Looking for places in Edmonton to volunteer our time to help those in need! Suggestions would be great! Would love something with a focus on kids or sick/disabled people or seniors.

Anything from helping serve meals, to activities for kids, helping with minor repairs or moving… etc. Thanks!!



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  1. The blessings project yeg

  2. Karla Mackay Karla Mackay says:

    Kids Kottage is always looking for volunteers. It is a 24 hour crisis nursery for children aged 0 to 11, and it is such a great place. When I volunteered there I just helped the workers with feeding, playing games with the kids, reading to them. Such a great experience. The only reason I stopped volunteering is cause it is on the north side and I live near Leduc.

  3. There is a volunteer for coming up next weekend I think ,they have lots of ideas.

  4. Become a mentor. There are hundreds of kids on the wait list waiting for someone like you!

  5. Pat Bennett Pat Bennett says:

    Special olympics to see some sport minded people
    Have an awrsome time.

  6. Alzheimer’s Society!!!! They are fantastic!

  7. Please check out Volunteer Alberta – they’re a great resource. I don’t know if they still have the same program, but years ago the Cross Cancer had volunteers that would pick people up and take them to their appointments and then take them home again 🙂 I think you need to decide what really interests you and go from there. Good luck – and thank you!

  8. Just go online. You will see who is looking for volunteers

  9. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I live by a small park, me and a few others volunteer through the city to take care of it, plant stuff etc. The program is called partners in the park

  10. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Call 211, they have a list of places looking for volunteers

  11. Kyrie Herman Kyrie Herman says:

    I volunteer at the U of A both in the Stollery and Cardiovascular ICU. I love it!

  12. Homeward Trust is about to do their Homeless connect. Ronald McDonald house is amazing as well.

  13. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Hope mission has many positions for volunteers

  14. Arlee Hanson Arlee Hanson says:

    Come to my house and help entertain my one year old twins while I tackle all my housework!

  15. Teanna Winsor
    Austin Czmuchalek

  16. Food bank or meals on wheels

  17. Tia Woolner Tia Woolner says:

    Christmas Bureau of Edmonton…best place ever and they have the best volunteers!

  18. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    I run a small family food box program out of Norwood weslyan church every wednesday evening. We r in need of volunteers with large vehicles to help pickup food loads and vehicles to help deliver. Pm me for more details if this sounda like it fits

  19. Good Samaritan Dr Zetter Centre. I volunteered there it was great.

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