Looking for advice from a healthcare professional or thoughts about the flu vaccine. Never got one but after reading about all the hospitalization and deaths I am considering taking my young kids to get one. Do the vaccines actually work, what is to be expected, and did you get one? Ive heard stories of people actually getting sicker more often aftwr getting one. Not really down with antivaccine crap. All our immunization are up to date except for this flu shot.


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  1. I suggest using reputable le resources to make an educated, informed decision. Are their risks to getting the shot? To yourself, yes. Are there risks to not getting the shot? Yes, to yourself and others. I know hearing stories on each side are scary but there is NOTHING without risk. Try this

  2. I got my kiddo his first flu shot this year, it was unpleasant for him and he needs a booster in a couple of weeks but I’d rather put him through a few minutes of fear and discomfort than risk the illness it prevents. I would never forgive myself if he got sick with something I could have prevented.

  3. Sheila Gault Sheila Gault says:

    I agree with Crystal Monkman definitely look into side effects and reactions
    It’s such a controversial subject, I’ve only ever had 3 vaccinations and now wouldn’t even consider it due to side effects

  4. I haven’t read the comments yet, I’m ready.

  5. dO VAcCIneS ActUaLly WOrK

  6. I got mine last year and i was fine!

  7. Kendra Brown Kendra Brown says:

    I’ve been of the same mindset, worried about the shot. I have a good friend in healthcare and I talked to her about it, as I have crappy reactions to shots (I am sore, sick and fevered for a day or two) but her argument was this. Would you rather feel yucky for two days, or would you rather end up in the hospital for two weeks and possibly die? Its worth the two days. We havent gotten them yet but I’m planning on it.

  8. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    You aren’t anti-vaccine educated because you don’t have a vaccine injured child – yet. There’s a reason why the flu vaccine is combined with other vaccines, so you can’t opt out of it. Since mercury was removed from children’s fillings, the system has to dummy down the population another way – through childhood vaccines that contain a minimum of 25000X the safe level of mercury FOR AN ADULT, and that’s if the bottle is properly shaken before being drawn into the syringe. When I was a kid I got 6 vaccines total and my generation is fully immune. Now kids get up around 75 vaccines by age 6. There is a direct correlation between an increase of vaccines and rates of autism. Think before you poke.

  9. My daughter was fully vaccinated, I never got the flu shot. In sepyember 2016 she caught a cold. This cold left her completely paralyzed. I’m not sure if the flu shot would have help prevent the cold which resulted in a rare illness called Acute Flaccid Myelitis. We are also told now after almost 2years of recovery, not to get her that shot. It’s so scary and so tricky as what is right. Also the illness shows up in anti vacs and vaccinated children.

  10. My son and I got the shot this year. My husband did not. He’s currently laying in bed boarderline taking to the hospital due to dehydration. My son has not been sick at all and I got a chest cold that took me off work for 3 days due to coughing and loss of voice.
    My husband is suffering because he didnt get it. I’m mildly sick but I’ll be fine. My son is fine.
    Get the shot.

  11. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    Just a thought…. As a person who can not get the flu shot as I would probably die from it because I’m allergy to it, GET THE SHOT!. Not only are you protecting yourself and your family but other people you come incontact with. I can not get the shot so the only protection I have is the people around me that have gotten the shot. Please have pity on me, as I get older my risk increases of dying from the flu. I know someone out there is working on a vaccine that does not require egg to work but until then I and others are at your mercy.

    • Same here! Since I’m allergic to raw egg whites, they won’t administer the injection. Not only that, but I also have a compromised immune system.

      PLEASE, get your flu shot so that I don’t have to be sick. If I get sick, I have to go to the hospital and use up valuable resources that other people need too!

  12. I get one every year. Sometimes I feel ick after for a day but far better then what the flu would be. I rarely get the flu and if I do it’s one of the less serious strains so not included in the vaccines. They take the top (three I think) that cause the worst issues and come up with the vaccine. By the time the vaccine gets here is gone through Australia and one other country. Also remember you vaccinating you and your kids helps herd immunity for those who are unable to get the flu shot such as immunocompromised people. The Science behind this vaccine is sound but sometimes they guess wrong as to which strains are going to be the dominate ones which if I recall right is what happened last year. I am a mother of a child who died from her medical issues but she could have survived had those who came in contact with her gotten the flu shot. The cause of death was ruled flu despite the aplastic anemia which is an immunocompromising illness and the blood transfusions. She got her flu shot but wasn’t as protected as her immune system couldn’t react as fast or strong as your average 4 year old. Go for the vaccine don’t take the risk. Even if they have a minor reaction it is alot worse if you lose your child and you could have prevented it. Feel free to PM me if you want more details

  13. Vaccines are population control

  14. Terra Hedley Terra Hedley says:

    The simple fact with all the information out there that you ask this question on this forum, makes me question your ability to be a mother/father. You are asking complete strangers to debate the choices you should know how to make. Please educate yourself so your children can benefit. Best of luck to you and yours.

