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UCP Winning

What’s everyone’s thought in the UCP winning?
Great we’re getting pipeline?

Great we’re paying our own health care?
Great another trump/hitler
Great? We’re screwed? Everyone has a opinion. I want to hear any positive opinions on this please.



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  1. Sigrun Jones Sigrun Jones says:

    Brennan Smyth It’s less about the carbon tax–since we will get the federal one, but more about K removing the emissions cap, which is against the climate accord.

  2. Notley did.
    It’s a majority government!!!!!

    Come on Kenny!!!! Let’s get shit done RIGHT

  3. Sean Pateman Sean Pateman says:

    Lmao so many liberal tears

  4. Cole Benson Cole Benson says:

    If you compare trump, or kenny to hitler you should get your nose reaaranged onto the side of your head with a chair.
    Fucking meatheads.

  5. Amanda Van Der Hoek I totally agree!
    I don’t know how everyone figures Kenney can just come in and make his proposed changes without costing taxpayers millions!
    He just barks loud!

  6. The NDP are all sewer rats now. And they are racist

  7. Will Nichol Will Nichol says:

    Sorry for the individual pics but could only do one at a time

  8. Will Nichol Will Nichol says:

    Here is the entire health care plan for the UCP …..

  9. I still say we give him four years and then compare ledgers Rachel got four years and we saw what she did with her time and our money

  10. Best thing that could of happened to this province. Oh I’m sure all the whinny people who want govt handout after handout are upset.

  11. Chris Kipfer Chris Kipfer says:

    Sorry but my daughter was turned away from a hospital who couldn’t provide emergency services in their emergency room, this happened under the NDP’s government and healthcare, I’ll take my chances with the UCP thanks!

  12. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    And no matter how many times we had explained everything to you, your answer was NO NO and refused to actually sit and take in what we were saying! Once you see what and how it effects your disabled wife and stepson all i will be saying to you is thanks.

  13. Anonymous, there is nothing great about Jason Kenny becoming Premiere of Alberta.

  14. He wants to be Prime Minister. He is removing emission caps and the carbon tax to make sure we don’t get it twinned. That will make Ontario and Quebec happy and that is what he needs to win a federal election

  15. Kiernan Burr Kiernan Burr says:

    Kelly the emperor has no cloths.

    Alberta is going to suffer greatly under Kenny. He will give the illusion he is dying to fix things, but only the rich will actually benefit under his leadership.

  16. Gary Cameron Gary Cameron says:

    The Hitler crap is getting old. #MakeAlbertaGreatAgain

  17. Jenna Bain dillusional! You were lied to! He has no answers!

  18. There’s not going to be any positives with KKKenney, unless youre a supporter of middle class turning poor, corruption, homophobia, racism and religious freaks who are knuckle-draggers! We’re fucked!

  19. Rae Gee Rae Gee says:

    Albertans r freaking dumb

  20. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    Can someone explain how Trump is anything like Hitler…..does the OP actually know what Hitler did?

  21. Y’all gonna get scheered of your wool soon enough they just let a fat mangy old wolf dog in the hen house

  22. I hope they do bring back health care premiums!

    I’m happy, as a small business owner!

    Looking forward to demise of bill 6!

    Looking forward to standing up to Trudum

  23. Phill DL Phill DL says:

    Positive? I got nothing.

  24. The best years in the province were under the conservatives. We had a balanced budget and every adult in Alberta even got a cheque one year of sharing the wealth of the province. Election is done majority has won by a landslide it is time to stop complaining start living and help rebuild the province from 4 years of economic carnage

  25. That s a stupid picture for this.

  26. Im worried about my special needs daughter, and of course other vulnerable people who need assistance. Im willing to wait and see if there will actually be cuts to healthcare/education that will affect her and others like her. These people cant just go and get a job, they cant even complain or fight for their needs, they dont even have a voice for themselves. To take away from people like this is absolutely absurd, im willing to wait and see before making judgment about the new Premier.

  27. Chris Rusnak Chris Rusnak says:

    Why are people still talking about the election? It’s over, move on..

  28. My thoughts are way out there. So if you don’t like them then move on. It’s long.

    While watching the debate my vote was headed towards liberal. I knew they didn’t have a chance in $$ll. We need to pay for things. It’s great that private healthcare is an option but I guarantee that a private hospital will not be built and will then bog the public sector down. I also think the public will lose doctors due to the big bucks.

    As for education he wants to find out why class sizes are so big. No study needed there they are big because we are not building enough schools. And why are we not building schools well that’s because there is nobody and nothing to pay for them but you know what let’s launch an investigation and find out what’s going on while we freeze education while my sons money for an EA help in the classroom goes towards the schools waxing their gyms as an example. I had to fight for my son to get his EA and was told by the school that there are 25 children whom are more severe and they get to share 6 EAs in total.

    And I don’t know about anybody else but roads are crap here at least Notley was putting money into it with the carbon tax. But everybody was pissed about that too because now they have to pay for a tax oh my God we pay the lowest taxes in the country we’re not able to set aside ourselves to help the environment while building ourselves some infrastructure my God for myself and I know others they can barely see the paint on the road shortly after the month of rain and definitely not the winter but driving through a blizzard in Saskatchewan and Manitoba I can see the lines on the road. FYI I see 16/20

    We need the pipelines!!! And I’m not saying to get rid of them I’m saying that we have to learn how not to depend on them. right now Alberta is going through a crappy situation.

    This was not caused by Notley (she didn’t light a match) Fort McMurray starting on fire was the cause of climate change (so they say) it was the beginning and the end of Notley. Because if it wasn’t for a stupid celebrity flying over the oil fields spouting his crap this may not have become as big as it did.

  29. What has the NDP done? Only put Alberta in 10 billion dollars in debt. I lived in Alberta all my life. Was born in Fort McMurray and my child hold home is nothing but ash cause this so called NDP would not call up water bombers to help put out the fires. The oil companies called them.
    And oh did I mention how every country wanted to help but her boyfriend In Ottawa said “oh Alberta don’t matter we got this”
    I live in Edmonton. I love Edmonton but I live in a loser orange city with a team loser orange team.
    It’s going to take years and years to fix the four years that this NDP has done.
    I’m expecting lots of cuts and I’m prepared for it. Cause we can’t have 10 billion in the hole and keep giving hand outs.
    When a average family can’t afford something they cut back. That’s what we got to do.
    Starting with the Edmonton.
    If you want hand outs from the Government move to B.C and pay 1.70 a liter for gas

    • 10 billion in debt? No. The annual budget deficits were $8-$10 billion. According to the NDPs own Budgetary documents their projection was a Provincial Debt of $71 BILLION for 2019-20.

