Truck ( BJM 6755 ) stole mats from Prism Car Wash

I went to Prism Car Wash on Ellerslie Road this morning at 9:25am and forgot to take my mats from the clamps when I left.

I went back there in the afternoon and the mats are gone. The staff was very helpful and looked through the security video for me. They have an amazing security camera system there. He found the driver of a black truck ( BJM 6755 ) took the mats and drove away.

Instead of reporting to police, I would like to try this first to hope he will return the mats to Prism Car Wash by noon tomorrow.



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  1. Technically it’s considered abandoned property. Hopefully they will return it on their own merit, because you have no legal recourse.

  2. Robi Jackson Robi Jackson says:

    Bahahahaha!!! This is hilarious, and ridiculous. Wanting to call the police over forgotten floor mats? Really??
    Call the police, they’ll probably laugh at you.

  3. M Lissa Sch M Lissa Sch says:

    Oh come on. This is entirely your fault, why didn’t you come back sooner to grab them? You left them from 930 till afternoon… And they’re floor mats! Go get new ones for $40 at Canadian Tire. Accept that you made a mistake and move on. I’d understand if you lost something of more value but those are floor mats you’re talking about here, and you left them there for at least 6 hours.

  4. Ryan Evans Ryan Evans says:

    Theres a shot of a trucks rearend but wheres the footage of the driver actually stealing them?

  5. Brent says:

    Mats are not 20$. Good ones are over 100$. If they were worth going back for they are worth more than 20$. Why are there lost and found departments if it is a “finders keepers” world? It’s not really theft but rather taking advantage of someone’s misfortune.

  6. Sharon Boot Sharon Boot says:

    They found them….they didn’t go into your vehicle and steal them. I think your approach is a little overboard here. You accidentally left them behind…..and they found them. If it was quite a while after you left why didn’t the attendant looking after the car wash gather them up and put them aside for you to collect when you realized? And based on your approach here why are you not mad at them for not looking after them for you?

  7. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    So if I leave my wallet behind at a store or my cellphone or whatever, then it’s free game? This finder keeper shit is really childish and people need to grow up

  8. I guess when you hang up mats to wash them you don’t want them lol some people’s logic here

  9. All the people that say finders keepers have revealed themselves as untrustworthy. If it’s $20 laying on the sidewalk it’s one thing but…

  10. Good floor mats can cost hundreds of dollars.

  11. I don’t know if that will consider theft. He left them behind, a lot of people disposed stuff in a good used condition. I mean people cannot be mind readers.

  12. It’s not finders keepers. If you find something someone left behind at a business you hand it in to the business in case the person comes back. The lack of ethics and morals in this thread is astounding.

  13. Holy crap. It’s mats. Big deal

  14. Justina Kirk Justina Kirk says:

    Frigg people never take things that do not belong to you always re turn it are if something is left behind hand it into customer service ..

  15. I guess most of you are thieves…lmao..these mats werent found on public property but at a place of business. Wasnt theirs to take. Would you walk into a place of business and take whatever out of their lost and found? Its stealing!

  16. My thoughts on reporting to the police were they could contact the person and get them back. But considering they were left there they wouldn’t be pressing charges lol. He/she didn’t go into his truck and take them

  17. Seriously? What is this finders keepers crap? How people can justify taking something that doesn’t belong to them is what is wrong with this world. Disgusting

  18. Amy Rowland Amy Rowland says:

    I honestly can’t believe the responses, absolutely disgusting. If you leave something behind, whatever it is, you would hope that there are some honest people in this world that would turn them in. I had once left my wallet at the till at Walmart with almost $500 cash inside, right before Christmas. Totally my fault for leaving it, and you know what? Someone turned it in and that is the right thing to do…

  19. No need for name calling, Poster left them behind, someone else found them it is simply a case of “finder’s keeper, loser weeper”. Move on

  20. Finders keepers, losers weepers. But, seriously. You left them there… of course someone is going to swipe them.

  21. Mari Scott Mari Scott says:

    I agree – They probably thought you didn’t want them, if they were just left behind. I’m sure they would gladly give them back to you if they knew you were looking for them.

  22. Haven’t you heard of finders keepers? lmfao seriously its not like he took your wallet or cell phone

  23. Mona Chamas Mona Chamas says:

    No one stole anything. you left them, they found them and took them. Idiot.

  24. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Ummm public shaming? Also you left them, perhaps they thought you didn’t want them. You’re an idiot.

  25. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    i WOULD GO TO THE POLICE maybe this guy does not follow the shout out pages …

  26. Police is definitely the best way to go.

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