  15. Ellie Marie Ellie Marie says:

    I have never got a flu shot and haven’t got a flu in 10 years… I won’t be getting one, no artificial immunity for me.

  16. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    My buddy got vaccined, third month with the flu…me never, I’m fine. Bodies have to be allowed to fight in order to build strong immune systems…but you go ahead, vaccinate your kid ,then when a virus comes along that he/she has no vaccine for his/her body won’t know how to fight

  17. Jenny Penny Jenny Penny says:

    I got Guillian Barre Syndrome from the flu shot in 2009. It has forever changed my life and there is no going back. I wish I had known GBS was a potential “side effect” (I use ” ” because it is SO much more then a side effect) to the flu shot. Yes you can get sick from the flu & yes some people die from it – however alot were already health compromised in one way or another. GBS does not discriminate. I was a healthy 25 year old mother to a 10 month old – scared by the H1N1 “epidemic” & gave in to pressure from the health system / workers. Never again.

  18. Don’t listen to anti vaxers. Go see your doctor!!! Thats the best advice you can ever get! A trained MD!

  19. Get the shot. For you and for those around you. I never used to. Now I do.

  20. After my cousins son had his 6 month vaccine within 3 days he was paralyzed from the neck down , he has had health issues ever since . No thanks !

  21. It only protects against the strains they decide to include in the vaccine the reason why h1N1 hit so hard that year is because they were completely wrong and didn’t include it in that year. And there is absolutely more then just it hurts has cons my daughter and I will never get this vaccine

    • From the CDC website….

      ”Cell-grown flu vaccine will be quadrivalent. For this vaccine, the influenza A(H3N2) and both influenza B reference viruses will be cell-derived, and the influenza A(H1N1) will be egg-derived. All these reference viruses will be grown in cells to produce the components of Flucelvax.’

  22. Someone I care about almost died fromt the flu we make a day of it now. Shots ice cream and book shore shopping. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

  23. If you get it be prepared to live in a bubble for a few weeks while your immune system is weakened and building a defense against it. Sure fire way to catch anything you come into contact with a week or so after.

  24. My kids have never had the flu vaccine and are very healthy… I’ve had it twice couple years apart… those were the worst winters as far as health goes. I was so damn sick. I’ll never get it again… And if my kids or I ever get the flu, I’ll make sure we combating fever and dehydration.

  25. Karen Marie Karen Marie says:

    I have gotten the flu shot & will never again. Reason; In April last year, I ended up being hospitalized. I got diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. Yes, the flu shot caused this & I know 2 others that this happened too from the flu shot. It paralyzed me from my T11, down. My life has completely changed & I’m still struggling with it today. I have a friend/co worker that got clots in her lungs from the flu shot as well. There are some doctors who will confirm this but never on paper. Facts are that the flu shot affects 1 in a million people & in a lot of cases, it’s life changing.
    At the end of the day, it is your decision & I’ll never tell anyone not to get it but I will share my story. It’s a difficult decision to make considering all the pros and cons but do what you feel is right.

  26. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Me and my family have never gotten flu shots ever. We are going on Tuesday. Last year we all had influenza. The really bad one. I’ve never been so sick in my life. Taking care of my daughter who was also sick while we were sick was one of the hardest weeks of my life. She ended up getting strep and scarlet fever on top of the flu and we had to go to the hospital twice. She was severely dehydrated. It was so scary. Me and my husband had to take turns sleeping in the waiting room at emerg because we were both so sick we could hardly function but still had to take care of her and make sure she was ok. She needed a ridiculous amount of fluids. I never want to do that again. If the flu shot even gives even a 20% chance of not being that sick again it’s worth it.

  27. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    I worked in healthcare for many years and worked in flu clinics for several of those. When developing the vaccine, the WHO (World Health Organization) makes the determination (lol – it’s basically an educated guess based on history) of which strains / substrains will be included in the vaccine. Since there are many strains and substrains of the Flu and they can only include 3 in the vaccine typically – you can get the flu shot but if a strain hits that is not one of the 3 covered in the vaccine – you have little immunity regardless of getting the shot or not. It is key to understand that the flu affects the very young and the very old most severely. Also key to note that you should never get the shot if you’re not feeling well. Getting the vaccine when you’re not feeling well or have an underlying virus looming, can magnify a symptoms you may already be fighting off – this is where people wrongly think that getting the flu shot made them sick lol. Getting a flu shot does not protect you against ALL strains of flu viruses but – it does give you some protection – which some would say is better than nothing 😉 Also, it does take about 2 weeks for it to be fully effective in your body and it lasts about 3 months – Prime time to get the shot would be mid November as the worst flu season typically tends to be Dec / Jan / Feb – here’s to your health – Cheers!