      It took Albertans 8 years to pay off $35 billion under Ralph Klein. And that was with a partial rebound in oil prices.

      $71 billion will take Albertans 2 DECADES to pay off. The interest annually in that debt will be $3.6 billion. $3.6 billion that could have gone into social programs, schools or hospitals.

    • Michael Andrew wow I was way off! We are in more of a mess. 71 billion to pay back!!!

  30. The only way Alberto will get the pipeline is for Alberto to buy it or for Trudeau to give in and build it.

  31. Rem Lea Rem Lea says:

    Glad i came to see the dumpster fire that is the comments section here. Thanks for the entertainment folks.

  32. Changing the players doesn’t change the game. And the game will never change while we live in a monetary based economy. Everything and everyone has a price tag.

  33. I am literally sick to my stomach that he wants to fire gay teachers that work in Christian Schools and out gay students to their parents. Like, WTF?! What year is it? That would be like going back to the days of when families hid away their children with Downsyndrome instead of making them part of the community! So backwards! We have come so far in equality, and he wants to shit all over that? I can’t.

  34. Geri Gregg Geri Gregg says:

    NDP didn’t fight for it until it was time to put on a good face knowing an election was coming. UCP is our only chance of getting a much needed pipeline.

  35. I think it is funny with all the negativity and insults that are being said between the people of the 2 parties. Does that mean the UPC supporters are going to poll all their friends and if any are NDP supporters your going to tell them to fuck off and the same for all the NDP supporters going to tell their UPC supporters to fuck off. Because by all the insults that have been said during the last 4 weeks by everyone on social media is fucking amazing. Its like if all UPC supporters and NDP supporters stood on opposite sides of the street there would be a full out rumble. It is a sad world we live in when people can not even have a decent conversation and debate about politics without all the name calling and insults.

  36. I just did it so I could read whiny posts on Facebook for the next 4 years. The majority spoke so shut up and deal with it instead of bitching at everyone because you think your opinions are more valid than anyone else’s.

  37. I can’t think of a single disanology between Jason Kenney and Adolf Hitler. Good point op.

  38. We need someone like Trump and something had to change . Maybe we should start paying for our healthcare again at least we werent waiting 6 hrs in hospital to see a doctor. As far as im concerned any new immigrants should have had to pay for everything for the first 5 years here . Not handed everything on a golden platter

  39. It will be a matter of time before the ones who voted UCP will be whining.

    The UCP will be ruining it for our children’s future. Its the children I’m worried about.

  40. Will Nichol Will Nichol says:

    Jennifer Anneliese I have family members with medical conditions & disabilities aswell, so I did the same thing for all parties & the ucp is the only one that wants to make sure the money is being used properly

  41. Stop comparing Trump to Hitler. It’s a lazy as fuck argument at best and completely ridiculous at worst.

  42. Will Nichol Will Nichol says:

    Amanda Van Der Hoek nope I dont. There will be little to no impact on front line services or support, the ucp wants to find out why the millions of dollars are not making it down to the frontline services, so they are going to investigate where the money goes & how it can be better used to reduce class sizes, wait times, etc….. cause just throwing money at these issues does nothing if it stays at the top, it needs to get to the bottom to improve & over the last 4 yrs that has not happend

  43. Why is everyone asking people’s thoughts? Nothing positive comes of these posts ever and not one person is going to change another persons views so..Here we are and let’s just move forward.

  44. Frank Yurich Kenny has worked for Ottawa his whole career, all his buddies are in Ottawa. Kenny wrote and designed the new equalization payments bill while federal in Ottawa, now he has no chance to be PM he’s come to Alberta to help his buddies keep control of our money in Ottawa.

  45. Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

    We needed someone in power who had balls to stand up for the province. Notley bowed down to everything trudeau wanted and was completely ok with letting activists slam the province she “stood up for”. Her “embarrassing cousin” finally said enough is enough and let’s get someone in here who will fight to get ppl working again, fight to get families back on stable ground who are close to losing everything and stop the careless spending with this apparent never ending bank account that NDP believed they had. The money maker of this province is our energy sector, and anyone who tries to deny this has their heads in the clouds. Everyone says “Kenney can’t get pipes in the ground that have been denied”. Yes he can. It’ll take work. Getting bills reversed. Coming to deals with the natives to cross their land etc. Its not that it can’t be done it’s that no effort was ever put in because notley was completely anti oil and gas. Ucp will be a huge boost to the province. It won’t happen over night though. He’s got one hell of a mess to clean up first.

    • John Beaton John Beaton says:

      Keri Martin very well said

    • Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

      It’s strange that edmonton was the only region of alberta that doesn’t get it……

    • Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

      It’s strange that edmonton was the only region of alberta that doesn’t get it……

    • It’s strange how everyone forgets the conservatives where in charge when the economic downturn happened, lol!
      Don’t you remember Prentice saying look in the mirror AB and threatening to impose healthcare premiums again.
      If you don’t remember the passed your doomed to repeat it.

    • Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

      I’m not denying that the downturn happened before the ndp (the price of oil falling is what I am referring to). The problem with it all wasnt that it fell, it was that they did absolutely nothing to help the economy. They sat back and just kept saying their hands were tied, they can’t control the price of oil, blah blah blah. Useless is one word to sum it all up. Notley dumped unheard of amounts of money into health care and everyone praised her for it. Just one problem…. what exactly did she help? Alberta is putting the most money into health care than any other province for the last 2 or 3 years yet we have the longest wait times still! And they’ve actually gotten worse not better. I’d maybe be less annoyed by what she did if we saw something from it but we didn’t.

    • Cory Keeping Cory Keeping says:

      Keri Martin can you please explain to me how Kenny is going to influence native bands in BC?
      Once the environmental review is done and the court injunction is lifted hopefully the pipeline will get finished.
      But I have to burst your bubble the economy here isn’t going to turn on one pipeline. There will be no boom here again until we get the a hell of a lot more pipeline capacity.
      I believe he will try and I hope that things turn around, but this is going to take time and truthfully it might not turn the economy around.

