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Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

I’m just not getting why alot of people are angry with the unvaccinated. If the vaccine was a vaccine that would stop transmission I can say yes to the vaccine. But what alot of us are forgetting is that point of what a vaccine is supposed to serve as.

Look people you need to stop blaming the unvaccinated for their choice of not getting the vaccine because the government threatened you of your job or whatever is why you got urs. How is that the unvaccinated people’s problem. We should be holding the government accountable and not the unvaccinated. Is the life that you want to live a life of no choice of what you eat or where you go and probably not being able to have privacy at all. Well people keep up with the blaming the wrong people and that is the life you will soon enough be living. The doctor’s that are supporting this vaccine are doing it because they are getting rich from their advocating and pushing this agenda. I have all other vaccines that a person should have but this one I am not going to chance my life with something that I don’t even know what am I putting into my body and for the fact that mrna vaccines the mrna itself is under law that is the property of the owner of that particular patent and I’ll be damm if I’m going to freely offer myself to someone I have never meet that now owns my body because of what is inside of me. Do your fuckin research people and see for yourself before it’s to late to do something about what has happened. What do you have to lose by doing some research into something that is going to lead us into a world of destruction in such ways we can’t even imagine. But please we need to start standing beside each other vaccinated or not and we need to hold the system responsible for bringing this onto us . Like the government of Canada was inquiring about tear gas and riot gear for the covid 19 riots back in 2015 . Go look for yourself. Stand up for the government has gone Rouge. We need to win this because there will be no future for our kids or grandchildren and they need us to put aside our differences and work together to secure a better future for them.



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  1. StopShootingTheShitManGetOfTheNeedleBruh says:

    I’m still waiting for the iVax11S to come out. It will be magnificent and fully personalized, I’m sure of it! I hope to even ping like a beacon! I dont want to keep incurring debt and upgrading to the next iVax all the time. I will just save up and keep operating on my current system and device for now.

  2. OuthouseEdmonton says:

    Understandable why you don’t like Edmonton anymore. I never did. Happiness awaits those who take the sacred journey away from it.
    Did you see the cops in the vaginal rejuvenation post? And they want more money and respect! I noticed an error also, Karen Principe is a city councillor not a school trustee. Karens be Karens. To be honest, Aaron Paquette is probably the only one who is not a crooked crook on that MJ round table.
    Defund the police, Edmonton needs infrastructure and happiness, not more uniform criminals.

  3. MeNoLikeEdmontonNoMoreMeGoToBCAlsoBye says:

    Oh vaccinations? I think there are more important issues than the NAtionalZIonist VaxPass.
    Anyone care to discuss the sub-slavic Gopniks in the EPS?

  4. Nobodygotimmunized says:

    Feds messed up, provinces messed and even municipalities messed up. Vaccinations are not even immunizations. Transmitting and contracting Covid is still a thing with or without a vaccination. We definitely should not be experimenting on our youth. The mix and matching of vaccinating is also ridiculous, as is the amount of vaccinations discarded. And how many boosters are recommended now? Especially since the vaccinations are showing they are useless to variants.

  5. Brent says:

    I don’t think the majority of people realize that being vaccinated doesn’t protect you from the virus. Most people got it either of fear, or they were tricked into believing they would get their freedom back. Watching Global News or CTV, is not a good way to get the truth about what is going on or listening to the government. Most people probably don’t even know about what is going on Australia, or Austria.