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Very disappointed

I was renting with boardwalk for 2 years got offered a job out of town.

I gave them 2 months notice and they still charged me a 1000 dollars.

Just before I left I returned to my apartment for a day I got my truck towed paid 300 out of my pocket plus 50 dollar cab fair to the south side to pick up my truck and lost 467 a day wage after telling all this they told me that it has nothing to do with them and send the bill to collections will never deal with them again.



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  1. The worst property mang I would live on the streets before living under there roof!

  2. They are a despicable company. Talk about your low life rentals. The things I have heard about this company is beyond disgust. This is someone who should go to hell and suffer.

  3. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    It could be worse, they could charge you for any incentives they gave you plus the rent for the months remaining on your lease which is also stated in the agreement.

  4. I think they like doing paperwork… I’m in a similar boat but read my lease agreement. I’ll pay the g plus the bullshit incentive they gave me for being a long term renter and I’m bouncing.

  5. I’ve heard Board walk has the worse reputation … gangsters

  6. Not saying Boardwalk is good or bad but there are plenty of renters that are absolute entitled pigs.

  7. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    The problem with your truck is your own

    And the $1000 is for breaking your lease, you agreed to that when you signed it

    Boardwalk are assholes but in this case your in the wrong

  8. Rebecca Love Rebecca Love says:

    Never had a problem with board walk

  9. They did the same to us

  10. I’m currently living in a boardwalk apartment and I’ve been with them for 2 years now with no problems at all and they’ve all been super kind, and understanding with me.

  11. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    I’ve never rented with them but heard they are the worst. I’m sorry you dealt with this.

  12. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Avenue living is just as bad. Years ago I worked in a collection agency where boardwalk listed. No one was assigned to collect them, but if someone called in we had to take the call. I remember the stupid trumped up charges they had, back then $15.00 a lightbulb that they bought in bulk. Rip off company and they can destroy your chance at a mortgage. Companies like this need to be legislated and monitored far better… Avenue living is worse, a Friend moved out. We filed court for her though, her damage deposit back, then sent the info to trans Union and credit bureau, they had to wipe it off her file (note on her account and changed the “r -9 ” (reported in collections to “r-1” reporting pays in 30 days.

  13. I’m living in hell now with a landlady from hell…..been here 3 years and she got angry I stopped taking her calls, and yes I have her on video saying just that. She has taking me to court twice, both went in my favor but the point I have to go through all of this now is horriable. Sad part if she will do this to the next person too, because now I see she done this to the guy before me. The landlord and tenant place does nothing for you. I had one guy tell me ” not much the court can do when 2 squirrel bickering g back and forth” he wasnt even intreated in the truth or the hell I love with everyday. She should up at my door apx 2 weeks ago screaming at me calling me a “dirty c%$t” she shows up in different vehicles. And there isn’t a thing I can do. I’m told ” just move”. Ya because we all got that kind of money laying around. I got sick just before I moved in. Thought I would be better by now, I’m still hoping soon. But this landlady just took me to court and wanted me out on the street. She used to be a friend, for years, she knows my situation, it would make her happy to make me homeless. Landlord/ladies like this shouldnt be ever allowed to rent again. She has been out in court twice to have lied. Then some form of lean should be on her so she can’t rent again. I have ne er had an issue with any where I rented before. The last place I was offered me less rent to stay, hindsight’s 20/20….grrrr
    Anyways sorry so long….just wish there was more justice for tenants also. So the landload/lady would think twice before causing hell to a tentant. Just because I wouldn’t take her phone calls any more!