    • Alan F. Alan F. says:

      Keri Martin You realize those oil field jobs aren’t coming back, right? We’ve seen an increase in production without those jobs because of new technologies brought in there. I’m not happy about it either, but they aren’t coming back.
      And the odds are that pipeline isn’t coming either, whether we want it or not. I’d like to see your source that Notley was anti-pipeline, she was trying to get it through as well.
      And “bowing” to Trudeau? You realize when she implemented the carbon tax she was actually helping Alberta, right? She ensured that money stayed in Alberta and was used to stimulate green energy here.
      You know what’s going to happen if/when Kenney scraps it? A federal one is going to take its place, and we’ll have zero say in where that money’s spent.

    • Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

      Cory Keeping did I say one pipeline was going to fix everything? Nope. But once there is progress in the right direction things will start looking up, investors will start to come around again etc..

    • Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

      Alan F. Notley was seen at protests! She elected ppl to her cabinet who were anti pipeline. If you want to believe the garbage she spewed at the end to try and save herself then go ahead but some of us read through the bs a long time before campaigning started. “It’s almost in the ground” she was even claiming in her farewell speech…. lol it’s ridiculous and arguing with anyone pro notley is like talking to a wall!
      And yes I understand how this carbon tax works. Again, she held hands with trudeau and said no that’s ok we will implement our own tax on our province…. it’s going to be scrapped by Kenney and come October it’ll be scrapped federally…. or are you also believing trudeau is going to stay in as well???

    • Kiernan Burr Kiernan Burr says:

      Keri no they wont. Kenny is not bringing jobs back to Alberta. Period.

    • Alan F. Yes technology has eliminated some jobs in O &G.

      Oil companies buy pipeline space. They guarentee that the pipeline space will be fiĺled. An assured supply of oil to feed refineries fir supply and demand. If that pipeline space is not filled, oil companies get heavily.

      Oil companies drilled at a feverish pitch 2 or 3 years ago under the the anticipation that new pipelines would be built. They havent been. Theres a backlog of oil because it cant be piped or railed out.

    • Larry Larry Larry Larry says:

      Keri Martin …you do realize money is being put back into healthcare…and wait times for procedures are still from the cutbacks from the conservatives…

    • Larry Larry Larry Larry says:

      Keri Martin your saying Notley was seen at a protest….was Kenney recently linked to a few illegal activities…hes getting rid of the carbon tax…notley introduced our own provincial one to keep it in Alberta…Kenney scraps it…Trudeau forces the Federal carbon tax …which is higher..and goes to ottawa…hes gonna “shut off the taps to bc”..
      And they remarked they will get their supply for Washington..
      Oops..that worked well…didn’t it…

    • Keri Martin Notley had a mess to clean up after the 40years of cons And they had high oil prices ,it is a disaster for health and education,sad for children who won’t get support to become adults

    • Barb Dyk Barb Dyk says:

      Keri Martin it’s a sanctuary city

  46. Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

    Frank Yurich make them hear us!

  47. Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

    Chrystal Ford-Melanson he is the answer to get us out of Liberal bs change won’t happen over night

  48. The pipeline is almost ready to go thanks to Rachel but if Kenny cancels our Carbon tax there’s a good chance the TM won’t be approved. They have already stated they want a carbon tax or something similar before the courts consider approval.

  49. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Why does everyone think we are going to have to pay for health care ,number one nobody has paid for it in many years, number two,if you can’t afford it in Alberta welfare steps in and covers it anyways ,number three,you will never be denied health care in Alberta regardless of age,race,or any other excuse you can come up with .and as far as programs getting cancelled it won’t happen ,

  50. Nothing positive from me.

  51. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Amanda Van Der Hoek when enough voice are herd things will change we just need to let Ottawa here us

  52. Sigrun Jones Sigrun Jones says:

    The pokitical commentators say that Kenney will lose us the pipeline because he will cancel the carbon tax (so Trudeau can swoop in and give us the federal one, which puts the money in the federal coffers) and because of Kenney removing the emissions cap which is part of the accord. If you like toll roads and health care premiums and cuts to health care (remember when Klein did that and there was an exodus of trained medical staff to the states and other places, leaving a shortage here), and if you want your kids to learn “for the achievement test” rather than for good learning, then you might be happy. I can’t wait to say “I told you so”. Unfortunately many people voted because of Facebook hype rather than doing their own research. Look and see how Ford is well on his way to destroying Ontario–which will likely mean Ontario will vote Liberal again in the fall election. Look at Ontario (Kenney and Ford are buddies), and that may well be Alberta.

  53. Will Nichol mmm I think we did, but I’m guessing you work in the oil industry so healthcare doesn’t affect you… yet.

  54. Good for the military and veterans maybe? But I’m a teacher and I’m sad about what can happen!

  55. Chrystal Ford-Melanson yep we don’t need another Klein but some will say “I got $500” he was great. Yet healthcare suffered immensely

  56. Amanda Van Der Hoek right? I mean I’m not claiming to even like Notley but this guy WAS NOT the answer

  57. For me it means holding my youngest daughter a little closer and continuing to be her best advocate.

    Whatever will be, will be, and we will continue being us.

  58. I can open a restaurant with my hunny in his home town now and not worry about the ndp anymore. Alberta is back in business

  59. Kevin Green Kevin Green says:

    The funny and worst thing is by reading these comments is I’m betting half the people who voted upc didn’t read the platform, and the half that did noticed the word oil and that was good enough. But hey follow the masses and don’t bother forming your own opinions and this is where we are.

  60. Sean Susun Sean Susun says:

    He has no control over the pipeline. If his sugar daddies (American Oil companies) don’t want us to have a pipeline, we won’t get one.

    If you are in the top 1%, GREAT NEWS! You can now basically get away with murder and the politicians will legislate in your favour while the police look the other way.

    If you are not in the top 1%, you get to now pay more for things, (like gas, heating, health care, dental, tolls roads, education, food, etc, etc,) because the already low income tax rate we have will be slashed even lower which means the rich will pay even less in taxes.

    Check in on your neighbours often and buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride.

  61. Considering Notley was hoping for a victory lap to celebrate her birthday today, this is the best damned birthday gift Alberta’s “Sewer Rats” could have given her. Maybe now we can get people back to work.

