Ungrateful mom rant

I know this will come as ungrateful but I am a bit sad at how it was done.
We got Santa’s Anonymous bag today. I know, this was a priviledge and a nice donation. I was to stress that these are truly appreciated. It is not the gifts that count but the gesture.

Just feeling disappointed because these gifts will not do much for my kids.
I have a son who is 12 autistic and a daughter who is 6.
There is a book of stickers, obviously not new since almost half the stickers have been taken out and pages are ripped or colored on. I don’t know where my kids would use Santa stickers but still, having most of the book used up …
There is a set of doll clothes. I believe american doll or something like that. It is a dress for the doll. My daughter does not have this doll, there is no way I can afford this doll so I am not even going to wrap it. Her school has a donation bin so I will likely drop it off Monday morning.
Oh, and a box of cookies. Expired 2011. I opened it to see and they taste stale.
Again I know this is an extra and these items are very appreciated.
But my Christmas Bureau cards got delivered to wrong address by Canada Post. I called and they had a typo. I spoke with a neighbor who says they spent money. Nothing can be done about it. And it’s one dinner one day. But just disappointed. I wish they looked through the items more carefully.


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  1. We’ve had issues with Santa’s anonymous and although it’s an inconvenience if isn’t the end of the world. Last year my 10 year old son got a bag labelled as for a 10 year old boy but was clearly meant for a 1 year old boy as it included a little ride on car. It was easy for me to make him think of it as funny and giving it away to the sibling of one of his low-income friends was a highlight of his season. This year the hamper arrived as scheduled but the gifts (which are delivered separately) never showed up. I tried calling and emailing and didn’t get a response and ended up needing to go down to the drop in centre. This was extremely overwhelming but again, it’s and inconvenience. Seeing the sheer number of people at the drop in alone makes it understandable that mistakes do happen especially when considering the grand scale of organizing this and often depending on devoted volunteers. I opened the bag there to double check that the gifts were for the correct age this year, and they are, and most of them he’ll love and the couple that I know what truly grab his attention he’ll still be thrilled to open them and then he’ll be more thrilled to pass on the small gifts to someone else he’s deemed in need and deserving.

  2. Iris Darragh Iris Darragh says:

    I can’t say I blame this parent. Gifts are supposed to be NEW! They should NOT be food nor clothes for a doll that a child may not have. As for her son, there should be a way to specify that a child may have special needs and would benefit by something a little more!

  3. I’m sorry but I’m having a hard time believing some of this story. I believe in the two not for profit for the people charities. You sound mad. If it was not for them, their would be even more people starving. And children that would not have anything to open Christmas day. As for the neighbor that stole the card for the food, call the police.

  4. kids need love not toys teach them that …….

  5. Brandi L Law Brandi L Law says:

    Your bag was not from Santa’s anonymous.

  6. Expired food items is not a joke. You do not want a food poisoning for Christmas. That sounds pretty thoughtless to give items that are clearly not even just slightly used. It is like really disrespecting someone who struggles. I am not surprised you feel disappointed. You are rightfully feeling so.

  7. I can see different sides to this. We have A in the street and our mail gets delivered to the wrong address a lot. We nicely trade with people on the next block regularly. If we didn’t have a good relationship, that would be crappy.
    I don’t know about cards but someone wrote on here that they are delivered late so maybe you thought they came already?

    As for gifts, I did volunteer at Santa’s anonymous years ago wrapping gifts. I know this is no longer done. And yes food banks and santas anonymous are busy trying to get everything sorted in record time so it is possible that something got through that should not have. I have seen it happen though not often. Yes a coloured in book is not great but better than none.

    I see a lot of people say call and complain. I don’t know how that works. Maybe there should be appreciation for being included in these programs so having something is better than not…complaining about good gestures sounds wrong somehow. On another note, would complaining solve anything? They don’t have many donations so maybe there is nothing they have to give.
    Abd children that age are hard to gift. As a parent of an autistic boy, it is tricky to match age and levels.

    I don’t have much extra food to give. We bought a turkey after thanksgiving sale so just the one sitting in the freezer. I do have some cans of soup and mac & cheese, normally my kids have taken it to school for lunch but I am happy to share.
    I don’t really have much in terms of boy gifts but I am an Avon rep and msg me, maybe I can put something together for the kids from what I have in my inventory.

    I feel lucky to have a home, my husband, my kids. Our home is warm. So I am thankful for that. Yes gifts are nice too 🙂 if possible. But sometimes they are not. However we don’t do anything big, just dinner. No trimmings, I don’t have the finances or the physical ability to cook big…it’s just a basic turkey and a side like a salad or whatever I end up throwing in. If you want, join in. As I said, we will share the food, a warm home and off key singing lol

  8. Callum Rae Callum Rae says:

    OP message me. I would like to help out if possible. I have some dolls that may suit your daughter and maybe I can find something for your son as well! ♡

  9. Part of the issue is that when you have SN kids they very often don’t match any of the suggested age toys. This is simple fact. A child who is 10 but developmentally 5 will get very little joy out of a 10 year old’s toy. There is nothing on their books to accommodate this issue. I can’t imagine how often a family feels bad because they get something that was donated and gifted and definitely age appropriate that they can never give their kids.
    As for the mail……that is a criminal offense…the name on the envelope makes it obligatory to either return to sender or if you are decent human, walk it to your neighbor…….shameless.
    This is truly a legal issue. Call the police.

