Victim of Identity Theft

Long story short I’ve been a victim of identity theft by my own relative. It so happens you can use someones name and birth date when getting pulled over for a traffic stop. I’ve confronted her, her parents admitted to me that it was her. I’ve got proof that she admitted it herself. I guess it was easy for her to get away with it because we have the same last name, and the vehicles she drove were registered under the same last name. I know because when I was trying to find out more about these tickets I also got the license plates and names that were registered under the vehicles.

After charging her and months of court days. The court drops the charges because they said it wouldn’t make a conviction. IDENTITY THEFT. All the evidence and even her getting caught in the act was there. $1600 dollars worth of speeding tickets I had to pay all at once or I’d lose my license.

That really put my family and I in a financial rut at the time. And I couldn’t even get my own car insurance because that was the time I’ve found out about these tickets. I have my own family, she still lives with and off her parents and were the same age. Its such a complicated situation because stupid me didn’t ever update my address and the address was the same as hers because we used to live with each other.

I need to do something about this, I want my driving record clean! Before this I had ZERO tickets I had a clean driving record and she goes and f***s everything up. Its so much more complicated than this but I’m trying to make it as short as I can.

The main thing I really want out of this is to clear my driving record!
So my questions are –
How do I go about this now?
How do I clear my driving record?
How do I get her to pay what I’ve paid for the tickets?
Could I take her to civil court?
Please someone give me advice on how to go about this.



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  1. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Call the ticket guys. They will give you advice or call lawyer referral at 18006611095 press*(as soon as recording comes on) then immediately press 0 tell the operator what city and the issue. She /her will give you the name of three lawyers you can speak up to half hour free. Good luck. Families can either make you or break you unfortunately

  2. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    If you have property insurance, it may cover identity theft. Check your policy or contact your insurance company. Your insurer will investigate and make a determination which could potentially clear your record. Worth a look. Good luck.

  3. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Depending on the tickets you will have a clean license in about 3years now file a civil suit against her for the tickets and cost make sure she gets served with papers and let her answer to the judge and get your name on your licensed changed to show your middle name


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