    • Allie Heppner
      Wishful thinking

    • Im interested to know whose ass you think UCP is gunna pull jobs out of.

    • Allie Heppner Sewer rats only offends racists. Thats where the comment came from. If the shoe fits…..

    • Did I miss the memo that the price of oil went up?

    • What about the people that died of aids who Kenny laughed & bragged about voting against to see their loved ones on their death beds?

    • Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

      Allie Heppner or that the east want to run a pipe line to us?

    • Brennan Smyth its sick

    • Nadia Goodhart price of oil doesn’t matter. Those jobs are never coming back. Oil production has actually increased the last four years but we don’t need those workers anymore. They have been replaced by better technology and automation. No amount of Dunning-Kruger bliovating from Kenney is going to change that.

    • Nicole Hughes no, it was literally “Sewer rats and hard hats”, so as much as you would like to call people racists take your flakey butt and shoo!


      Take a gander. I’m especially excited about the 53,000+ jobs that economists are already predicting to be lost over the next 4 years as a direct result of Kenney. Anyone making over $300,000/year is going to do great. The rest of us are screwed.

    • Brennan Smyth Ahhh. you are stuck 30 years in the past……sucks to be you…..might want to check with the change in opinion and stand that happened over time instead of buying a tired old line. Unless you are a child yourself, you yourself have made comments that were likely wrong. To say otherwise is a lie… are mean, people evolve over time and I would be more concerned about what his sidekick, Madu would do to get more billable hours. Egregious to say the very least…..firsthand knowledge there….

    • Jenna Bain the east can suck wind if they want Saudi Oil, let them have it……they bitch, whine, moan and are some of the most outrageous polluters in Canada……I have no respect for those who take oil from countries with no standards and shun oil from some of the cleanest sources in the world……..but then, they dump raw sewage into the St. Lawrence……..who are they kidding about environmental anything……..B.C.dumping theirs into the ocean is no different……

    • Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

      Brennan Smyth Rachels mininster said if the albertans want to work when all the ft mc were laid off were told to go to BC if they wanted a job … how nice is that .. telling you to go to another province

    • Allie Heppner spoken like a sewer rat!

    • Sharon Swan conservatives in Alberta have literally been doing just that for decades. They have told others to come here for work when it wasn’t available in their province. And they still are. So save Albertans are too good to go where the work is? Please save your hypocrisy, no one wants to hear that ridiculousness.

    • Ryan Gabert Ryan Gabert says:

      Amelia Hauriel same goes for notley

    • Allie Heppner You do realize that we have trade agreements that force us to buy Saudi oil, right? And that the eastern provinces import it because they aren’t equipped to refine the bitumen coming out of Alberta? Saudi oil comes out of the ground practically clean enough to pump into your car, comparing it to alberta oil is like comparing apples to oranges. AND EVEN if they could refine it, how would we get it there? You must have seen the derailments being caused by moving it by train, since you’re so well-informed? Saudi oil comes by tankers, right to ports in New Brunswick. Easier and more cost-effective to have-not provinces. If you have a problem with this, go talk to Trudeau about the energy east pipeline.

      And Kim Davis, since you mention equalization payments, I’m sure you’re aware that the budget for them is reviewed annually, and based on each province’s spending. And you must know that we’re still dishing them out solely because, despite our own economic distress, we are still the highest income and highest spending province in the country. Kenney can’t “hold a referendum” to have equalization payments eliminated, but I’m sure that isn’t one of the reasons why you voted for him. It’s a constitutional act, which means that in order to eliminate them we would need the support of 7 provinces and a minimum 50% yes vote. Give me a reason why provinces who are receiving money from us would vote to stop receiving money from us. AND EVEN if by any snowball’s chance in hell those equalization payments would be eliminated, you know that for the provinces receiving them, this money is the only thing guaranteeing them a livable wage… right? All of these broke tradesmen who would then not be making enough money to feed themselves would do what… Surely not come to Alberta and flood our job market seeking work at a livable wage, further eliminating more opportunity in this province. Right?

    • Vito Daniele Vito Daniele says:

      Allie Heppner actually you are 100 percent misinformed. No one said sewer rats and hard hats. As I watch the Alberta question period on the daily. I actually saw what was said and in what context. First off there was no sewer rats hard hats comment. It was just sewer rats. Now let’s talk about the context of the comment. When she made that comment it was about racist groups and people in Alberta. Specifically rebel media and groups like soldier of Odin . While taking about the racists she said they were sewer rats and I have to agree 100 percent, that if a person is racist they can crawl back to the sewers where they belong.

  62. Wonderful! Its a majority government, meaning that most of Alberta (Except for Edmonton for some unknown reason) that voted with our wallets. We could not afford another 4 years of the NDP. Those claiming hospitals and school funding are being cut off, or that Mr Kenney is Racist or Homophobic clearly did not take the time to read up on their mandates, or listen to what they were planning. As a business owner, I was able to consider opening up another pt position – knowing a stronger economy, and a drop in taxes is on the way. Thus creating many other business owners to do the same. This is already creating a stronger economy, and more jobs. Its going to be a wonderful next 4 years.

    • Nichole Saskiw Edmonton voted NDP because it is the provincial capital and houses the provinces university and many many people work in the public sector. They see the reality of having a conservative government and the damage these policies will do and voted the opposite.

    • Keri McEachern It really came down to the rest of the province though. And – we voted for a strong economy to leave to our children. And, at the end of the day, Alberta will become strong again. So poster, here was your positive answer. Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of NDP supporters with anything positive to say. But, the point is – Alberta spoke.

    • Nichole Saskiw I beg to differ! I watch ALL platforms, read everything I could on each candidate. Not on Facebook! And yes healthcare,and education Are going to suffer! Promises of privatizing Long term care centers and cutting teachers. You bet Kenny said that!!

    • Brenda Lussier I didn’t see that at all. He is putting money into healthcare. Its right on their platform. He said that last night in his speech too. But, I’m not going to argue with you. Your obviously a leftist supporter.

    • Cory Keeping Cory Keeping says:

      Nichole Saskiw I believe the UCP will do it’s best to turn around the economy. But unfortunately it’s going to take alot. One pipeline isn’t going to save the Alberta economy, we need alot more pipeline capacity. It may take years if ever for us to get back to even close to where we were.

