he doesnt let it go, ask him if he wants one for himself! But if he’s that obsessed about it that it’s driven you ask strangers on the internet about it, you might want to seriously reconsider this relationship.

  51. Leave him that’s beyond jealousy

  52. Alan Thomas Alan Thomas says:

    start asking him about all his women

  53. Dont think I’d be sticking around if my man was curious about that stuff. It’s extremely odd.

  54. Sara Girhiny Sara Girhiny says:

    If my man asked me that shit I would be genuinely grossed out

  55. No…. just insecure men ask.

  56. Jessica Ann Jessica Ann says:

    He is cheating. Simple as that. He is insecure and a cheater. Also this is abusive behavior and will only get worse.

  57. Leigh Mack Leigh Mack says:

    He sounds like a nut job

  58. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Seems like he is finding another way to push himself away from you to justify his affairs. DTMFA!

  59. Lol. My man would prefer if I didn’t even mention names. Let alone fucking dick sizes!

  60. That’s fucking weird…I’d be running for the hills, he needs help.

  61. Owen Moher Owen Moher says:

    He’s very insecure and is projecting. Surprised you haven’t broken up with him yet.

  62. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    Ummm no. I’d want a divorce.

  63. into the trash can with that trash man

  64. Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

    You don’t have to explain any details as this is in the past for a reason! He is obviously super insecure. And a cheater. Those two traits go hand in hand. Don’t put up with it. Be firm and tell him to stop it!

  65. says:

    he is seriously bent, you do not need that crap, make him stop….question,, is this relationship worth it?

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