  14. Boardwalk is the absolute worst. Once your lease and incentives are done they won’t offer you anymore, even when there aren’t renters to fill the space. They’d rather see you leave than give you $100 off per month. They think once you’re in you’ll be loyal to them.
    Years and years ago I rented from them and I had a new place to move into because I bought it and possession date was March 5. My lease was ending March 30. I had mentioned to the man in the office that I was moving on the 5th, however I’d paid my rent until the end of the month. So on the 7th, I got a phone call from the office stating that I’d left a mess in the place and that I’d be charged a cleaning fee. I told them “I didn’t give you permission to be there, my rent is paid until the end of the month, it’s my place until the end of the month.” They told me they were trying to rent it it for the 15th! I told them “no. My rent is paid until the end of the month, give back half my rent and you can rent it out for the 15th” and they wouldn’t give me half my rent back for the month, so everyday I went there to check it and make sure they weren’t sending in cleaners to clean it and rent it out. I went in on the 30th and did my cleaning. Dirty jerks.

  15. Boardwalk gives their employees vigorous training with extra focus on move out charges. They also don’t prorate charges based on length of time you have rented. I wouldn’t doubt that fly in the fixture cost you $50! I don’t ever recommend Boardwalk!

  16. Chris Wiebe Chris Wiebe says:

    Boardwalk places are a shithole
    we rented off them our ceiling had big creak an every time it rain it would leak bad an all ever done was they come suck up the water call that good. We moved out an they said the crack was our doing. Charge us with Over $1000. In damages.

  17. Why are you blaming Boardwalk for your truck being towed, which in turn made you lose a days wage and cab fare?

  18. Yea and apparently they’ve been charging me for 8 years for breaking my lease because I was living in a bed bug infested apartment.. we’re going to court.. I found out when I checked my credit score..

  19. Been with Boardwalk just under 7 months. Already discovered they’re shameless liars.

  20. Chelle Bee Chelle Bee says:

    They just want $$ They don’t care… how or who.

  21. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Boardwalk is fucken trash, they prey on tenants. Despite the “it’s a lease it’s on you” there are many things they will attempt because most don’t understand that the landlord and tenant act is designed to protect tenants against corporate entities that attempt to take advantage of people.

    First do a detailed walk through when you start, get copies and note any disputes. Get an understanding of their renovation schedules and how long ago items like carpets were replaced. In Alberta the life of carpets for normal everyday use in usually 10 years.

    No handshake deals, any repairs or agreements get in writing. Even if the landlord is “cool” protect yourself.

    Alberta does not have legal automatic rollover, check your lease. If you were outside your first year and never resigned an annual lease you may have some pull here.

    Basically those three things can protect you moving forward. As for your money? There is a small claims type filing you can make but you really have to have paper evidence that they were not honest.

  22. When i had them do the move out inspection they were finding any little thing wrong, i kept telling them the 1 stove burner and dishwasher never worked, never sent a repairman, there was 1 fly in the light fixture….. i was told its a $50.00 charge, there was a lot more not enough room for all or I’d be here all day

  23. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    This is probably what you agreed to when you signed your contract initially.

  24. Amanda Maxim Amanda Maxim says:

    Boardwalk is the worst.
    Had troubles when renting from them too. You are not alone.

  25. Clinton Kirk Clinton Kirk says:

    You could have tried to find a renter to finish out the lease.

  26. When you signed the lease, you were told about the fee. It doesn’t disappear because your circumstances changed. If you make $427 dollars a day, you can afford the fee. Pay it and move on.

  27. Never rent from Boardwalk. Ever.

  28. Lee Sustrik Lee Sustrik says:

    Welcome to Boardwalk they are notorious for no service, unkept properties, major rent gouges, basically scumlord central. Be happy you don’t have to deal with them anymore.

  29. Scott Smith Scott Smith says:

    A lease is a legal binding document. So if u were on a fixed lease most places have a lease break fee. It sucks i had same situation with mainstreet gave ample notice to re rent and was still charged a fee.

  30. Lizzy Shaw Lizzy Shaw says:

    I wish I made almost $500 a day….

  31. Mike says:

    Should give me a call there is an avenue to recoup that 1000 dollar lease breal fee they charge

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