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Turn off your brights

Last night was sickening how many people refuse to turn off their brights. Even when both vehicles are turning a corner. Around five times blinded. Very dangerous.

Show some respect to other people and their children who can get into a accident because of this.



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  1. There are people out there who think the blue indicator that says hibeams are on think that means just their headlights are on! I’ve educated quite a few drivers. Flashing my brights at oncoming vehicles with their brights on, sometimes just doesn’t work. They’re just too clueless and stupid.

  2. Daniie Hardy Daniie Hardy says:

    One thing to add to OPs post: if your headlights have an auto setting make sure it’s working properly. Just because you have a relatively new car and an auto setting doesn’t mean its guaranteed to work properly. My moms new murano recently had issues with it so I had to take it off of auto for a while.

  3. I hate the new bright lights I have them on my car and I had hoped I could change them to be the old style but sadly it cant happen

  4. I bet you it’s just people’s LED headlights. I can’t believe they are legal. I flashed my high beams at a guy a couple of weeks ago because I thought he had his on and I couldn’t see and that pissed him off so he turned on his high beams and left them on. I damn near drove off the road and I had to pull over because I couldnt see for a couple of minutes after that

  5. Yup! Driving home last night (1.5 hrs on Hwy) I was blinded so many time and was so frustrated! All of them were trucks. I wish the engineers were made to constantly get blinded, maybe then they might angle them down a bit.

  6. Khaled Ali Khaled Ali says:

    Flick your high beam a couple times; that shall send them a message

  7. Sorry to say. It’s the new headlights. I’ve been the subject of many high beam flashes because people think mine are on. Give them an actual flash of my high beams and they learn quick. But as someone else commented, at least they had lights on. There’s lots that I’ve seen driving without or shitty ones and those are just as bad.

  8. Nothing worse than people also thinking they have thier lights on in the dark and all they have is the front driving lights. People are idiots

  9. Tracy Tracy Tracy Tracy says:

    Sickening is a strange way to describe this

  10. As you get older night driving gets more difficult. Maybe you need your eyes tested and then reconsider driving at night if you cant see. There are other families out there on the road and it would be devastating of you killed one because you couldn’t see. It is your responsibility to be healthy a d fit enough to operate a motorized vehicle at anytime, if not hand in your license before you kill someone.

  11. The new regular lights are pretty bright and many people mistake them for brights or high beams

  12. Kat Weiss Kat Weiss says:

    Pretty sure those are just the new regular hid lights.

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