  10. Brandy Mytts Brandy Mytts says:

    Child tax and social assistance came early this month. I find it disturbing a parent can’t /chooses not to even go to the dollar store.. its so hard to trust anyone:(

  11. Very sad with what was supposed to be a happy time for these kids. Why do people do this

  12. Cassandra Howse, that is what I heard. Literally everyone hasn’t got their cards yet and people were asking yesterday. I must have seen over 100 posts about it and everyone said it was mailed out starting this Monday

  13. Janine Foote Janine Foote says:

    Can the OP please contact me – I do the the communications for santas anonymous. I’m happy to help rectify the situation. or PM

  14. This is just unreal! Yes i get it, we need to appreciate the “gift” but id be very upset too! Im all for helping others out in times of need and something is better then nothing but half used sticker books n things previously coloured on? Thats not right at all! Maybe if i was walking past u on the street n saw ur kid was bored, sure, take my used colouring book for ur tiny human but as a gift to people that need a hand at Christmas? The people that donated that should have been more thoughtful! Of course as in typing this im asking myself if maybe the people who did donate didnt have anything to give or offer other then half used things which then would absolutely change my opinion on this! I think that would be the most heart warming thing but i dunno, id still be cranky! Stuff them in a to-go bag for when ur desperate maybe?

  15. Someone deleted my comment lol i have recieved a gift that was used before from santas anoynymous it was a star wars figurine for my son when he was 4 he was still happy to recieve it . i always tell my kids to be grateful because some kids dont get presents and theres a group im apart of where ppl trade items for something that would better suit their children as a gift maybe she can trade the doll clothes for somethibg else?

  16. I have a bunch of toys I’m wanting to clear away.. some fur real stuff, possible dolls/cabbage patch etc can you message me and I’ll drop them off for you this weekend??

  17. Ok I’m going to say this. I see so many complaint everywhere about people not getting their hampers, not once have I seen a post where people are saying, I didn’t get my hamper but I am great ful to having my family, or I am great dil I have kids to share it and a roof over my head. Stop being greedy. I know people that can’t pay their bills and fighting eviction and such. Grow up

  18. For everyone commenting on food that’s past the date basically anything canned and pasta items and such are good for well over 10 years in most cases just because there’s a date doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. 70% of the stuff I buy is the expired stuff that’s cheaper and I’ve never gotten sick. They have to put a date on it that doesn’t mean there is a self destruct the day after to make the food go bad.

  19. Tammy Kalshoven I know because no gift cards were mailed out till yesterday call them yourself and ask

  20. So yea no cards were mailed out at the time you said so no one stole said cards!!!!! You all can call the Christmas Bureau and confirm its true!!!

  21. They ran out of volunteers hundreds of people didn’t receive their food hampers! The Christmas Bureau said gift cards were mailed out YESTERDAY morning!!! You can confirm!!! There are also two walk in dates to go to the depot and pick up your gift cards on the 20&21!!! Starting March I save even 20$ for Christmas so my daughter NEVER GOES WITHOUT!!! I am sorry but there are hundreds of posts like this in every Facebook group there is, no wonder qhy donations are down this year!!!

  22. This just screams “scam”.
    3ven if you and your family may need help this year, this isn’t the way to go about it.

    My bet: poster was turned down for a basket and is mad at the organization and trying to gather sympathy and help online without having to ask for it.

    Also, if your neighbor opened your mail and spent your gift cards, call the police. That’s s federal crime. (But I doubt that too)

  23. Contact them. They don’t give out used things. Husband and I are donating in a day or so and they stressed that to use. Nothing can be opened or used and they check that. Also they don’t give out food as gifts..

  24. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    Many of you are calling this person a liar, and I don’t think they are… I am an event planner renting the same facilities and I have seen the organization of these programs in action and quite frankly it is a tonne of volunteers running off their asses trying to get a huge job done in a matter of only a few days. They get the items, look quickly and throw them in a pile of like items for distribution to each basket…are they taking all the time in the world to investigate the items? Probably not because they’re lucky if they even get enough time to pull off the job they have to accomplish without inspections… holiday hamper for example, could use a month to plan and organize…they get given 2 days only sometimes by these rental facilities to do the job…the volunteers are all verging on 70 years old and unfortunately our “winning” young generation does not step up to the plate to help. This momma is likely telling the truth, the unfortunate thing is that there just isn’t enough help these days and time…we need more people giving nice items and more people to pull off the job and the job would be done correctly… it’s our faults.

    • No ones fault actually. Accident. I just dropped off our donations from last weekends event at the food bank. Christmas time they are run off their feet. They were giggling because they have too much food right now. This is a good problem to have, because come May, all food banks are struggling to feed people. Normally they must check all dates. We dropped our boxes off at the fellow who was in charge of date checks. Its possible one slipped thru though. And, you can’t fault her for stating that doll clothing for a child who does not possess the doll isn’t sort of a crappy gift. Its nice to hear she is re-donating. I would suggest she call the Edmonton Food Bank, and explain her situation. Poster, can you please message me? I’m not sure if these two items I have here will help, but long story short, I have two toy items from last weekends show that the food bank can’t take. I have an autistic son, and one of the items he would love. Message me pls.

