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Vaginal rejuvenation

I am wondering if any ladies have gotten a vaginal rejuvenation.

Where and what are the costs of such a procedure? Any advice would be amazing.

Thanks a lot!!



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  1. says:

    I don’t need vaginal rejuvenation but rather clit-stimulation! That’s the hongman in me.
    I appreciate all the good comments about the police. The media is only trying to ruin the reputation of the EPS. It’s not like we already have 1000s of complaints this year and lawyers are being bombarded with endless people trying to litigate against us! That’s so false. We manage our own affairs and discipline, we don’t need civilians and journalists to interrupt all the good progress we have made. Everything you heard about Hunter Robinz are allegations. He, like myself, has had a flawless career and neither of us are offenders and repeat offenders; we have the 6 weeks training, high school diplomas and the experience, so it is quite clear we are necessary to keep Edmonton safe. It is also foolish to even suggest that instead of being restrained by fear of a superior or punishment, that us outstanding EPS behave more aggressively because our supervisors and observers do not step in to restrain and correct our criminal behaviour.
    And since Albertans need an education, get on down and buy hongman freakmason Cst Tony Chin’s china-bad, China very bad, a twue story based hearsay and hate propaganda, and written at a grade 4 literary level.
    Thanks for listening and keep serving and funding us!

  2. says:

    Just giving a big shoutout to my white and blue family, the Edmonton Police Service. We are Edmonton’s finest. As a white, racist, zionist I was going to chose Israel but instead came to Canada. Edmonton is the best. EPS is the best.
    Big shoutout to SW department! Joanne Schrader is fabulous and will get the job done. Bradley Skuba is just an all around great guy who will keep doing great things for Edmonton also. And the Fedechko’s, both Dan and Doug, well I have never met more honourable, brave, gorgeous, physically and mentally fit people and the way they flex routinely putting people on restraining bars is one of that greatest acts of courage I have ever seen. I also want to give an enormous shoutout to one of my all time favourite jews, Deputy Chief Kevin Brezinski, what a man who likes to play cover up and really one could say he’s undercover being asleep on the job all day long.
    I need a new PED connection because Greg Lewis got framed.

    I also want to give a shoutout to EPS preferred businesses. Big shoutout to jewboy Allan Russell of Sheepdog Brewing, it is the liquid courage we need when don’t have our magical misanthropic badges.
    Everyone also get down to freakmason Mah’s Destination Donuts on 124st. Nothing beats an overpriced, stale dognut! Only racist, lockerroom kkk poster CST Brad Lebritton is not interested because he licks dog nuts after they chew on indigenous women.

  3. says:

    I am looking to recruit more pillars of the community and highschool doctorates to serve and protect the EPS. We! Are! Always! Hiring!
    With almost 25% of the Edmonton tax base funding us, the people of Edmonton have so much to be thankful for. Edmonton can always trust and count on us. I also love Bradley Skuba’s idea below about supporting Skuba Dental but I must advise that freakmason and Hongman Benevolence Michael Lee is a much better dentist. With more goons being hired, maybe Edmontonians, both innocent and arrested or detained, can pick up their teeth with broken fingers and then go see Michael Lee for fair market price work done.

  4. RCMP Rabban Rabbi Malcolm Gutfriend says:

    Sorry Canada, all RCMP forensics including the chain of custody, have been compromised for the last 30 years; or that’s at least what conspiracy theorists and criminals would claim seeing I am a cryptic gang member in a masonic institution. I heard chatter about freakmasons, shriners, kiddy snatchers and touchers, cops, jews, fat people, corruption – I am all that and a Wawa Rabban! Just recently retired as RCMP forensics director so I have even more time to serve the craft. RCMP forensics are still in good masonic hands, Wong will do it all Wong as well.
    Would you like to be friends?
    iHeart Malcolm Gutfriend and RCMP Forensics.

    God Bless the Queen of the UGLE and the RCMP (RoyalCrypticMasonicPonysoldiers)

  5. wBro Darren Zanatta says:

    Oh my white anglo-hebrew God! Did somebody mention stupids, freakmasons, steriods, cops, hicks and court?
    I LOVE! Freemasonry more than my Trish who loves court. I LOVE! Cops/hicks, ‘roids and other enhancements, dirtbikes and ATVs and our blessed GMO Canola. We definitely need more cops/hicks to protect rural alberta from these people who woke and gots dem edumuhcations and skillz.
    Giving a big shoutout to my brethren pedos at the shrine! Ummm pah pah pipes and bums.
    Love Darren Zanatta #1874 and lodge prosti Trish Zanatta

  6. DefundTheEPS! says:

    I think chief mcfee is handicap unless that is just the normal functioning of hicks from Prince Alberta Skkk. Funny enough he fits in alberta pretty well also!
    EPS are the biggest waste of tax dollars ever.

