trying to help my daughter

I am trying to help my daughter.

She has been in jail due to making a bad choice, due to drug use. She got into it real bad with her ex boyfriend ..he was very abusive to her and beat her up numerous times.he went to jail and so did she.

Fast forward she is being released soon and has nothing at all. people stole her things ,stuff was lost and her i.d was stolen also..after being in there almost 10 mths ,she will be going into treatment for a long time,to start her life over.

Iam wondering if anyone can help me help her with clothes .hygene stuff and make up.

She is wanting to change and knows she needs help .she is going into treatment on her own..she wants to get away from that life…I am not financially able to buy these .but I am her number 1 supporter to succeed.


If anyone can find it in your heart to help..that would be so awesome…thank you and god bless



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  1. Ok sorry this has nothing to do with this post but who is proof reading these, to check spelling mistakes etc?.

  2. If she’s going into Mcdougall House they will help her also contact Bissell Centre or Elizabeth Fry Society

  3. Elizabeth Frye society. ..they help with men who have been incarcerated

  4. Tamara Marie Tamara Marie says:

    Message me I have shit I was gonna drop off at good will

  5. Karen Marie Karen Marie says:

    What size clothing does she wear? I can probably purchase a few hygiene items as well

  6. What size is she?
    I think most places that help women get back onto their feet again, offer hygiene products and even makeup. Makeup can give some women that boost they need. It can make them feel special. There is also a place that sets women up with a new suit or working clothes attire. They also give them makeup and a new hair cut. I can’t think of the name.

  7. You know who has nice makeup for super cheap is the brand Elf. I got a fantastic lipstick from Giant Tiger. I’ve only used the lipstick.

  8. Sean Seerey Sean Seerey says:

    Here is good place to start looking for a solution

  9. Amber Soosay Amber Soosay says:

    What size clothing. I have clothes, sweaters and shoes to give away

  10. Jen Ruzicka Jen Ruzicka says:

    You can message me too. I have quite a bit of clothes and shoes I was going to take for donation.

  11. To the poster who’s talking about spelling mistake um sure that don’t matter do u have something to offer other then pointing out others grammar spelling if not then sh

  12. Susan McKie Susan McKie says:

    In my opinion the very first priority is to get her into treatment. She will survive in any shelter but she will not thrive. Much luck to you.

  13. What size is she? Around what age?

  14. Mary Smoch Mary Smoch says:

    Sign up for Freecycle Edmonton and you can get lots of things there

  15. Depending on her size i always have extra clothes for at least a general start. Might be able to swing some other basics as well.

  16. Check out alberta works they can always steer you to the right people, programs, funding ect ..

  17. I was unaware she was able to bring those things into prison to have them stolen. Things that make you go hmm

  18. Message me! What size roughly? I’m sure I can find some nice things

  19. Mary Maria Mary Maria says:

    I have clothes, shoes, a nice spring jacket and purses

  20. OP UPDATE REQUEST: her size 7 and shoe 6 and she lost everything prior to going to jail she is 24 also


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