    • Funny story i don’t see a bunch 30-40 year olds volunteering either. Lots and I mean LOTS of lil 60+ ladies and gentleman though. But Here in Fort Sask our high school students do an amazing job!! I now go out of my way to say thanks! See them everywhere helping organizations and shoveling snow. Your ageism is showing and it doesn’t look good. Make sure you push all the youth you know to go volunteer cause that is a YOU circle thing NOT a “young generation” problem. Cause I see all those youths at family programs volunteering to make lunches and making play areas for kids. I use to think ignorant like you to, then i realized am i any better? When was the last time I volunteered? Do you think that way too?? Maybe its time to volunteer or donate your time. Or just help the youth in your family to do so.
      My grandma said ” you know kyleah, what are they going to do? My generation isn’t always going to be here and the next one to step up is too far behind.”

    • Where do you think they learn to be selfish? The computer/ tv? Sure, sure not other humans..

    • Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

      Kyleah Tanner I do so much donating and time giving and charity work that if you could be a fly on the wall of my life you’d feel like such a shit for even allowing those words to leave your mouth. Looks like you’re pretty judgey yourself there bud.

    • Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

      Kyleah Tanner and re read my comment… it says young generation…that’s pretty broad…

    • Nicole great, what about the rest of the “winning young generation” in your family? Do they? I’m probably coming off judgy caus3 i am judging you for throwing the “winning young generation” sarcasm, your words not mine and anyone who does the NOT my generation crap i do judge, just as you would probably judge me for sticking up for them or buying avocados cause they healthy fat lol. Reading it sounds like you think their is are a bunch of young people sitting on the social programs who should be volunteering. I really really liked what you had to say cause it was true then BOOOM AGEISM comment. And so that’s why i said my piece. P.S. I do not and will not feel shit for calling You out on bull shit.
      I help with stuff too but I’m not going to embarrass myself by saying “oh look what i did, give me a gold star” But here is your star ☆ 🙂 I’m not taking it personally or seriously when some strange woman says I’m shit on the internet. I care about what people in my life think of me but not strangers who think they are so awesome with what they do so they put down others cause they disagree with you.

    • P.s. i see 10-24 year olds out helping hell of a lot more the 30-40 so if that is what “winning youth” you were talking about, i think your right.

    • Kyleah Tanner ya, we see WAY more older people supporting. Only way I can get anyone under the age of 30 to help is to pay them. I also see the volunteers in the food banks/kinsmen/kinettes/ etc is older people. So, unless your plan on volunteering time to some of many charities- maybe reconsider flipping out on someone

    • Kyleah Tanner ya, we see WAY more older people supporting. Only way I can get anyone under the age of 30 to help is to pay them. I also see the volunteers in the food banks/kinsmen/kinettes/ etc is older people. So, unless your plan on volunteering time to some of many charities- maybe reconsider flipping out on someone

    • How am i flipping out? I saw something that i like, read it, it turned bad and i called out the ageism. I 1000% agree the 60+ people are our bedrock of our volunteers. In our community i see lots of youths but we never hear them bragging like this lady.. its like they believe that volunteering should be done and not talked about. It is so weird cause that is how i was raised and why i don’t need to say “oh but look what i have done this year” cause i was raised to just DO IT. The hole point in doing good things is to do them for others not to have a gold star. Not to say I’m better or anything. Just do it.
      My ideology is if we stop pissing on the next generation maybe they would get some water to grow? Cause its always “how dare the young people do what we did!?!?!” With this and its silly. People volunteer because they see others do it, or cause its close to the heart. So maybe we need to copy Red Deers one high school and start having volunteers sign up days in the high schools, but the kids won’t think of this, thats the adults job to bring it to the school.

    • Kyleah Tanner your comment is really strange. You talk about renting an event facility (which Santas doesn’t) and “holiday hamper” isn’t a part of Santas either. Also the are put in these piles and then volunteers hand selext gifts based on the age they are wrapping for.

  25. Karen Gracie Karen Gracie says:

    All donated gifts should be new, marked boy or girl and age group, I have always done this, so sorry for your experience

  26. I’ve never heard of Santa’s anonymous giving out used stuff. I used them when my kids were younger and everything was brand new. So this story seems fishy. Someone is lying

  27. Amber Dawn Amber Dawn says:

    The cards have not been delivered yet, its happening this week… something doesnt add up here.

  28. I would like to see the proof of this claim, post pics please….

  29. This post stinks of dishonesty sorry. and they do not distribute used anything and stale dated items do occur everywhere but not by years – sorry.. You may be upset over clothing for a doll you dont have but the rest of this – no.

    • I’ve gotten well past expired food from food banks it does happen this post does seem excessive but could be mostly true sadly

    • Tarin Gagnon Tarin Gagnon says:

      None of the people i know have recieved food items that were that much past the expiration date, nor have any of them recieved half used items either.. I always say the same thing to anyone i know that uses these around christmas time.. If you wanted something specific for your children then the saving should have started months ago. Not everyone has the money around this time of year but people cannot be ungrateful for the things you get for free.

    • Sarah Settels That may be true but they are blaming Santas. Santas is toys not food.

    • Plus its not useually an expiration date the food bank uses non perishables so its a best before date.