  28. Yep, especially after watching how bad a year it has been via stats and seeing that every child hospitalized for the flu did not recieve the flu shot. Not one.

    We personally know of a child who has been hospitalized for h1n1, they had him in a medically induced coma prior to Christmas. He’s still hospitalized because of complications in blood flow from the h1n1 that has resulted in the need for amputation of digits and a leg.

    It’s a choice we all need to make ourselves. After the above, we immediately got ours and will continue to do so.

  29. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Not sure what this year’s efficacy rate is, but if you come into regular contact with children, the elderly, or immunocompromised persons, you should probably get it.

  30. The flu is no joke. I know people whose children have been hospitalized. My son had influenza when he was a year and a half.old. He was very sick. Most people think a bad cold is the flu. It’s also not a stomach bug. It’s very serious and can lead to life threatening secondary infections like pneumonia.

  31. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    My buddy got vaccined, third month with the flu…me never, I’m fine. Bodies have to be allowed to fight in order to build strong immune systems…but you go ahead, vaccinate your kid ,then when a virus comes along that he/she has no vaccine for his/her body won’t know how to fight

  32. Lisa Fedyck Lisa Fedyck says:

    Personal preference only you can decide

  33. I’m a type 1 diabetic and have never had the shot. I won’t get it, no one in our family does. I’m not against vaccines. Whatever you chose talk to people, read up on it and make an informed choice

  34. Candice Thew Candice Thew says:

    This years vaccine has very mild side effects. Everyone I’ve talked to just had sore arms for a couple days (me and my kids included).
    We all still got the flu this year, but not influenza.

    • that’s the only thing I got too. My arm was stiff and achy for a couple weeks but at least I haven’t caught the flu yet. I have to get the shot even though I’m not supposed to because so many anti vac ppl. They don’t help protect the elderly, children and those of us who have disease that would debilitate us if we got sick and would never recover the way healthy ppl would.

  35. Jenny… care to comment on your experience with the flu shot?

  36. Terri Bee Terri Bee says:

    I’m a nurse, I got it, my husband got it, as well as all 3 of our children. I definitely recommend it but if you’re looking for info…

  37. Dean Klassen Dean Klassen says:

    Me and my 2 kids have been getting flu shots for the past 9 years. None of us ever got sick. I know not everyone gets the flu but why take the risk? You will certainly wish you had gotten the shot if you get the flu. Plus, the shot helps prevent it from spreading to at risk groups.

  38. Health care worker here: It’s literally impossible to get the flu from the vaccine, it’s not a live virus. It takes about 2 weeks for the flu vaccine to create immunity in your body, so if you get the vaccine and get influenza right afterwards it’s just bad timing, not related. Most people who say they got “the flu” actually just got a bad cold, influenza is an entirely different virus and is much more serious than even the worst cold. No, the vaccine isn’t 100% effective and some years it misses the mark, but even if you get influenza after receiving the vaccine it’s going to be less severe than if you didn’t receive the vaccine because it can make the symptoms more mild even if it can’t stop the symptoms from occurring.

    Pros for vaccine: Don’t get potentially life threatening influenza, don’t pass it on to people who are too sick or too young to receive the vaccine themselves, limit influenza symptoms if you do get influenza, it’s totally free.

    Cons for vaccine: it’s hurts a lil’ bit for a second.

    Don’t trust any “sources” that aren’t able to cite actual peer reviewed medical studies. Facebook comments and blogs you find on google aren’t reputable sources.

  39. Yup pls get the shot you may still get a lesser version but not like if you went vaccinated the numbers are high this year and the flu can be prevented

  40. Stucky Betty Stucky Betty says:

    I never got the flu shot this year and still feel okay. Last year I got the flu shot and got severly ill over the holidays I had to get antibiotics and puffers to feel better.

  41. I work in healthcare and have never had a flu vaccine. It is really a personal choice on what you think is best for your family. The vaccine itself can’t give you the flu but like all medications and vaccines it can have side effects ranging from mild to severe, depending on your body. It only helps protect against certain strains and I’m not sure if they have come out yet with the information on how effective it is this year. I believe last year it was 10% effective if memory serves. All the best.

  42. Ibolya Nagy Ibolya Nagy says:

    I’m 68. Registered Nurse. Never had a flu shot, never had the flu. Mom is 90 she never had either also. You have to decide yourself.

