Vehicle Collision

Here is my rant..
Was driving on the Henday yesterday (towards Sherwood park) and a metal object flew off a vehicle I didn’t have enough time to dodge it.
The truck drove off and I didn’t have enough time to get the license plate, I was in shock and occupied navigating my vehicle off to the side of the Henday.

Now I’m left with a $1000 bill as I need to replace the rim and get a wheel alignment. No one stopped to help me out. It could of been worse, just needed to rant.
The worst part is I just got these winter tires put on my vehicle on Friday along with a wheel alignment.

Attached is a picture, this was clearly supposed to be attached to a vehicle. My hope is people can do proper checks on their vehicles as this accident could of been a lot worse.



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  1. Looks like a flap bar off a trailer. Jeez that sucks!

  2. Winona Brady Winona Brady says:

    I had that happen too. $600 worth of damage to my vehicle. I feel your pain.

  3. On my b-day a few years ago I had a road rage incident with a gentleman in a truck. He had a canopy upside in the box. He was tailgating and whatnot. I didn’t go faster the road conditions were terrible. Anyway. He blew past me after we got on the yellowhead and in the distance I saw a huge puff of snow…..I was certain he crashed. But instead the canopy had flown out of the back of his truck and he left in laying on the road. Luckily I saw the haze and slowed down just in case.
    I sat behind it and called the police until they could make sure no one hit it.

    Could have killed someone.

  4. Bret Whitney Bret Whitney says:

    Is this part for sale? I’m missing one just like it.

  5. Maybe post more details. By chance another driver seen what happened?


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