    • Pagan Heart Pagan Heart says:

      Debbie Bolduc hate to break it to you… but yes I myself have had to use the food bank this past year and I personally have received outdated items..and yes some by a year or more. It happens and continues to happen.. sadly enough the amount you get and what you get is rarely 60% useable by the time it reaches you especially veggies and milk products you can almost always guarantee that they are outdated and the vegetables unusable. It sucks when you have nowhere else to turn and your living bills take most every dime.

    • Debbie Bolduc hate to break it to you – but my family was a food bank family for a year so growing up. And 110% we got stuff that was expired or open. Almost every single time.

    • Expired by years I hardly think so – not if it is detrimental to health. There is a difference between an optimum use by date and a date something is not good after. Education on this is key when money is tight. Open packages of bulk packaging is not a crime.
      Used product at Santas Anonymous- only if it gets donated that way which is also rare. They do there best to help. The point is when you ask for help and get it you can not expect to pick and choose. Produce is always tough – let me be clear the food bank and charities are not getting the best of the best.
      Quit complaining about help when it 8s received. It may not be perfect but it is better than nothing and there is always someone out there who has it worse.
      I have been broke before and with young kids I understand. What is disturbing is the idea of entitlement over being grateful for any assistance.

    • … wow, food banks arent meeting their goals, usually missing by half. Be grateful you got anything for free. There is people who would gladly eat that food. People are using the food bank as a grocery store. That isnt what it is meant for

    • Pagan Heart this post isn’t about the food bank. It is about Santas Anonymous which gubes toys, not food which is why so many people aren’t believing the story

  30. Hey. I have a bitch tonne of stuffies you can have for the kids. I cherish them because they’ve been in my life for a long time. But if you can come grab them, your babies can have them.

  31. What gets me about this post is…where is she writing this post? At the library? Otherwise she has internet and some form of computer…get rid of the cost of internet, then you can afford to buy something for your kid…sorry just my opinion

    • There was one on another thread complaining she got no turkey with her hamper. I bought a turkey for $20 last year. If she put away $1.60 per month for the year, she’d have a turkey. And yet her profile showed an awesome hair cut/dye job.

      My hair looks like total shit. I battled breast cancer this year and won. I’m grateful for that beyond measure.
      To honour that, I took the money that would have been spent on getting my hair done and bought a winter coat for a low income Senior.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      One child is 12, they probably need internet for school

    • Stephanie Michelle i know i don’t know her situation but to me, food and housing and clothing are first priority…internet/data and cellphones are not…i see too many people paying way too much for cellphones and its not a necessity

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      Candace Antoniuk-Van Andel lil Facebook judge here!

    • Kerry Lynne Kerry Lynne says:

      Gina Anderson Gina we cant judge others when we don’t know their situations. There can be so many reasons this woman has no turkey in her freezer. She may not even have a freezer to store a turkey. Her hair might look pretty because the picture is from another year or an event where she felt really good about herself. Job loss has no timeframe and could have occurred recently or something life changing could have happened in her life recently (example; death, divorce or separation). A profile picture on Facebook does not tell our story, and all year long (not just the season) we need to empathize with people and not judge them.

    • Lynn Johnson Lynn Johnson says:

      I hate people that assume financial stability based on looks. My nail polish came from the dollar store and I dye and cut my own hair. Working on your presentation doesn’t mean you’ve invested tons.

  32. I guess it probably is…who knows!

  33. Denise Howlett-Lushman how do you know it’s fake ? Just wondering

  34. Don’t feel sorry.. The post is obviously fake…

  35. The whole post seems fake….

  36. Call the police on the neighbour who opened your mail and stole your gift cards.

  37. And yet my family was turned down due to we couldn’t provide enough paperwork
    Doesn’t seem fair
    I would’ve been happy with anything
    But we got told no
    Stop complaining

  38. Marion Fuchs Marion Fuchs says:

    Christmas Bureau of Edmonton and 630 CHED Santas Anonymous Can we hear from them?

  39. Terri Bee Terri Bee says:

    Call them because these things are apparently ungiftable and should have never gone out.

  40. Marion Fuchs Marion Fuchs says:

    Christmas Bureau of Edmonton 630 CHED Santas Anonymous

  41. Marion Fuchs Marion Fuchs says:

    I would love to hear from Christmas Bureau of Edmonton and Santa’s Anonymous Warehouse 630 CHED Santas Anonymous !!

    • Hear what? All the person had to do was call them and the mistake (if true) would have been rectified. This is social media shaming and makes everyone who receives looks bad. I know my volunteer efforts with Santas gets tainted every time I see posts like this. Simply call them and say, there must have been a mistake.

  42. Marion Fuchs Marion Fuchs says:

    I would love to hear from the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton and Santa’s Anonymous Warehouse

  43. Doesn’t sound right to me but you can buy new and used in good condition lots of kids stuff for very cheap from value village and other thrift stores

  44. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    All donations to Santa Anonymous suppose to be new and unwrapped.
    ….and yes, hubby was delivering some packages and was surprised who gets them, meaning that people who received should easily be able to afford those toys.

    • Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

      Karo Li Na this. I can’t believe the people who get these. Or the food bank. Because you can’t control your spending habits on coffee, nails, hair, makeup, a new vehicle, take out, a large house etc is no reason to use these services. I gave up on donating. Unless I see someone actually in need of something I won’t donate anymore.

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Jules Maria yes, that’s what he said!
      Nice house, nice car in front … of course not all of them, but ….

    • Karo Li Na no one knows struggles behind closed doors.