  7. HolyMolly says:

    Umm so I heard Chief McFee say Edmonton Police needs funding to be effective? Ummm wtf? I do not believe that funding is what would correct, fix, reprimand and punish them.
    Refund the tax payer, defund the police.

  8. says:

    This is totally my topic of discussion!
    First off Adele Skuba requires vaginal rejuvenation, I don’t think it’s suppose to be that closed and smelly. Can she get a weight loss coupon with a vaginal rejuvenation?
    Secondly, as a member of the EPS I am also here to panhandle for public support and blind respect. We need your help people because the EPS has the complaint-for-promotion program going on and I hope to be Sgt-Det-Insp in 2022. As a repeat offender and typical EPS coward, I believe in myself so show some support. I wish good luck, to the endless people filing complaints and trying to sue us!
    Thirdly, I want to be honest and admit the EPS routinely embarrasses itself. I was hoping we could be knocking out more teeth to support Skuba Dental but we have only managed to kick in craniums, hit pedestrians with cars, break ribs and backs, have children murdered and abused, damage private property and smash through fences, fabricate police files on people, force people to jump off balconies, harass business people not associated to the craft and blue family, try to suffocate people, violate fundamental rights, attempt no knock and no warrant raids, stab people with keys, beat women and our exes, enjoy putting BIPOC on restraining bars, beat and maim innocent people and people being arrested/detained, GHB and rape girls, see drugs and steroids and cover for criminals and criminal organizations. That all said can the public be a little more supportive and make the change to Skuba Dental? This place really touches….my heart. You can also show support to the EPS (like me Bradley or recently retired Terry Rocchio), YOUR Oilers, YOUR hero creepo Gene Prinicpe and sportnet, YOUR school board with Karen Principe, YOUR serial rapist CF/DND/ATO/CFHA with our lodge prosti Lisa Bergt and freakshow David Bergt. So come on down to Skuba Dental and we will give you a coupon to deal with the fraudulent puke Terry Paranych when shopping real estate.

    Everybody have a happy and overconsuming Christmas. Let us also remember to enjoy my polish-jew white Jesus’s lightshow. Thanks in advance for your much needed support.

  9. says:

    Yes yes yes! My fat vagina has been rejuvenated! Oh Yahweh oy veh!

    Ya little kids should definitely be abused, abducted, masturbated next to, and even murdered like little Bella. I am an expert and accessory to all of the above. What is important is not the the security, safety, health, life and best interests of children but rather that uneducated white-anglo trash women get their drugs, booze, dick and government transfers whenever they want.

    White women and jew women are so marginalized and abused that I can no longer stand for or with the entitlement and privilege of all these these Indian, Black, Brown and other bitches on the colour wheel.
    We need more cops, Edmonton is very dangerous with all these immigrants around.

    The Schraders

  10. Ariela Ze'evi says:

    That’s right Irwin! And just like our jewess Carol Bennett said, they just want money.
    You are such magnificent man right from “Canadian” parliamentaries for jewry and jewish Congress to the anti-islamic Terrorism Act and our familial and business associations to the zio-con Likud party and the Knesset.
    I still can’t think of one single vulnerable, impoverished jew in the world – this playing the victim works quite well on fat, uneducated and brainwashed north americans.

    We will always win, here is the formula:
    Masonic-jew affiliated state + masonic-jew affiliated media = masonic-jew state affiliated media.

  11. Jewboy Irwin Cotler says:

    It’s your super jew Irwin Cotler. I am here at pedophile Trudeau’s command to stop this anti-Semitism going on! Us poor jews and masons are victims yet we still have achieved the most democratic definition of anti-Semitic. We are not monopolizing the term Semite because everyone else are not semites, they are wild beasts. We must make Canada even more masonic-jew and must also emulate the jewSA giving most of its foreign aid to poor, vulnerable, unarmed and pacifist Israel.
    We must also boycott China for its human rights because China is the genocidal, kiddy snatchers…not Canada! Canada is pure.
    These posters here just want a government cheque. Alberta! get out and support jewjet I mean west jet, or park at Impark and grab an indigo book to support the IDF or catch a movie at Cineplex to get edjewcated by Hollywood, all owning you with the zionist genocidal jew Gerry Schwartz…..oops I mean highly marginalized and vulnerable Gerry Schwartz.

