Using Undocumented Foreign Workers

Where do I report a company that uses unpapered workers as cleaning Staff??

There are enough canadians that are looking for jobs the fact this cleaning company uses people from their home company who are here on tourists visas is deplorable.

If anybody can tell me where to go to report this company it would be great!!



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  1. My biggest concern is the rights of the foreign workers. Human trafficking is a problem EVERYWHERE! Do the workers have their passports?

  2. Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

    How do you know they’re here illegally?

    Mind your own business.
    You haven’t been ousted from a cleaning job.

  3. Ross Ventura Ross Ventura says:

    Was that you that sent those racist letters in St. Albert and Leduc too?

  4. You can call service canada

  5. I agree win steve friske

  6. Funny I work for a company who hires cleaners all the time for full time and part time employment. We have great difficulty finding staff and even people actually show up to there interviews. No we don’t pay minimum wage and yes we offer benefits. Perhaps what ever company this is has experienced the same issues. I’m not saying I agree with it and the company I work for would never do this but at the end of the day it’s a service the company provides and they need to fulfill it. On a side note how can the poster be sure that they are illegal and not actually here on work visas or even residents of Canada?

  7. Mandoid Ray Mandoid Ray says:

    God, who fucking caresssss. People gotta eat. And your house gotta be clean. Complain of shit that matters.

  8. Derek Walsh can’t fix stupid I guess

  9. Steve Friske Steve Friske says:

    I’m actually suprised how many people dont understand that on the other side of legal immigrants and canadians taking these jobs, most of the people who get paid under the table get less then the minimum wage and are under no coverage for any health related issues with work and the lack of any safety for the workers is critical. It’s a company taking advantage of the workers and that’s the biggest problem here in my opinion, it’s all of our buisness as taxpaying citizens, I mean if your mad cause your not paying taxes either I guess I can see why you would be mad.

    • Steve Friske They are so seriously taken advantage of it is horrifying!! Lots of times they work and NEVER get paid!!!

    • Steve Friske All I’ve seen is foreign workers getting taken advantage of and companies holding leverage over Canadians here because of the work lost due to the human exploitation. We really need to educate people better when they come over so we can have each other’s back on this. Fair wages and treatment for everyone, regardless of where they’re from.

    • Marlo Cottrell . Thank God she was dropped in front of you!!! So many are abused. Another reason I think people should come in legally with solid, checked out sponsorship. Wonder how many people the company has done this too. Canadas own dirty little sweatshops per say.

  10. I’m really surprised at the amount of tax paying people in this thread that don’t care that none of these workers are paying taxes

  11. How about you just live and let live. Why do people think they need to snitch on everything no one is illegal on stolen land.

  12. Derek Walsh lmao. I will tell everyone who chooses to be so ignorant on a very important topic. Thank you for.reading my work, I hope you learned something

  13. Derek Walsh undocumented workers is our business when so many Albertans are out of work

  14. Rianna Ross Rianna Ross says:

    Are you wanting to report them because the employees are being mistreated in some way? Or because you don’t like the idea of them taking away jobs from someone like you? If it’s the first, call the non-emergency line to the police. They will help you. If it’s the second, use a different cleaning service.

  15. Derek Walsh people not paying taxes and working for less than our minimum wage taking jobs away from eligible workers is everyone’s business ….

  16. Why do they you mind your own business

  17. Robin Sawers Robin Sawers says:

    I would mind your own p’s and q’s .

    Karma is a difficult thing to deal with.

    • Robin Sawers you do realize that Alot of the time when workers are hired under the table they arent awarded any safety standard, liability coverage such as WCB, the security of employment labour standards and usually are paid less than min wage.

      Not to mention the tax evasion….

      I would happily report this and my conscience would be clear…..

    • Robin Sawers Robin Sawers says:

      Charlene Piche all a risk people and businesses choose.

      Do you eat apples Charlene?

      Because the apple capital of the world is in Washington, where I bet the majority of your apples are picked from. Wenatchee has a extremely HIGH rate of illegal Mexican immigrants working for them under the table, cash paid benefits and wage.

      So next time you bite into an apple, remember someone working illegally most likely planted the tree, tended to the tree, picked and packaged that forbidden fruit.

    • Robin Sawers I commend your efforts to make me look ridiculous, but it was unsuccessful…..your trying to justify not reporting an crime because that crime is committed elsewhere….. that logic is so flawed I dont have time to truly explain it to you.

      Also LEGAL workers dont have a choice if they get wcb coverage, they cant opt out of the protection and rights to expect an safe workplace and fair pay. And Because working under the table is ILLEGAL you dont have a choice to just ignore those standard, policies and laws that are in place without consequence.

    • Steve Friske Steve Friske says:

      I white girl cant even with this comment

    • Samara White Samara White says:

      Speaking of apples, if you seen someone attempting to murder someone would you mind your own p’s and Q’s then?
      Breaking the law is breaking the law, if you choose which you want to report, or which you are going to pay attention to, you are part of the problem.

  18. All you people saying mind your business are wrong. Their here on tourist visas. Not paying taxes. It’s very illegal.

  19. Report it to the government there’s info online

  20. CRA 1-888-959-5525 and Canada Border Services Agency, your call is anonymous 1-888-502-9060

  21. Shut your mouth and mind your business

  22. I would mind my own buisness…wow

  23. Kat Tellez Kat Tellez says:

    This post disgusts me. You have no idea how other people are living, or their situations. Do you have proof on paper these people are here illegally? They’ve personally showed you their paperwork? Mind your own business, worry about getting yourself a job and getting you and your family ahead in life, not on other people.

  24. Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

    You specifically know they are on tourist visas? You asked for their paperwork, Anonymous?

  25. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    But Canadians dont want these jobs and left them vacant. Thats why the country is bringing in foreign workers.

  26. Many are going to comment the “Get a life” line. These people don’t give two fresh shits that the “workers” come to this country and lie to border security about their intentions. They don’t care that this is what undermines local people who are looking for work. Those people don’t ever matter as much as the people who sneak in with a pack of lies and do as they please. This is a criminal act and I hope you find the right agency to report it.
    If border security catches you lying about this you are ineligible for entry into Canada…….therefore, these people are ineligible.

  27. Ale Alexia Ale Alexia says:

    pathetic human being… lol

  28. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    How about immigration?

  29. Good to see canadians taking back canada

  30. Trump move to Edmonton? His hair will get cold

  31. You should mind your own business. Be happy that you have a job.

  32. Canadians don’t want these jobs.

  33. Service Alberta would like to hear about that I am sure.

  34. im sure the police can help guide you in the right direction

  35. I would call the Better Business Bureau

  36. Immigration Canada would be my guess

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