Under Eye Circle Cream

So since I was born I have had under eye circles. They are getting worse as I age. I am almost 22 and I am hitting the breaking point on them. I have had people ask me if my parents were abusing me at home when I was a child, if my boyfriend is beating me or if I got assaulted. I am sick of looking at myself in the mirror in the morning getting ready for work after applying layers upon layers of concealer to hide them when you can still see the swelling and the darkness on them. It is wreaking my self confidence and I HATE LOOKING LIKE I AM GETTING BEATEN and wearing so much make up because I now struggle with acne. I have tried multiple creams for under eye circles and nothing helps with darkness or the swelling. Anyone with the same experience? I am very close to going to my doctor and talking about surgery options.
Please no sales reps, I want honest people and see what they have used for them and how it worked.



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  1. Barb says:

    I have the same problem and no cream out there is going to help you. You are going to have to adjust your diet. The dark circles are usally caused by the kidneys so start drinking more water and stay away from dairy and wheat if you can, Coconut oil may help thicken the skin a little but it’s what you put in your body that has the greatest effect. Be patient too because it will take time to fix them. I have also had acupuncture done for my kidney and liver health and that helped as well.


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