    • Amber Ible Amber Ible says:

      It could be their situation has changed recently… dont judge if you dont know the situation

    • Karo Li Na I agree with u, I used to deliver, but not anymore. We saw a lot of people that did not look like they needed it

    • Karo Li Na friend of mine Used to Santas anonymous this year. She has a nice house and a nice vehicle in the front yard she lost her job she is now working a minimum wage job waiting for more jobs open up. On the outside she looks like she’s on top of the world in a kind of ritzy neighbourhood really nice car too. But she is struggling with bills and rent and she most likely will have to give up her car eventually if she doesn’t find a higher paying job. It’s really sad that you will go out of your way to make judgement.

    • Jules Maria you don’t know what happens in people lives. Maybe someone in a nice house got laid off,maybe they lost their job, someone passed away, maybe they got sick……shitty things happen in life and maybe it’s the one and only time they use them.

    • Dawn Saumer Dawn Saumer says:

      Thats judgemental bullshit. Yes some people scam the system. In every walk of life for everything. But you can NOT know if a person deserves it or not based on their house or cars or where they live. Many men and women, most of whom were the ones paying high taxes, donating, spending in the economy have now lost their jobs suddenly. In my husbands hall one year 500 workers losg their jobs dec 1. There was no work.
      We have a good house. Drive a decebt vehicle. From the outside look well off. And we havent worked in 2 weeks, I wont work for over 6-8weeks causing a HUGE hit to our income and what we will need. Not because we are lazy or want to scam the system. But because our daughter was diagnosed eith a brain tumor 8 days ago. And had surgery 6 days ago. And basic recovery will take MONTHS not days or weeks. Oh and ps….i just got my hair professionally done. It looks amazing. It was a gift.

      So take your judgemental bullshit and check yourself before you end up in a situation you had no control over
      ( this doesnt apply to people that you know personally scamming the system and their actual situations you hsvr intimate knowledge of. But if yoi dont know, stop judging)

    • Kimmy Gee Kimmy Gee says:

      This is so judgmental…..just because someone has a nice house and car does not mean they are well off… they may be renting they may be staying with family help they may have even had an illness or accident that cost them a job and can no longer afford what they have…. that house may be in foreclosure and the car could be about to be repossessed….. you have no idea what the circumstance is! You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? For somebody who’s out doing a good deed I’m surprised you’d be so judgmental about it..

    • Karo Li Na just because ppl have a nice car and home does not mean they have money. The oil industry has basically taken average ppl and turned them financially destitute.

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      there are ways to make situation better, I’m sure most of us been there. Including my family, people downsize everything to get out of bad situation.
      If it temporarily, don’t even ask for donations. That’s what we did.

    • Karo Li Na that guy may have lost his job recently no one knows

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Dawn Saumer maybe, you can stop yourself. Don’t have a clue about my situation!
      My family went thru hard times…..anyways won’t waste time on talking to you
      We just didn’t ask for donations, but that’s just me

    • Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

      Dawn Saumer god bless your daughter I had the same in sept

    • Dawn Saumer Dawn Saumer says:

      Karo Li Na you are judgemental and ignorant. Good. YOU didnt ask for donations. YOU have literally NO clue about others situations and why they did or didnt ask for donations. Its not so simple as “Oh downsize”. Especially now. Its NOT a sellers market. There are literally thousands of reasons why a person or family may need help and YOU dont get to decide who deserves and who doesnt.

      Ps…hypocritical much?? You say i have no clue about your situation( which i dont and dont care. Also didnt judge your situation. I judged YOU for being ignorant and making assumptions about others) but you sit on your high horse making assumotions about others you know nothing about simply by where they live or what they drive. YOUR hard financial situation has NOTHING to do with others. So nope, YOU dont get to judge them for not doing what YOU did( or what you think they did)

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Dawn Saumer you are just gullible

    • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Families could be escaping bad situations and living in basements of those helping. They could be losing their house next month. You have no idea.

    • Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

      Michelle Prinsen yeah but I’m going to tell you I’d sell my nice things to provide for my kid before I ask for help and I’m going to give up my nail appointments. If you have all of that you should have savings. Poor planning on your part doesn’t mean I should donate.

    • Clare Barry Clare Barry says:

      Ashley Yardley amen! All these people on here “helping” by delivering to these families in need when all they seem to be doing is JUDGING by what house they have and what car? Do you expect everyone who uses these services to be living in the ghetto with shopping carts in their front lawn?? People’s circumstances change very quickly, sometimes instantly.

    • Jules Maria Maybe there is no car in the garage. Maybe there are no TVs and the fridge has bread and soup. Maybe they are financing things with no payments till next year, hoping things improve. By looking at the house, you have no way of knowing their story. I live in an apartment…. what does that say about me?

