Update on the Naked Kids post

So i called the city to ask about children running around naked in the park- rosslyn park. The city said if it happens again then to call the police and the parents will get a fine.

However i went to the police station to ask directly about this, they said its a different culture and there’s nothing they can do about it. Its not illegal for kids to run around naked.

They told me that if it bothers me then to not go to the park. Im just shocked. So where is the line? Can a 13 year old be running around naked too? Because technically they are still a kid. The only thing that can be done is to talk to my mla.

Someone said that the child was handicapped, they were not. I dont drive and have a handicapped child, thats one reason i go to that playground since its right by my house.

This may sound mean, but if they keep doing this i will eventually start bringing bacon to the park. I think that will settle it. I am nice, maybe too nice, i ask for mutual respect, i just dont want to see your child’s genitals, and see them urinating, there is an outhouse very close by. OR at least behind a tree.
They dont want to show mutual respect, then i guess i wont either.



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  1. Giselle says:

    I’ve seen kids running around at the spray parks like this. They are just kids, it’s ok. Last year when we were on a cruise not a single kid under 13ish wore any clothes to the pool. Shocking at first but I guess that’s the norm. That’s the moment in life I decided I could wear cheeky bottoms, but I digress


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