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[Video] Small Crowd of People Chant Derogatorily at Justin Trudeau in Edmonton

⚠ This video contains tons of coarse language — A group of people were seen chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Justin Trudeau’s gotta go!” a little earlier tonight in Edmonton.

In the video you hear Edmonton’s Jack Shultz yell out, “We don’t want you here you piece of sh*t”, as the Prime Minister makes his way around the front of the bus.

Have a look at the video:

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  1. Thank you for this motivational video!

  2. Jack Shultz Jack Shultz says:

    Was I disrespectful in the video?? You bet your fucking ass I was….
    Do I care? No I fucking don’t.
    We have had enough of Trudeau and the way he’s fucking Alberta.
    Does your opinion on me mean anythimy to me? Absolutely fucking not.

    And Fuck you to the sheep that support him. Have a nice day.

  3. I am not a fan of Jr but chances are those protestors are the same people who are all to eager to bend over, grab their ankles and be the unpaid playthings of the conservatives.

  4. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    I attended the rally & there was like 10 protesters compared to hundreds of liberal supporters lined up.

  5. It may be a little over the top for the swearing but I don’t blame them one bit. I’m so tired of these criminals getting into office and getting away with everything they do. It’s happened at the provincial level and has always happened at the federal level. I just wish there was a way to temporarily relieve those of duty without pay who are suspected of a criminal offence while the RCMP investigates. I bet they all would think twice about pulling all these shenanigans.

  6. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    Not very classy, but when you are frustrated beyond belief, class goes out the window. Trudeau knew he’d get a rough reception here, that’s why his visit here is early on in the campaign. He’ll spend the all important last days campaigning hard in the east. It’s a strategy.

  7. Keeping Edmonton’s national spot as Rednecksville alive in 2019!!

  8. People shitting on politicians for shit like this are the least developed of people, yet they’re the ones who vote the most and have the biggest impact on the political system.

  9. Disgusting behavior made by disgusting people.

  10. This demonstration was useless & proved nothing.
    Although I do understand their anger & utter frustration.
    Trudeau is treating us ~ as he was treated at the G Summit meetings.

  11. Totally unacceptable!! All that man is doing is turning Conservatives away from voting Conservative in my opinion.

  12. So? he is a piece of shit Pm and we should let him know!

  13. April Lovett April Lovett says:

    How sickenly immature! Show some class! No matter who our Prime Minister is, no one will be happy! Everyone always has something to say… Geez…

  14. Emma Fleck Emma Fleck says:

    Not a fan at all of Trudeau but we need some decorum.

  15. Maybe he should allow more albertans/canadians to speak up and voice their opinions. See the real truth out here.

  16. Who here thinks he will get it for another 4?

  17. Khaled Ali Khaled Ali says:

    What a classless way to express disapproval

  18. Crowd? There’s like 7 people…

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