  12. says:

    Lewis Cheung, you know it bro!
    I was already appointed as judge being another masonic-pedo. And my pedo number is #1262 if anyone needs confirmation.
    Come down to al shamal shrine because my bros all need a vaginal rejuvenation also.

    Jeff Peddle #1856 always keeping FtMc safe and definitely not doing roids with EPS. We are confident his charges will be stayed.

    Ed Kuzikowski #1577 SolGen Office, investigations, law enforcement oversight; touched so many youth with EPS.

    Ivan Penny #1581 UA Local 488, VPedo! Mmm mmm lubrication, oil and gas.

    Love Doctor Raffath Sayeed #1315 harbours sexual offenders from Nigeria, had sexual relations with patients, still loves but no longer a doctor.

    Martin Phillips #1864 City of Edmonton, IT and security, so much city of Edm IT and security! Hohohohahaha

    Todd Walsh #1805 WCB exec, probably get appointed as justice one day also just like Justice pedo Mah.

    Rodney Carleton #1734 s/sgt and recruiting RCMP, picks fights with civilians and when off duty also, gets mad if mention Charley Sheens girls to others.

    Dave Rose #1680 typical obese albertan, western reality with super fit hebrew masonic daddy in-law Gogal), advocates for assassination of Justin Trudeau. Western Reality is large and in charge.

    Marcel Boulanger #1601 typical super fit CF, now ret’d, currently full-time masonic propaganda agent and advocating for the “western (UK) republic of Canada” ; typical fit AB/SK prairie rocket scientist.

    Raul Zuria #1671 Calum Peace #1632 addettos men’s wear, clothing for obese white collar trash, huuuuuuge market in edmonton!

    Al Maawia #1786 one of our Sr. Mining Eng @ Syncrude. His son Hussain deals drugs.

    Tony Lee #1116 Elite Promotional with suburban jew Schamehorn (kids Matt and Gord do roids, drugs, associated to substance cartels); gravy train with masonic OEG and city of edm/ftEdm.

    Michael Lundquist #1858 GovtAb, Indigenous Relations, policy and capital planning. Part time model for addettos “men’s” wear.

    Lee Konidas #1810 ‘Greece’ drips off him. MetalSmiths, MS Group, MTL Group, Silver Anvil. Likes to wrestle naked with men, like Greeks do. Keep it quiet though he has an ego to protect.

    Brian Mennis #1271 IG Wealth, regional director. Always seeking more gratification.

    Murray Koch #0317 racist, zionist, islamophobe, old jew like the whole car sales family. Koch Auto Group. Just love them!

    Craig Corser #1250 typical super educated and highly fit ‘bertan. Yellowhead Wood Products. wBro and brother Clyde Corser (UCP Yellowhead west)

    John Hackwell #1691 Jubillee Insurance, AAMDC. Another racist zionist.

    Rob Heron #1624 KPR partner, past EE, the best like all Herons incl s(hi)t albert’s mayor who also like Our minister Pon. I love all my esoteric Herons, so much.

    Don Mah #1630 Blombuds. Likes to chase the dragon. Yes you all watch out we are the Mahs, Pons, Hos, Chans, Leungs, Chows, Lees, Lais, Cheungs, Kwong etc.

  13. says:

    I think age of consent should be 12years to accommodate my desires and penis size. I know many masons within the government, police and courts, this should really happen sooner than later!
    Stop Hong Kong hate. Stop the racism targeting us victimized Hong Kong for changing money.

  14. Ken Kwong says:

    Russia bad, China bad, Japan bad, India bad, Indonesia bad, stop Asian hate and support your “Chinese” freemasons from Hong Kong.
    Chase the dragon and be running dog of a zionist ‘Merica; don’t forget to be islamophobic, hate Muslims in your western country, blow up Muslims in their countries and pretend you care about China’s Muslims.
    Since on topic of China, don’t forget to support masonic TorStar, Global, CTV, Globe and Mail, mennonites, freemasons, the Jets and Leafs, and chinese freemasons for their Chinese “genocide” propaganda while failing to report on the ongoing genocide and kiddy snatching in the dominion of Canada. And Kelechi Madu has been very supportive of us so don’t talk bad about that true Canadian.

    Spread the love 4 me, Ken Kwong.

