Update: Random Helpers on the Henday

This is an update from the same OP of the post named “Random Helpers on the Henday”.

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Last week I submitted a post to thank the Anonymous men who stepped up and without even asking, helped tow my truck out of the ditch after narrowly avoiding the pileup that happened on the North Henday just before 127th street.

After reading the post, one lady recognized the man on the left, Lucas Jessy Lemay and he publicly replied with a very humble “No problem helping people out”. The man on the right, after getting word of the post contacted me privately, so I will only publicly thank him by his first name, Nicholas. Just like Lucas, he was also very humble about his helping me and the only thing he asked for in return was if I had the footage of his truck towing me out of the ditch. Definitely very proud of his truck.

So, once again Lucas and Nicholas, thank you SO very much, not only for helping me, but also reminding us that there are good people out there willing to lend a hand. I hope this story will inspire everyone to look past all the negativity in the world and help someone out in whatever capacity they are able to do so.


One final thought; this story attracted the attention of CityTv news, and they made a segment on the story. Unfortunately, there were some very toxic comments in that thread, none of them focusing on the good deed Lucas and Nicholas did, but on my driving. One said they would have left me in the ditch. The one lady I replied to explain why I didn’t want to appear on camera, blocked me. If you want to criticize my driving, that’s certainly up to you, but this time around, lets focus on the good in this story: People helping people.

Thanks again guys,


For those who haven’t seen, here is the dashcam video of me having to ditch my truck.

Here is the clip of me getting towed out:

Here is the segment CityTv ran on the story:



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  1. Liz Johnson Liz Johnson says:

    Slow down next time and drive for the conditions eh

  2. Some people love nothing more than to shit on others. Thank you for the positive post and i pity those who choose to ignore it….

  3. Sue Kidd Sue Kidd says:

    What a lovely post! Thank you!

  4. Great story! Thank you guys!!!!

  5. I’m really glad you found the people who helped you and were able to thank them in the way you wanted to! And I’m glad to hear of stories like this one. Good things to all of you!

  6. IDK, it seems to me that the maneuver to not hit the cars ahead of you that were spinning out was pretty ace to me. And kudos to the guys that helped you out in a poopy situation!

  7. Lily Becker Lily Becker says:

    Lucas is my nephew… That’s kids heart big and humble. Thanks for giving him a shout out.

  8. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    Another update, Lucas and Nicholas were interviewed on CTV news. Here’s the segment:

  9. Always look when crossing onto another lane

  10. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    Nice to see people still helping people .. wonderful … warms my heart

  11. It’s great to hear such positive stories on Shoutout Edmonton again. This is a great city with many wonderful people in it!!


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