  43. Jessie Joyal Jessie Joyal says:

    In 29 years I have only skipped the flu shot once. That was the one and only time I’ve ever had the flu

  44. H1N1 has been deadly this year. Ask anyone who works in Emerg. They are seeing very serious cases, some leading to death. Your flu shot is not just to protect you, but protect others around you- your kids, the elderly or immune compromised.

  45. Definitely get it, especially if you have any sort of relationship with children, the sick, or the elderly. I have asthma and my son has type 1 diabetes, the flu can very quickly land either of us in a hospital. We’ve been flu free for years, and we intend to keep it that way to the best of our ability

  46. Teri Sherry Teri Sherry says:

    You can talk to a pharmascist too.

  47. Never took the flu vaccine but in 2015 got very sick with H1N1. Never been so sick in my life. Now I am 1st in line the day the clinics open. Never want to be that sick again. ,,,,, thought death was knocking on my door!

  48. Myself and my child has had the ‘flu’ shot a couple years ago and ended up sick for months on end with the flu. I’ve refused since and I’ve gotten a cold, which lasted a couple weeks, but he hasn’t since. According to our doctor, you have to have them for a few years consequently for it to build in your system to actually work to where you wont get the actual ‘flu’ it says it prevents.
    Every year the strains change. You’re never actually getting a shot to prevent from the current strain. To each their own on that one. My children are vaccinated, except from the flu shot now.

    • You need to Google Hudson Pedlar- an 8 year old who fought for his life at the Stollery fighting H1N1. He barely survived and had to have his leg amputated below the knee.

    • 1 person out of how many that dont get the shot??? Have you considered there are perhaps other factors that may have caused this one person to be in this circumstance? Like anything else, if my family is prone to a particular illness, chances are, me and my offspring will be too. Or the other side of certain illness that affect 1 in a 1000, or whatever. Dont just blame because the one wasnt given a flu shot. In the end, it’s the person itself who is subject to getting a vaccine or illness from either getting or refraining to getting a shot. Everyone reacts differently and unfortunately, some suffer worse than others. Everyone bodies react differently and one cannot for sure say exactly how each and everyone reacts. I can only speak for how myself and my children reacts to the shots. Which is sick for months and does not prevent what is suppose too.

    • Stephanie Lambert- H1N1 has been particularly tough on kids this year. I’m sure these parents had wished they had immunized their kids.

    • I dont disagree that these parents wished they vaccinated. But in all realness, if you actually look at it and “Google ” it says some are harmless while others are deadly. That Doesnt mean that all that doesnt vaccinate are going to be harmed. And it doesnt give an exact percentage that won’t or will be affected. It just isnt a guarantee of how which ones who contract a ‘cold’ which will develop into h1n1. Nothing is a guarantee and no matter how much you prepare for it, if its bound to happen, it will.
      While your at it, why dont you look another people who thought they were mildly ill and turned out to be cancer. Or how my family member recently had an upset stomach for 2 days thinking it was a stomach bug and died at age 34. Something so simple as a bad stomach.

    • Dexter Blacklab exactly Dexter.

    • Dexter Blacklab Although that is a very sad story I know of children who are paralyzed for life from the vaccine. Nothing in life is 100% and families have the right to decide which risks they take.

    • Dexter Blacklab Although that is a very sad story I know of children who are paralyzed for life from the vaccine. Nothing in life is 100% and families have the right to decide which risks they take.

    • Carmen Shaw Carmen Shaw says:

      You forgot to put the word doctor in quotes since a real doctor would not say this. That is NOT how they work.

  49. Impossible to get the flu from the flu vaccine. It’s very important to get immunized, and the flu is nothing to fuck with. Especially this year. The vaccine is the best protection you can get, so the sooner you can get in for the shot the better

  50. Cindy Moore Cindy Moore says:

    Call health link or ask your family doctor. I’ve been getting it yearly and never experienced any issues. I’m sure many people will tell you otherwise. Talk to a trusted healthcare provider to make your final decision.

  51. You can’t get sick from getting the flu shot, it’s not a live virus. Get it, even if you do end up getting the flu, symptoms will be less severe if you have had the flu shot. This year the h1n1 strain is the one making everyone really sick and it’s one of the strains included in this year’s vaccine.

  52. Yes, they work. Its and inactive vaccine so you cannot get the flu from it. It does take 2 weeks before it provides coverage, so if you are exposed to the flu before the 2 weeks are up, you can still get the flu.

    • If my memory is correct, I think they said this one protects for the swine flu as well. A lot of us older folks apparently have a natural immunity due to a previous exposure, but ppl under 30 may not! Get the shot! 😉

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