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Utilities inquiry / shared rental space

I’m looking at renting a town house with my friend and her small child.

I’ve never had to pay for water as a utility before. The child goes to daycare and my friend works full time, the child is also only at the home 75% of the time. What can I expect for water cost. Or average utilities cost ? I just would like a ballpark.

Also, if we are all sharing a bathroom would it be acceptable to ask her to pay extra for the second bedroom. If so how much?




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  1. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    The person with a child should pay more as the child uses water, electricity, etc. I wouldn’t do it unless it was split at least 60% for the one with a child and 40% for the one without. That’s if it’s a small child. If she has a child 10 or older she should be paying 2/3 of the rent. If you pay half of everything it’s like you are paying for this child who is not yours.

  2. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Expect to have to choose between paying utilities or buying groceries because since that drunken f*cker Klein deregulated that industry we have been paying through the nose.

  3. Kathy Rybock Kathy Rybock says:

    I used to share a 3 bedroom with a roommate and my two kids.
    We split everything 50/50, as the children didn’t bring in an income. I was responsible for buying the extra groceries, because they ate a ton.

  4. I rent the room in my home so the biggest thing I can tell you is iron out details before you officially move in. I found that works best for everyone.
    I have done all inclusive for a tenant but that’s different since my family uses more than this one person would.
    However, it’s a tough one – a child can use more or less depending on each situation. Sewer is a big one that many forget.
    Will you pay any portion of property tax ?

    I have had tenants on their own and tenants with a child. Sometimes I never noticed a change in utilities and other times costs jumped. But even some tenants who are playing video games all night – I saw my power double.
    If this is a friend that is open to the discussion, have that talk. Whether costs would be even or not, you share a home. One person would use the stove more and another may take a longer bath. It’s kind of the point of sharing.
    If you worry, maybe get separate places and save a relationship.
    On that note, I had a great tenant who got custody of his child once and then I had a different side of him. He would leave the 3 year old and assume I am home so I can watch him. I am not here to feed, toilet train and parent another child I have no rights to and once I saw abuse, it was reported and he was out. You will be sharing close space with another child. What are your feelings on that? Legalities?

  5. I would pay 50/50 utilities and 60/40 for rent. You taking the bigger bedroom and her taking the other two.

  6. Lora Grass Lora Grass says:

    One will use one thing more, the other will use something else more. FFS this sounds petty. I feel sorry for your friend.

  7. With room mates it’s usually half of everything including utilities don’t forget tv/Wifi as well. Just talk to her about it. save the second bath for both to use, when somebody is in one then there is another open. kind of thing. I hope it works out. 🙂

  8. Like on the bus, kids are free lol

  9. 50/50 on everything. Or else you look crazy lol water isn’t that much

  10. The largest part of utility bills are delivery and administrative fees. A very small portion is actually for the gas or electricity itself. I would split utilities 50/50 and rent 60/40. You get the largest room for 40 and she pays 60 for the 2 rooms.

  11. Jessy Lynn Jessy Lynn says:

    3 way, 1/3rd per person. If, let’s say, your boyfriend moves in then I could see 50/50.

  12. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Okay, this is how it goes (according to judge Judy). Person with child pays 55% rent for two rooms, you get master bedroom or they pay 66% of rent…kids use more water because bath vs shower, you pay 33% on utilities. …….my concerns are different. I had a roommate who yelled at my daughter, I kicked her out the day she tossed my girl on the couch. you are not a co parent, you have no business in their upbringing. If mom runs to the store or goes out do you want to be the live in sitter? If baby gets sick do you want that flu that all kids bring home in your house? When the kid won’t go to bed, has puberty do you want to deal with it???? If you had your own kid, it would be different, but when your friend tells you you are cooking too late, or music too loud, think again… SERIOUSLY THINK AGAIN

  13. I gathered you are just asking how much utilies cost a month…not how to split it. Summer: gas 60, epcor up 200- 250 . Winter:gas 120, epcor 250 to 300 (depends on lights ).
    Cable and internet: 140
    I doubt she will use much more utilities than you. I would split that even. As for the bedrooms that’s up for you guys to decide what is affordable and fair.

  14. Faye Segaran Faye Segaran says:

    I live with my sister. We pay 50/50 on everything. She has 1 child and 1 cat. I have two dogs. Works great for us. You should figure this out before you fully commit because it is unfair to your friend to changd the rules after you have come to an agreement. Good luck getting it sorted.

  15. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Honestly is this something you want to do? If your already questioning cost sooner or later you very well could be out a friend just speaking from experience and my hindsight. Be sure your not just desperate

  16. 1/3 for each person. No reason why you would be expected to subsidize the utilities used by her child.

  17. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    50/50 unless another adult moves in. Water cost isn’t bad. all utilities on a town would go for usually less than $300/mth with 2 adults and a baby. Could be even less.

  18. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Its impossible to do a perfect allocation so I agree with Elizabeth- just do a 50 /50 and stay with it or you’ll end up two bitting each other to death when someone goes on holidays or has extra laundry. I can’t tell you about average consumption but the utility company can and will

  19. Split 3 ways… she is paying for 2 people.. herself and her child.. you are paying just for yourself.

  20. Bekah Dugas Bekah Dugas says:

    I can see this not lasting long and maybe even ruining a friendship.. lol

    Most people get a roommate to share the bills 50/50 for at least 60/40. If she is paying the exact same or more, she midas well stay on her own. Lol

    In my opinion anyways.

  21. absolutely she should be paying more if she has 2 bedrooms, as far as water i have no idea what it costs but it should be split 3 ways, you 1/3 and her the rest, her child will most likely bath daily, also she will have double laundry, I would not pay more than 1/3 of everything

  22. Cant you guys go 50/50 ?

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