  15. Ray Novak says:

    Thank Yahweh for Martin Rivard coming to save the day! There is far too much chatter here about lodges, Rabbi Chinabad Harper, the Mannings and Canada Strong and Free, jewry, zionism and our long cons.
    We need to REFORM! these ungrateful trolls. Oh I can do vaginal rejuvenation from a rent-free con-garage if any young girls are interested!

  16. Tulio Filice says:

    You’re a good man Martin Rivard. Toddlers should drink, be abducted, abused and grown adults should also masturbate next to them! Just ask my wife JM Filice.

  17. Martin Rivard says:

    I need vaginal rejuvenation for my mangina.
    I, Martin Rivard, like kids/philanthropy/freemasonry, creepo-staches, electronic warfare and cyber perving, Algonquin college mismanagement, masonic economic-social development, GOC. More importantly call me Prince Martin Rivard, svp et merci, as I am that! great!. CF, as we all know, means creepy and/or fat and I happen to that profile with commanding proficiency. Of course I’m all that and more: DND disorganized management, CSEC interceptor, masonic CSIS ass-it, J9, G6, IRIS, (US) NSA joint sexurity. I also enjoy photography like dismembered wBro Dave Walker and secretly admire Justin Trudeau’s bros like Peter Dalglish and Chris Ingvaldson. I also enjoy ummm pah pah pipes and bums, I mean pipes and drums.
    Alberta is a desirable place to live obviously. Well Canada is also being a playground. So this is a final warning to the ‘problematic’ website trolls drawing unwanted attention to [y]Our Alberta and Canada There will be no more mentioning of lodges, shrines, churches, synagogues, zionism, kiddy snatching, pedophiles, rabbi Harpers, or Our other Lodge prostitutes. Get out and do something productive and watch your zio masonic Oilers, Flames, Jets or Leafs on the TV.

  18. WhiteCriminalsAndSkids says:

    Alberta is the filthiest and sickest place in the developed world. Well I wouldn’t even call Alberta developed because it is not. It is a trailer park for filthy, fat, pieces of shit who only possess enough intelligence to speak English, watch the masonic Oilers and Flames, eat masonic timbits, snort sulphur and suck pipe for low grade oil and gas.

  19. NonPartisanIndependentContractor says:

    I do lots of vaginal rejuvenation; the women are in ecstasy afterwards and come back for more.

    The real reason I posted was because comments are closed for the looking for a lawyer post. I wanted to add something regarding Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group. Here it is.

    Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group is ridiculous. I did my research. This firm charges for services not provided and has been caught more than once committing perjury and filing false affidavits to court, and as OFFICERS OF THE COURT. This firm demonstrates that lawyers = liars. For starters, Jordan Crerar, Erika Hagen and Christian Larsen should be disbarred but I would have to assume alberta will further acknowledge and praise this criminal filth. It is also disturbing that Erika Hagen is a nepotist appointed board member of CPLEA; interesting that the fat, little, entitled, spoiled, deadbeat lowlife is ‘educating’ people on “law” and “justice” but can not understand simple legal concepts such as FRAUD and PERJURY.
    To make things even more disturbing, Sandra Badejo, the buck tooth wombat, was appointed to the human right’s Commission. What sick joke being partnered with the biggest scum in Edmonton. This appointment has already created a conflict of interest between Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group revenues/partners/associates and HUMAN RIGHT’S. If it was not for the freemasons, Nigerians (human trafficking capital of Africa) would never ne appointed to human rights Commission or as minister of justice like Kelechi (Kaycee) Madu. When Kelechi Madu is not inciting hate on twitter or is busy hiding from the public, someone should ask the Non-Canadian, zionist shoe shining Nigerian, who can not even pronounce “Alberta” properly, about his primary and secondary associations to appointed Nigerians like Sandra Badejo, hong Kong freemasons (Ho’s, Mah’s, Ma’s. Pon’s, Chow’s, Wong’s, Cheung’s. Leung’s, Chin’s, Chong’s, Lai’s, Lee’s etc), big fat judicial and Ex-Premier freemasons, and even human traffickers who also sell real estate.

    This is good ole alberta! Kiddy snatchers, kiddy diddlers, legal criminals and repeat offenders, secret societies and agendas. It will always be 1905 in anglo-hebrew alberta! Alberta can not even understand rule of law and due process much less manage law, order, justice (education, healthcare, infrastructure, innovation, quality of life for Albertans, etc etc etc) and wants its own police force even! Bahahahaha. Too funny. Almost as funny as albertans being foolish enough to blame Ontario and Quebec for Rabbi Chinabad Harper’s and boy loving Jason Kenney’s equalization formula which they tabulated.