    • Nichole Saskiw that’s not what he said during the debate.

    • Venessa Rumsey you hit the nail on the head! Privatization is his platform!

    • Nichole Saskiw he is going to keep healthcare at the same level as it is now, not add to it! Where are we going to put the baby boomers? The time is now! And there is no plan!

  63. Just hope that I get a job soon or we are hooped. House and car will be gone and they are not expensive ones.

  64. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    He cant change the price of oil thats set by international markets. He cant build a pipeline across other provinces who dont want it. Hope you have lots of cash to pay for your own health care!

  65. Will Nichol I have a disability. I picked over it with a fine tooth comb. We will suffer.

  66. Maybe if people have to pay for health care they might think twice about sitting in emergency for 8 hours for a sniffle….
    Just saying some people waste it and take up time and energy for no result but to go home and rest drink fluids….

  67. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    We are screwed. Kenny is another Klein – will rob from the poor to keep the rich afloat.

  68. Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

    Attended the AGM and voted on those policies. How bout you?

  69. Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

    We’re fucked. The. End.

  70. A record number of people voted and damn near wiped the NDP off the map. If having a conservative government is upsetting you you’re obviously in the minority.
    Sit back and relax. Everything will be fine.

    • Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

      Or they took back less than HALF the seats they lost in 2015…. perspective.

    • Traci Grams
      What are you smoking?
      The Conservatives had 70 seats before that election in 2015. After the election the NDP had 53 seats, wild rose (a conservative party) 21 seats, Progressive conservatives 10 seats.
      Now the conservatives have 63 and NDP 24.
      How is that less than half? They damn near won back ALL the seats they lost in 2015. There’s only 87 seats total.

    • Traci Grams Traci Grams says:

      Actually you’re the one smoking something….
      prior to the 2015 orange crush the NDP held 4 seats. FOUR. PCs held 61 and WR held 17 for a combined Conservative hold of 78 seats total.
      After the 2015 election results the NDP held 54 seats. The PCs held 9 and the WR held 21 for a combined Conservative hold of 30.
      That means the Conservatives lost 48 seats! FOURTY-EIGHT.
      Following thus far? Now, as of TODAY the UCP (Combined Conservatives) hold 63 seats. Which is still 15 less than prior to 2015… (in a province with more constituencies because of the new boundaries – by the way) so they’re still short. AND the NDP has closed that gap by retaining 20 of their additional seats! They hold 24. So nice try…. there is still a 35 seat swing there bud.

    • Traci Grams
      And how many seats are needed to form a majority government?

  71. The NDP didn’t stop the pipeline. BC did.

  72. #quikmafs… This cannot be sustained … The end

    • Shane Nagorski our infrastructure and industry diversification was all but ignored during during prosperous years. Where’d that money go? #quikmafs indeed

    • Angie Astle Elder I am not about to claim that the Conservatives have a great platform… no one does. Reality is we cannot sustain our current situation. There is pros and cons for each … I am libertarian for the most part and do not like authoritarian government.

  73. Here’s what I want to know… what is going to happen to the low income families under a UCP government? Not all of us are living off of assistance, some of us have careers. I have a very good job but still fall under low income because I am raising a child on my own. I know the NDP put in an Alberta child benefit of about $1,000 per year. It’s not much but it still helps out a lot. Will we be losing this? I also want to know what will happen to those of us who happen to have careers in the education field? I’m not a teacher but I’m in the field. Freezing spending is an awful choice because teachers need EA support in their inclusive classrooms.
    I also have concern for the young people in the LGBTQ community that are likely scared and feeling let down.
    The other thing I want to know is how exactly people think Kenney will get the pipelines up and running when the big one (trans mountain) is owned by the federal government. He can push for it but it doesn’t mean it will happen. I also think we won’t be scrapping the carbon tax, that was a federally legislated tax. Until Trudeau goes, we will be paying a carbon tax.

    • Candice Rochelle all these programs are just causing the province to go further in debt… Spending money that the province is not earning… Yup social programs are gonna take a hit… But the path we were on was not sustainable reflected in our Provincial credit report and debt projections

    • Cassie House Cassie House says:

      Shane Nagorski but the NDP plan brings us out of the deficit one year later than the UCP and their projections were more realistic than the UCP’s. I don’t understand why the NDP hatred when their numbers look nearly identical without the overly ambitious projections

    • Shane Nagorski well… perhaps the oil workers shouldn’t be making upwards of $45/hour… if classrooms and teachers and single parents and low income families and nurses all have to expect cuts maybe so do the oil workers. It is unreal to me that someone without even a red seal certification makes around $35 per hour flicking a switch for a welder. Don’t get me wrong I think their work is valuable but… if the rest of us have to take cuts maybe round it out, make it fair. Cuts for everyone.

    • Curtis Wilson don’t take my words out of context. I am FULLY aware that becoming a welder requires work. So does becoming a teacher. Or a nurse. I also know that the oil field hires people that don’t even have their tickets and aren’t finished school, and those guys are there, flicking switches. Making $35 an hour plus LOA. I’ve heard all about how easy it can be. But I get it, days are long, and you work outside and it can be tough work. My point is, if everyone else has to take cuts, so should you. It seems like in your minds, everyone else should dig our province out of debt but you.

    • Candice Rochelle they have taken cuts… Their jobs. I am not in the oil and gas industry FYI. But Billions of dollars of business/investment left this province and we need someone to work to get that back. Business and corporations leave when it is no longer viable for them to do business here.

    • Candice Rochelle I deleted my comment because I felt I misread what you initially said. I thought you were simplifying what’s required of a welder, not a non ticketed oilfield worker.

      Now, I didnt work on an oilfield so I dont know what involved as a labourer. I assume you did because of your description of their work. Anyone that worked up there disagree?

    • Shane Nagorski they want their jobs back. Understandable. They also want them back at their former insanely high rate of pay. Why is it only the low income and teachers and healthcare who have to be willing to take cuts? Why is is our job to ensure we fix the provinces debt? That’s my main point here. If I’m going to be losing $1000 a year to help pay back the debt, or teachers now have to have 27+ kids in a class with no assistance and multiple needs in order to pay it back why is the oil field being left untouched with the debt payback?

    • Curtis Wilson I don’t work in the oilfield but I know many people who do. I get it, tough hours and all that, but if unticketed workers can make that much money what’s to say they shouldn’t be helping pay back the provincial debt by taking cuts?