    • Dawn Saumer Dawn Saumer says:

      Karo Li Na i sincerely hope that when you end up in a desparate enough situation and you ask for help( and you will. Karma has a great way of teaching us lessons) that no one speaks as poorly of you as you do others. What a pathetic sad life you must lead. I pity you. Richness isnt monetary.
      And if it makes me gullible to want to help people and families as I realize how EASY it is to go from everything to feeling like nothing so be it. Id rather be gullible and potentially help someone than an ignorant, closeminded selfish person such as yourself( or how you are choosing to portray yourself currently)

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Dawn Saumer haha
      What do you know about me
      Karma has no need to tech me, I grew up very poor and just in recent years went thru hard times.
      My family donated to Santa Anonymous for years now, and my husband and kids deliver for couple of them as well, why do you think I brought this up !?
      Is it because everyone don’t deserve, no there is few examples of those ….maybe you do it yourself first then you know. It’s a process to get on this list …..what do you know about it ?
      Wanna be so gracious and good, hitup mustard seed, go on the streets of Edmonton and give people directly !
      People who don’t even have roof over their heads !
      If my family can’t afford to buy a toy one year for my kid we won’t be asking strangers for it. We go without, after all you wrote yourself richness isn’t monetary, right ?
      This was just one example, wanna know more, do your own research about people being used for their gestures… did you donate or shopped at Value Village ever…. look that up

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Dawn Saumer just to end this pointless conversation with you…. Santa Anonymous is about Toys ! They should be new and in original package.
      Don’t tell me parent can’t go to Dollar store to get a toy for $2/4
      Don’t make it sound as they life depend on it. Inform yourself

    • Ashley Meyer Ashley Meyer says:

      I think the main issue is if you’re choosing to deliver these gifts out of the kindness of your heart please do it in a non judgemental way. I never used these programs this year however I have in the past and have always felt ashamed and judged when getting my deliveries.

  45. Oh Bs. More bs.

    Show me proof?

    The writing style smells of the same BS story from a few days past.

  46. If the people opened your mail and spent your money its a federal crime , if it had your name on it , its yours , doesnt matter if it had the wrong address, contact the police about pressing charges and getting your money back

  47. Here’s what I don’t understand. If your son has autism then you qualify and likely get disability tax credit. And Christmas is at the SAME time every year. Rather than wait till November/December and count on the Christmas bureau, which is clearly lacking (though I’ve seen many other posts of nothing but gratitude and amazing donations), why not purchase 1-2 affordable items per month starting in January, then you won’t need the Christmas bureau.
    It’s like the moms who post that they are due with their baby any day now and have nothing for the baby and would appreciate anything g that anyone has. Like come on, you’ve had the time to prepare.

    I am however truly sorry that this was your experience

    • What I don’t understand, is the assumption people have that in January, she had money to spend on that. Or the months following. When you have a billion other responsibilities during the year, Christmas is last on your mind. Me personally? I skipped groceries for myself to get the people around me gifts. I can do this, because I don’t have kids and I can survive on Mr. Noodles for a month. Mother’s can’t do this. Can we please squash the assumption that people have the funds to buy gifts starting in January.

  48. I haven’t had to use Santa’s Anonymous for a few years now, but I can confirm that they give used colouring books… Well, my daughter recieved a used colouring book anyways. I’m not sure about anyone else in the city. And nothing was wrapped. It was all in a canvas bag.

  49. Santas anonymous only gifts new items so I would definetly call about that.

  50. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    Sorry to hear this, if people donate items… think before giving items,, MAKE Sure that they are NOT sed already!!!! Would people who donate want used items that can’t be used????

  51. I could believe the card being delivered to the wrong address by Canada post but the presents ? As for what u get no one knows it’s based on child it’s age and that said they are in piles and drivers only call ages and they get a bag and yes this does sound Ungrateful. I’m a grandma raising my grand daughter with help from my son not her dad and I was turned down. So appreciate the gesture

  52. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    You realise a trip to the dollar tree could have fixed the gift issue for the kids…

  53. I personally know people that make $100,000 a year getting Gift baskets and stuff from donations. It’s sad but these charities need do more homework on the program. So many people lie about their income.

    • David Woodford yes our neighbors are those people…..they are in the system because the children have mental health issues…..they definitely don’t have financial trouble.

    • David Woodford yes our neighbors are those people…..they are in the system because the children have mental health issues…..they definitely don’t have financial trouble.

    • Kristen McDonnell just because they are in a gated neighbourhood means nothing. An old acquaintance of my moms husband died shortly before Christmas one year. They lived in a large gated home. She had three small children and her bank accounts were all joint with her husband and frozen due to his passing. She couldn’t buy anything at that time for her family even though she technically could more than afford it. She relied on the food bank and hampers that year and when her accounts were all cleared she made a generous donation to each because she was so thankful to them to allow her to provide for her children during that time.
      Maybe they had a situation and they needed the hand up? Maybe they are using the system? But you should never assume

    • So your issue should be with THESE people. Not the organization. There are forms and justifications to qualify. The organizations can only do so much to prevent nasty people from taking free gifts from others who are truly in need.

    • or people who ‘double dip’ one family last year, mom signed herself up and the child, dad signed himself up and the same child, and then the grandparents signed themselves up with the same child. That said child received 3 times the amount that they should’ve from the bureau.
      That being said, I agree, they do need to screen better.

    • or people who ‘double dip’ one family last year, mom signed herself up and the child, dad signed himself up and the same child, and then the grandparents signed themselves up with the same child. That said child received 3 times the amount that they should’ve from the bureau.
      That being said, I agree, they do need to screen better.

    • Tana-Lynne Pelletier Do you have suggestions on how to screen better that is efficient for resources and money? Why should the charity take grief if people are fudging, lying or manipulating. The issue here is with those people. Not the charity. What did you say to those people when you found out?

