Video doorbells in condo buildings

I’m wondering if I can do anything to fight my condo boards decision to not allow video doorbells after i bought one to improve security in my building.


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  1. I am on my condo board. My advice is be upfront and respectful and talk to your condo board members at the next meeting. I believe my condo board has good members but i am a lil bias since i am on it. Present a good case for it. And i hope your condo board isnt full of 66+ elderly who do not understand technology. Do not be rude, because condo board members is a voleenter job

  2. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    Why would not want one is my question

  3. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Most condo boards are filled with people who have little common sense and they often heavily abuse their positions of power. Votes have more to do with popularity than from qualifications. Don’t be afraid to sue yr corporation. The judges in the masters chambers see through condo crap.

  4. You can get a refund?

    Always be aware of the condo bylaws, by renting or buying you’re agreeing to their rules because you own the inside, not the outside.

  5. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Perhaps there are others in your complex who would also like to have one. Strength is in numbers when it comes to common property. Check with the other owners and perhaps get some signatures. Remember though, that the board must act in the interests OF ALL owners, and bylaws CAN be changed through majority interest and proper process.

  6. Doubtful that your bylaws actually say anything specific about the doorbells. They want them to all look the same but so often bylaws are super outdated and not always practical. Did you ask permission first?

  7. In the end it IS up to them. Best suggestion I could give would be to see about attending a board meeting or joining yourself. My neighbour did that once upon a time and now he’s our manager lol

  8. Shelly Mac says:

    What do your bylaws say? In some cases If the doorbell is common property any alterations require board approval. If you have good reason for that doorbell then email the board why you feel it is necessary. If they still don’t approve bring it up at the AGM, others may want to hear the same question. Read your bylaws, those are the laws of your condo corporation.

  9. I would suggest you read the bylaws carefully and see where this would fit into common property.
    Each set of bylaws is specific to a development and it depends on how the bylaws are written and interpreted.

  10. You generally need condo board approval or management company for anything in the common area even if it’s on your door

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