    • Candice Rochelle I am not sure where you are getting your information… They do not have jobs to go back to… The jobs are gone because the companies/projects are gone? Many skilled people are taking jobs just to have one.

    • Shane Nagorski then they should do what everyone else has to, find a new normal. Find a new job (like you said they are) and adjust their lifestyle and spending. But don’t put paying back provincial debt only on those accessing social programs, teachers and healthcare workers. There’s still lots in the oilfield making probably quadruple what I make in a month and maybe they need to take a hit and help pay it all back. If you’re going to crap on one demographic why not crap on all of them?

    • Candice Rochelle as a welder I’ll tell you this, our jobs are dangerous. Its not a simple as it’s cold out and long days so pay us more… I’m not sure who makes 35 a hour to flick a switch? A 3rd year welder might get paid 35 a hour but they are doing alot more then flicking said switches lol

    • Candice Rochelle I am going to digress here. I am not about to evaluate labour market standards as well. Not my place.

    • Leah Oliveira I know someone who does not have their tickets who went out on a job for a couple months and told me he sat around flicking switches for a welder all day. Please don’t misunderstand, I know that these jobs require training. But so do so many others in other careers that UCP supporters are insisting should have cuts made to make up for the debt in the province. My point here is why shouldn’t the oilfield be taking cuts as well to make sure the provincial debt is taken care of since that SEEMS to be everyone’s argument for voting for Kenney. Surely welders going down to $40 per hour from $45 would help the economy. But insisting it be taken away from low income families? Whether you agree with people living on assistance or whatever they still have kids to feed. Those kids still have to be educated. By teachers who need to have safe classrooms and help for struggling students.

    • Candice Rochelle the present carbon tax is not Federal Legislated, not sure what deal Notley cooked up with her buddy Trudeau on her carbon tax, but Trudeau is up against 60% of the provinces again this carbon tax, that a good court battle

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      Stewart Latwaitis How is it a good court battle? It’s mostly just distraction and empty promises as the Federal government has the right to impose taxes.

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      Stewart Latwaitis How is it a good court battle? It’s mostly just distraction and empty promises as the Federal government has the right to impose taxes.

    • Candice Rochelle you need to spend 6 months flicking a switch as you call it, in -40 in February, for a 12-14 hour day, eating a dirty sandwich, are you required to spend 300 -400 dollars on one set of FR cloths that don’t last very long when they get burned from sparks when he is “just flicking a switch” or have you ever had to crawl around up to your knees in mud and water in below zero temps? Do you leave your job to go home every night to your family, most of these guys that just hang around a flick a switch don’t! Most are hours away from home and if they are pipelining they work 6 days on and one off, one day off doesn’t give you time to go home , so the may be gone for months, that’s just some of the sacrifices they make for there $35 per hour, you people that know fuck all about what these guys that “just flick a switch” do piss me off! You would have a social media uproar if one of those guys said why should I give up five cents for a teachers aid that just sits on their fat ass and looks a students!

    • Tara Oxner Tara Oxner says:

      Candice Rochelle um honey the oil field have. My brother works on the rigs and has taken over a $20 paycut, just to keep working n is never going back up My spouse is in Manitoba because that is the only industrial project happening right now anywhere, working for $8/hr less n my spouse is a red seal journeymen. Top of his field n he never made $45/hr. These people sacrifice time away from their families n home n battle the elements which are much harsher than in the city. Plus they have lost all double time n incentives to even work out of town n now time and a half is leaving and more pay cuts. Since oil crashed these people have taken pay cuts, lost jobs, homes n families and now you say they should lose more. What, they have nothing left n it’s never coming back.
      Give your head a shake. Time you need to lose a few things n take a major pay cut

    • Candice Rochelle I agree with what your saying to a degree. We pay high taxes. But we aren’t paid by the government. So your asking us to “donate” money? Or pay even more taxes? The difference between us and the jobs you described is the danger. I dont think oilfield workers make enough for what we go through and risks we take. Many being away from families. That said I dont think teachers make enough either since they are helping build the future generations….

    • Nick Finnie Nick Finnie says:

      Candice Rochelle I’d really like to know where your friend was working. Nobody pays helper 35 an hour to “flick a switch”.
      We run all day. Lift a machine that weighs roughly 40 lbs 60(on a slow day) to sometimes over a hundred. While dealing with brutal heat or cold. No to mention the infinite things that could wrong and kill us. If it was easy, everyone would do it. But it’s not. We(oilfield) workers deserve our high rate of pay. Lots of times we dont get breaks during the day while we are doing things. Or we work through them to get caught up on other tasks.

      We could be killed pretty much at any time. All it takes is for someone else to fuck up.

    • Nick Finnie Nick Finnie says:

      And just to touch on the family thing that Leah brought up. I work out of town. I was gone for 3 months before I had a long enough break to go home and see my son. And the reality is, I’m not the only one out here sacrificing time with friend and family to get these jobs done. We deserve to be compensated for our time. How many men and women have missed firsts, birthdays, anniversaries because they work these jobs. I love my career but I also love my son. I’m going to do everything I can to provide him opportunities i never had. And if it means missing a birthday or bmx race or hockey game so that he can play all those sports he loves, then so be it.

    • Tara Oxner please do not call me “honey”, this is an adult conversation happening and I feel it has been respectful on all sides.
      You suggest I should take a major pay cut? I make barely over $2,200 a month at my job and have a child to support. My job is already at a ridiculously low rate of pay. And my industry will be cut, Kenney has made that pretty obvious. It is quite possible in the next couple years that my job will be cut. And I’m educated, but the field I am passionate about isn’t a great paying field. I’m not denying what you are saying. I am not saying that oilfield haven’t taken cuts, I know many have lost jobs. And many want to get back to work. But many want to get back to work at their former wages and will be some ticked if they can’t be making that. It just seems like many (not all) oilfield workers seem to think that they should be making more money than everyone else and don’t seem to care about other industries. Healthcare workers, teachers and low income people are all being told “well… it’s gotta come from you, tough luck…” I have heard that “oil workers can’t feed their families and have to choose between bills or groceries”. Which sucks. It absolutely sucks, no doubt about that. But now that your jobs have been potentially promised back to you, you seem to feel that it’s ok for everyone else to not be able to feed their families? After you’ve lived it?