    • Rebecca Nina Rebecca Nina says:

      I used to be the Intake Supervisor for the Christmas Bureau (for three years). We are all University Educated working in the social services field. We do have a thorough screening process when someone calls to apply and we do the best to make sure our questions are asked properly in such a way that if someone was being dishonest, we would pick up on that. Unfortunately, some people are really good at taking advantage of the system and we can’t work around that.

      As for the gift card, you can go to “Walk in Days” and bring proof of your address (with your name on it), and they should be able to look up your application and see that there was a mistake in the address and give you a gift card at walk-in days. That’s how it used to be, I don’t know that it has changed. My last year there was last year. Good luck.

  54. Dana Collins Dana Collins says:

    I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time. Please keep your chin up. Merry Christmas ❤

  55. Betty Taylor Betty Taylor says:

    Journey Girls, American Girls and My Life Dolls all fit the same. My life dolls are about $20 at walmart.

  56. Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

    Tanya Laughren this doesn’t sound right does it?

    • Sarah Anne it absolutely doesn’t sound right.

    • Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

      Tammy Stinson is she sure it was Santa’s anonymous? Getting used sticker book and expired cookies is not what I know of the amazing work that Santa’s anonymous does.

    • The gifts from Santa’s anonymous come wrapped and have to be brand new.

    • Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

      Caitlin Nichols yes. That was my understanding as well. Wrapped and new. So either OP’s story is not true or something is up with whoever delivered.

    • Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

      I got expired food a couple of years ago. People take whatever is in their cupboard, regardless if it is expired.

    • Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

      Stacy Cripps Santa’s anonymous is toys though is it not?

    • no they give both. And no they don’t always wrap their presents.

    • For the last 6 years i have not once got wrapped presents. My daughter has special needs so if they came wrapped it would have been greatly appreciated.

    • Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

      Rose Mary Mitchell I guess I am wrong. My apologies. Things must have changed.

    • Santas is definitely toys and not food. The individual gifts are put in a large clothe bags and then the family gifts are put in large garbage bags for transfer. They used to be wrapped but you can imagine the cost and man power it took to do this. If it stayed this way, they would not be able to help as many families as they do. Dollar Store has very cheap options for parents who wish to wrap the gifts. There are very strict guidelines about what each child gets depending on age. Everyone gets a book, a stuffy, a primary toy and a secondary toy. Nerf bullets, doll clothes and paint, etc are not supposed to go without the matching component of a doll, gun or brushes. It is volunteer and donation based but I know they are very careful about what is “allowed” to be given and not. Of course, mistakes can happen, including Canada Post which wouldn’t be Christmas Bureau’s fault and the neighbour should never spend something that isn’t theirs to spend. There would be no way to know her child is autistic. These posts frustrate me as all this person has to do is call Santas and report a mistake. They would make good. By posting it here, they deflate ALL the effort, love and kindness the community is trying to show. What is the point of posting here other than to bash the organization trying to help them. No “I do appreciate” or “I am thankful” covers the fact that this person (and others) are trying to shame an organization solely based on the kindness of a community. It is really sad.

    • Stacy Cripps This would not have been Santas. They are toys only.

    • Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

      Tanya Laughren thank you. I agree with everything you said.

    • I am so sadden by posts like this. Just pick up the phone and call them rather than bash all the effort of our community to assist those in need.

    • Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

      Tanya Laughren I am sorry for tagging you. I just knew you would know the facts

    • Don’t worry about that. I did go off on a few others below. People are so quick to judge. I am happy you did so I could share some fact. Mistakes happen when providing for 60,000 families all through volunteers. Pick up the phone and the “problem” is fixed.

    • Bobbi Tanner Bobbi Tanner says:

      Camilla Chameleon 6 years? You have relied on others to provide your Christmas for 6 years? That is NOT what this is designed for. You should not be relying on this each & every year! It is for rough patches, not to depend on. You are a part of the problem

    • Katie Gabler Katie Gabler says:

      Tanya 100% pick up the phone and contact them. I know many kind people that have stopped donating because all they see is negative ungrateful posts. I still donate to the foodbank and to the christmas bureau, but each year it gets harder to want to do it.
      If people don’t stop the donations will continue to dwindle each year.

  57. Sorry this happened to you. Sounds like a Grinch delivered your bag. I thought they were supposed to be new toys and not expired food. This is not right. I would call and complain. Maybe whoever delivered the package didn’t have good intentions at all and switched the gifts. Wouldn’t surprise me with all the theft going on here.

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Debbie Pilgrim Kapas why are you blaming the delivery drivers? I have delivered for Santa’s anonymous and when we Recieved the bags for drop off they were tied tight for the recipients.. So unless she can confirm that the bag was opened when she Recieved it… Don’t go jumping to conclusions especially about the volunteers who took their time to help deliver. Your jumping to some awfully nasty conclusions here..

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Debbie Pilgrim Kapas why are you blaming the delivery drivers? I have delivered for Santa’s anonymous and when we Recieved the bags for drop off they were tied tight for the recipients.. So unless she can confirm that the bag was opened when she Recieved it… Don’t go jumping to conclusions especially about the volunteers who took their time to help deliver. Your jumping to some awfully nasty conclusions here..

