Unprofessional and rude

This post goes out to Manager S and Manager K at Clareview Red Robins.

My 16yr old Daughter has been trying her ass off finding a job. She applied at your location. You ladies called her and arranged for her interview to be the next day.
She was soo excited.

Both of you ladies interviewed her at the same time, in the same room. Both of you ladies were super impressed by her and her resume. Both of you ladies hired her on the spot for Hostess. Both of you ladies told her you were excited to start her, and to expect all call from you within 1-2 weeks to set up the orientation.

Again… She was sooo excited and now proud to have a job

2 weeks come and go… She didn’t here from you.

3rd week, she still hadn’t heard from you.

4th week, still nothing.

A whole month came and went. She made sure to keep her weekends free incase you called, and she turned down 2 other interviews because you hired her ,and she was waiting.
So, she does the responsible thing and phones to say she’s been waiting a month and hadn’t heard anything, and wanted check on the status of her orientation date.

Manager K told her she wasn’t sure, and that she would talk to Manager S, and have her call her back that night.

Another week goes by.. And no phone call back.

5 week mark, she calls again.

This time Manager K told her, ” they had to cut back on servers, and those servers took over the Hostess jobs, and that she has to say no “.
Manager K did not even offer a damn apology to her…

I know the world is a tuff place, and maybe it’s how the cookie crumbles, but you ladies wasted her time, and are insensitive and unprofessional. You could have called her instead of dragging her on, so she could have accepted those other interviews.

You have made a bad representation of your management skills and restaurant.



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  1. Doug says:

    Jesus….that’s terrible. I have a daughter, so I feel that pain and frustration. I hope yours finds something else/better. Good luck.

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