    • Nick Finnie and no one is saying that you don’t deserve good pay for that, I am simply saying that the son you love so dearly deserves to be taught in a classroom where the class isn’t over crowded, with a teacher who has help to deal with the multitude of needs in the room. The NDP had projected similar budgets to the UCP that didn’t involve cutting things like this. I am not saying your work isn’t valued, it is, it’s a necessity. So are teachers and healthcare workers.

    • Leah Oliveira nope not asking you to donate money, but I’m just saying if the theory is that everyone else should be willing to take cuts why is the oilfield not willing to? I agree your job is dangerous. I am absolutely not saying that this is not worthy of being a higher paid job but when a welders helper who doesn’t have his tickets makes $15,000 in like 6-7 weeks that seems a little excessive.

    • Candice Rochelle you do understand that the higher wage he earns for the more dangerous job he is potentially risking his life to do while also being separated from his family for extended periods essentially puts more money into the coffers to pay for teachers and nurses and such. He could stay home and work at McDonald’s and then we would lose a whole teachers wage from the lost income tax.

  74. Great we will have jobs again!!!!!
    Great we will get that oil flowin sit down you liberal lefty!

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      How is oil going to flow any faster? The NEB approved the expansion February 2019. There are going to be appeals. If we turn off the taps to BC, they can get their oil from elsewhere if they really want. Eastern Canada doesn’t want our oil, the US doesn’t, BC doesn’t and if we can’t get it overseas who is going to buy it.

      As for jobs, if we are talking about jobs in the oilfield, a lot of the jobs ended because expansion projects were ending. 40% of the jobs that were lost are now automated. Oil price is still low and that has nothing to do with our government so why would anyone expand?

      I really do hope there is an actual plan to get people to invest in our province, other than just slashing corporate taxes 40%.

  75. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Nothing like havn an opinion eh!

  76. Cuts are going to have to be made. Basic economics … You cannot pay for things without making money to pay for them. We are only in this place because of the poor decisions of the NDP government.

    When you have a similar GDP to the maritime provinces (lowest in Canada) while having the 3rd largest reserve of oil in the world… Something is wrong.

  77. I will try and give them the benefit of the doubt, but if I don’t see ground being broken on a new pipeline within a year I will be pissed.

  78. U know…just cuz things were said, and the media focused on it doesnt mean it’s going to happen.
    Hes not going to go all “hitler” on minorities, children and the LGBTQ community.
    He’s going to focus on fixing the province. So that hopefully EVERYONE will be able to fill their tank, buy groceries and pay rent with money LEFT OVER.
    So take a deep breath and see what happens.

  79. Will Nichol, wait for it…

  80. Les Micheal Les Micheal says:

    Leftys are a joke. You make shit up and do not pay attention, just like Rachel. That is why Dippers got the boot!

  81. We were getting a pipeline eventually anyways. Kenney has exactly jack and shit to do with that.

  82. It’s only a few years it’s not like we are stuck with him forever.

  83. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    I am not happy about it. So many things I dont agree with: Paying for own health care, the schools and hospitals he is cancelling the building off! I am sad for our province!

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Susan Taylor Why should I be made to pay for your poor life choices, or you’re for mine?

    • Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

      Sam Douglas What poor choices are you talking about? Is it hurting you that we have good health care now??

    • Basic economics … You cannot pay for things without making money to pay for them. When you have a similar GDP to the maritime provinces (lowest in Canada) while having the 3rd largest reserve of oil in the world… Something is wrong.

    • Susan Taylor there are other provinces to move too

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Susan Taylor If you decide to eat like garbage, balloon to 400 lbs, and wind up in hospital/long term care, that costs us all money.

    • Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

      Wow some nice people on here!

    • Please name 1 school or hospital that wont be built

    • Susan we used to pay monthly for health care. We also used to be a debt free province. I’d rather pay a small monthly AHC fee than a 200 Carbon tax fee each month.

    • Susan Taylor you need to stop listening to the stupid NDP, he’s no doing any of that shit , your quick to criticize but I will bet you won’t apologize if he turns everything around and get us out of debt will you. He has been elected by the people to run the province just like Notley, everyone gave her a chance until she screwed up, do you think your going to benefit by going against him in the first 5 minutes, spread all the stupid NDP lies you want, he’s still going to be premier

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      Melissa Vandermey Have you ever looked at how Klein got us debt free? Corporate tax was at 15%, small business tax was at 8 or 9%, we had crown corporations that were sold, not to mention a much higher oil price. We lost a lot of doctors and nurses because of cuts to health care. There was a massive shortage of beds in hospitals. The Grey Nuns was almost closed. Forget beds for patients that needed mental health care and we were paying health care premiums. Massive cuts to education spending.

      I’m not saying that we don’t need some spending restraint, but we don’t have all the income that Klein had, and Kenney is cutting corporate tax by 40%. How is he going to get us out of debt without massive cuts again?

    • Danny Tanguay privatized! Look out Long term care centers!!

    • Shane Nagorski you know who it was that negotiated the oil revenues, right?

    • Alan F. Alan F. says:

      Tracy Hampton-Abel yes, that only the rich will be able to pay for, further increasing the low and middle class wait times. Yeah, sounds great.

    • Alan F. Alan F. says:

      Sam Douglas Uhh, because that’s what we call society and a country? We all take responsibility for each other, and pay taxes to increase everyone’s wellbeing by building infrastructure and other things. You may require a long-term stay in a hospital. You may have children that you want to get a decent education. Society pays for that eventuality, as you pay for someone else’s.

      If you don’t like that, feel free to start your own country alone somewhere. No worries about being responsible for anyone else’s problems.

    • Melissa Vandermey yeah that shower head sucks anyways.

    • Lei Gryshik Lei Gryshik says:

      We were never a “debt free province”
      Any debt that was paid off was at the expense of infrastructure, health care and education. Those are things that did and always will need investing into, and Klein slashed them.

    • Alan F. Or people can get back to work so they can afford it?
      If you’re low income and still work but are working for low paying jobs that’s your choice. Those jobs are meant for entry level, not career choices ….
      there are people that are forced to work low income jobs because NDP caused the unemployment to skyrocket and left little to no jobs in the oil industry
      I am beyond thrilled because “help is on the way!”. We need to build those pipes! Bring Alberta back to what it used to be!