    • I said ‘maybe’ and how do you know for sure it didn’t happen. But unfortunately we won’t know if the bag was tampered with as the Poster is Anonymous. Thank you and all who volunteered! Merry Christmas

    • Yes, call and say “I think there was a mistake. Can you help.” No need to complain and definitely no need to shame an organization out on social media. I find the story hard to believe but mistakes can happen when volunteers are helping 60,000 families. Why would someone stand in hours long lines, waste their time and gas to open a Santas bag and put expired cookies in it and colour on pages. Common guys!

    • My comment definitely was not to shame this great organization and all its volunteers!!

  58. Trina Gill Trina Gill says:

    I have 3 really good condition journey girls that my girl has no interest in, I’m pretty sure the clothes will fit them. PM me OP, your more than welcome to them for your daughter

  59. I am sorry this happened. You have a right to feel this way. In regards to those who were a bit curt before me, stuff it. You have NO idea to feel what is is to firstly ask for help and secondly feel let down by a society that wants to help but still failed when they tried. If I had extra funds, I’d reach out to you and your children. I’ve been there my love. Things will turn. Keep your head high knowing that presents are about being together, and not an item.

    • Dana Collins Dana Collins says:

      Nicole Christine totally! I love how positive you are ❤

    • Do you have any idea how it feels as a volunteer or donor to see the organization trash talked for no reason. The op can call them with about the error and they will make good. Mistake happen. Done. No need to shame an organization based off of community goodwill.

    • Nicole Christine you have the most wonderful way of expressing exactly what I was thinking. We don’t know anyone’s circumstances and really we shouldn’t comment negatively. Unless we have been in their circumstances we don’t know exactly what they are going through. OP I hope that you are able to get some items and food stuffs for your family.

    • Nicole Christine call the agencies yourself this never happened!!! Not one but of this post is truth

  60. Something odd about this story as everything that I have ever delivered for Santa’s Anonymous or the Christmas Bureau comes wrapped. I have actually personally done wrapping for the Christmas Bureau.

  61. This touches on a serious problem – food banks get tons of donations that are stale or expired. The purpose of these programs is to help families, and if they aren’t helping families, then the programs aren’t working.

  62. Laura Meidl Laura Meidl says:

    Despite what all the naysayers will say, I’m sorry this happened. It is a gift that you receive but its fair to expect at least new or non expired items. I bet most people wouldn’t give their children a half used coloring book and stale cookies. I’m sorry this happened to you.

    • The issue is they are blaming an organization that does not provide food. Also, all they have to do is call Santas and let them know there is an error. Santas is about making christmas special through community good will. They want it to be right and would fix it. Mistakes happen when it is volunteer based and 60,000 some families helped. So this is shaming at its finest. An ungrateful gesture to all those who gave time, money and heart.

    • Laura Meidl didn’t happen. Call yourself and find out

  63. Poor you! First world problems.

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Roxy Mohammed lol cause you’ve never had anything shitty happen to you and complained about it ? Sometimes people just need to vent and the fact that those items are being put in and sent out does seem like sort of a problem.

    • Jenn Jerebic shit happens all the time, be grateful for what you have, some people have less than what you have. It’s just material things.

    • lol roxy just comes from a place where human life is as cheap as a two dollar lot lizard. That’s why she’s salty

    • Sheldon Boulet really? No I’ve come from a place where they dont have program’s like this. I didnt even have a half used coloring book.. or doll clothes that didnt fit any of my dolls… oh I didnt have dolls to play with!!
      I’m not salty, I’ve lived on the other side and I am very grateful for what I have today.

    • Roxy Mohammed shut up. There are people in need in this city incase you’ve missed the economic downturn the last 3 years. Your mindset doesn’t surprise me though. Probably never worked a day and rely on your man for money and knowledge. Ignorant people like you make me sick.

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Roxy Mohammed sorry but most people who have experienced things like that have some compassion she wasn’t saying oh poor me. She’s just disappointed, she never said anything overly entitled.

      The only one coming off entitled is you

    • Jenn Jerebic yes I should show more compassion, my apologies. I would love to donate a toy for your daughter.

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Roxy Mohammed she just wanted bring to attention that this organization perhaps could do better job in sorting out their donations.
      Nothing wrong with that. My hubby delivered few times and said himself that not all of the people who received should, there are poorer families….

    • Marlene Fabiola I’m good. All I was trying to say was be thankful you have your health, you have family, roof over your head, clean clothes, there are alot of less fortunate people around the world… and shit happens… but be grateful!

    • Marlene Fabiola ummm did you even read her ignorant comment? What “best of her?”

    • Nah….you where straight up ignorant. Simple as that. Don’t try to cover it up now because you got railed.

    • Karo Li Na If she wanted to do that, she could have called them. They fix mistakes ALL the time after deliver. This person wanted to shame the organization and all the amazing volunteers who make it possible.

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Tanya Laughren she states she called already and they won’t do anything about some of her things going to the wrong address. She’s not shaming the organization. SHE SHOULD BE SHAMING THE PEOPLE THAT DONATED USED CRAP

    • Jenn Jerebic I said to call Santas, they would make good for the error in toys if there was one. The wrong address problem is from a different organization and the blame should fall to the evil neighbour who essentially stole the money. If the other organization mailed it out, Canada Post delivered wrong and the neighbour cashed it, this is a criminal offense now and not the charitable organizations fault.

    • You say you’ve been on the other side…well the op is there now. Maybe show some compassion?

  64. Oh well, llife sometimes sometimes happens that way. The sun will come up again

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