Turn your lights on.

TURN YOUR FUCKING LIGHTS ON AT NIGHT. Can’t explain how much this irks me. Your newer vehicles have the “auto” button for a reason. Leave it there if you can’t remember to turn on your night lights while driving. Also. Turn off your goddamn highbeams in the city. You don’t need them. For any damn reason the city is lit up enough I don’t need your xenon HIDs blinding me in my rear view.



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  1. I always have normal lights on people used to always flash sometimes they still do . I had to have my lights readjusted because they were pointed the wrong way . But the new cars lights are just bright .

  2. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Do we have room to add “learn how to use your fucking indicator. How many times daily i see stupid mother fuckers take multiple lanes without an indicator yet turn the fucken thing on in a turning lane where they literally have no other option but to turn? Wtf” lol

  3. Lol this was my response too!!

  4. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Good rant. Tot@lly agree. Mix in some following distance and it would be alot safer out there.

  5. Nope I can’t wait to get mine installed
    On the back roads around SA I need brighter lights because you can’t see the line sometimes
    So No I can’t wait

  6. Auto setting doesn’t turn on your rear lights, though. Always love when someone who doesn’t know where they’re going brakes and signals at the last second and I get to react. Super fun.

  7. Saw some guy getting onto the Henday late last night, really dark out. Black car and no lights on. Someone wouldn’t be able to see them unless right up on them. Just seems some people don’t care.

  8. Not all new vehicles come with automatic lights if your buying the basic model. When I was purchasing my vehicle I noticed the first two models didn’t have auto. I went to higher model because I know I would be horrible at remembering to turn them on.

  9. Love this post. So true. People are just idiots

  10. It’s the darkness before the light. The end is near lol

  11. Immagrants are the worst. They dont understand the flash.

  12. Dario Tomada Dario Tomada says:

    you can add that you dont need your driving/fog lights on in the city..exceptions are prob once/yr…dont be a dolt

  13. My vote is get rid of the LED headlights! Those things are ridiculously bright and in no way needed

  14. I can’t belive the number of newer cars I am seeing without even daytime running lights on. People actually get them programmed to be able to turn them off? WHY? Even US vehicles brought up here have to have them activated before they can be registered here.

    • Nasab Radwan Nasab Radwan says:

      Mike Cockrall on Tuesday I was making a left hand turn in an area where the lights were super dim. 4 cars passed, I saw no lights turning around the bend so I started to turn. My car kinda skidded on the ice and took a couple seconds to grip but there he was…. a car turning the bend at full speed with no lights. I have never been so scared in my life but thankfully my car accelerated. I get he had right of way but it would have been nice to see them if they had their lights on!

    • Nasab Radwan pretty sure had there been an accident they may still have been at fault because their lights were off even though he had the right of way….

    • Marina Rose Marina Rose says:

      Charlene Piche not according to my insurance co.

    • Marina Rose Marina Rose says:

      Charlene Piche not according to my insurance co.

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