    • Kiernan Burr Kiernan Burr says:

      Alisha help is not on the way. Kenny is not going to ‘help’ you or me.

    • Melissa Vandermey It won’t be just a ‘small’ fee for ahc. You will also be paying for services. Not to mention the pst he is putting in place.
      Notleys carbon tax (that anyone making less than 95k got back) is going to feel like a very small charge compared to what’s coming

    • Ryan Gabert Ryan Gabert says:

      We used to pay for health care in the past and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

    • Jeremy Brazier you know who’s policies have driven the oil companies and investment monies out of our province , right ?

  84. Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

    Fucking Awesome!!!!! Make Alberta Great again… we are hard workers the ppl bitching are just looking for the easy way.. get out there and work pay your way, make a life, cause thats what Albertans do! Or move back to Quebec

  85. Although Kenney did a lot of pandering to get elected let us hope, now he is Premier-elect, he will show the intelligence, maturity and decency the position calls for. He should behave like the leader of all Albertans and not just those who elected him.

  86. Positive opinions. So first off my bias, throughout the election I was bouncing back and forth between my NDP CA didate and my AP candidate so in general I don’t like the UCP.

    A positive of the UCP is that they will increase the employment rate amongst teens.

    However there are a lot of negatives to the UCP, just as there are negatives to all parties.

    • Todd Young Todd Young says:

      Brodie Brenna he is directly responsible for the high unemployment rate amongst teens. Tfws…..remember them? Also the reason the current govt had to increase min wage. Bring low skilled people here to work min wage jobs where min wage isn’t enough to survive.

    • Brodie Brenna except paying them less that the now established minimum wage. Why should kids under 18 doing the same job as adults but at a lesser wage. Most are still at the same risk of workplace injury as an adult. I know I was a 17 year old kid who got hurt on the job making $7.50/hr as an adult in the same store making 2-3 times that as an adult. It’s not like WCB treats you nicer because of a kid. 17 or 37 nobody wants to be held responsible for a workplace injury.

    • Todd, Mandy…. Notice how I carefully worded my thing for the “positives”

      I don’t agree with lowering minimum wage for youths at all and when OP asks for positive opinions this was the only “positive” opinion I could come up with.

    • Todd Young the tfw program was there to fill massive voids in our employment pool. Business had to close their doors outside of operating hours due to no staff.
      I was a hiring manager and could barely get people to show up for the interview let alone show up for work.

      The TFWs filled these vacancies. Those who hired then had to go through a pretty involved application process and there were wage requirements also, and it wasnt lower than any other employee. My one hotel had to up their rate for ALL housekeepers because they had to pay a hirer wage to the tfws.

      Our current unemployment is a result of LESS JOBS. Yes, maybe had they not come in the first place it may not be as bad, but hind sight is 20/20 and we can only react to our current situation, no?

    • Mandy Hartman they should be paid less because those jobs are unskilled jobs. They are for those with no experience. This will make the labour cost less for these businesses and will encourage them to hire younger people. I think most kids would rather a 13 dollar a job than no job at all.

      They also generally dont have much for expenses so in turn dont really require a “living wage”

    • Charlene Piche why though? Before the minimum increase youth workers were considered the same. Sure they’d like the job, most people want jobs. Can you really explain why they deserve less for doing the exact same job as someone who might only be a year older than them? Many kids such as myself were saving for university. Not everyone has parents who pay for their education or want to accumulate huge student debt. Many youth in low income households often work to help out their families too.

      I should also mention my car insurance that I needed to get to my minimum wage high school job still had to pay for that. As soon as I graduated, like many kids, I was on the hook for rent too.

    • Mandy Hartman I already answered your questions as to why

      And saving for university and paying rent as a teen? Lol let’s pretend that’s the norm for a second, it’s still 13 bucks an hour!! If they want to go to school that’s still a substantial pay to do so. You’re talking 2 bucks an hour difference.

      Ffs, I had to take a 7 dollar and hour pay cut last year because it’s the only job I could find as there are very few out there. And i have a mortgage. No ones crying for me… Sorry if a teens 2 buck sacrifice is not that tragic to me….

    • Todd Young Todd Young says:

      Charlene Piche the program was brutally taken advantage of. Same as the skilled trades. Take a look around. I have an 18 yr old daughter who has applied for jobs galore since she turned 15. Had 2 interviews and 1 part time, seasonal (Christmas) retail job. January came and she was done. There are no “low skilled” jobs for our teens to work because that program provided an over abundance of low skilled workers.
      Currently she is doing some upgrading before attending college next year….still doesn’t get a response. Now she had spent her workable teen years,unable to gain employment and now that she is 18 she has next to zero experience and there is cheaper options available.


    • Rick Conkin Rick Conkin says:

      Mandy Hartman, you know that the minimum wage for under 18s has been lower than the adult minimum wage for decades, right?

    • Rick first I am hearing of this. I mean when I was in high school the minimum wage was the same as adults.

      Getting near a decade ago now when I first started going to high school

  87. OH no, I have to be self sufficient… what ever will I do?

  88. Lesser of the 2 evils
    We didn’t have much of a choice But Kenny was a better choice to give a chance to than notley proved herself to be the last term

    • Gary Smith Gary Smith says:

      Sharin Engler might want to think on that after he starts making decisions like Doug Ford!

    • well we can all have regrets
      Just like the majority of Alberta who voted NDP last term and changed their tune this time

    • Jenna Bain Jenna Bain says:

      Gary Smith What wrong with DF… Oh ya hes taking away shit from the privileged and making ppl work!!

    • Sharin, didn’t the NDP win with a 45% approval rating?

      The reasons the PCs lost to the NDP was because the Conservative vote was split between the wild Rose and the PC, otherwise they would have won.

    • Ron Brown Ron Brown says:

      Sharin Engler Keep in mind last time all the conservative vote was split between pc and wildrose not now or it would have been much different last election lol. Being a born and bred Edmontonian I was embarrassed by all the left wingers.

    • Ron Brown Ron Brown says:

      Sharin Engler Keep in mind last time all the conservative vote was split between pc and wildrose not now or it would have been much different last election lol. Being a born and bred Edmontonian I was embarrassed by all the left wingers.

  89. Let’s take away safe spaces in education!

  90. There is trouble coming

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