Waitlisted at NAIT

Hello, I’m an 18 year old about to graduate from high school in June. I’ve applied at NAIT and have been wait-listed (cooking program).

Just wondering if anyone who has been wait-listed has actually gotten in, especially in the Culinary program or other programs at NAIT. They won’t release where I am on the wait-list or what my chances are.


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  1. Great suggestion to learn the various aspects of Cullinary.

  2. Cullinary depends on what you plan to do with the knowledge you gain and how you plan to apply it. I have a family member that went through the Cullinary Program. This person is a fabulous cook/baker. This person loves Cullinary. Apparently to complete the program students must do like a practicum. My family member was matched up with a restaurant owner, thinking that there would be an opportunity to learn even more in cooking/ desserts etc. Instead the restaurant owner turned my family member to a beast of burden. My family member filled in where needed and work sporadic hours. I think the practicum was more geared to learning the restaurant business. My family member also discovered unless they had tons of money or connections it would have been also near impossible to open their own business.

    My family member then tried working in a bakery. Although my family member was the ‘baker’, getting up early, making all the product for the whole store, the pay was little over minimum wage . The responsibilities and knowledge required was not compensated well for that position.
    My family member left Cullinary and works in a completely different industry and is doing very well.

    I think those getting into Cullinary have to establish connections/networking within the industry. Someone who is willing to take you under their wing and mentor you.

    We also have friends, a couple, that are both Cullinary cooks. They worked in places like the Hard Rock Cafe and other high end places. Their jobs involved long hours. The pay was good and you worked your arse off. When they decided to have a family, the long hours were too much. One of them quit to raise the kids and the other continued to work in Cullinary a few years longer.

    Post Secondary is always worth it. You gain knowledge, skills and experience. All of those can be applied to your future, in one form or another.

    Just my thoughts.

    Good Luck.

  3. Shay-Lynn Krezanowski maybe you have some info to help this young person <3

    • I have been waitlisted and accepted into a longer culinary program then i was taken into the current one i’m in. it’s a 50% chance if you’re waitlisted, it would more beneficial to the individual if you weren’t waitlisted, but this happens if you don’t make the competitive entrance. i got accepted three days before my program started

  4. Happened to me at MacEwan. I enrolled in another program. After the first semester when there were drop outs, I got a spot because I was already a student there. Luckily my 2nd choice had overlapping courses so I wasn’t behind when I got in.

  5. Absolutely. I was wait listed with two or three months before the semester started and got in. I had ~80% in 30-1 level courses which were overkill for my program, which probably made the difference.

  6. Cat Hills Cat Hills says:

    I was wait listed in the plumbing for November. They called me a week before it started to see if I wanted a seat.

  7. I was waitlisted at NAIT and got in. I also applied for more than one choice because I had a couple I was interested in. Sometimes people withdraw from a program early in the semester giving someone on the wait list the choice to start then or re-apply as soon as they’re taking applications.

  8. Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

    Not the culinary program but I was waitlisted in the carpentry program years back. They said even on day 1 and 2 there are no shows. I believe a spot opened fir me just a few days before. Wishing you best of luck!

  9. My daughter applied for the cooking and got in for sept but we applied the first day it opened. Thats what her counsellor told us to do and the nait advisor. Best best is apply as soon as it opens which is oct 1st.

  10. Katie Gabler Katie Gabler says:

    Some people will get called within a few days of the program starting. Not getting in the first year will not make or break you, you could atleast try twice.

  11. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    I was wait-listed for OHS for 2 years before I got in. Sometimes it takes some time depending on the program. Don’t give up, just keep applying and you’ll get it. Might not be bad to see if you need any upgrading; that could increase your chances of getting a spot in the course also.

  12. My son was on the wait list with 37 others. Same as you, they would not release what position he was in. They did call to offer him a spot but left no message. I made sure he called the number back and he was told they’d found someone else but he was next up. He waited another week for the call telling him he was offered a seat. The student centre just told him to watch the portal and did not mention anything about a phone call, which is partially why he missed the first call to begin with. My suggestion is to call the student centre just to ask how many are still on the wait list. They will give that basic info. Then, keep watching the portal but also watch the phone like a hawk for any calls, because it’s their policy to not leave voice mails, so if you miss the call they move along to the next person.

  13. The first year I applied to my program at NAIT it was full. This year I got in, forgot to pay with in the 30 days and was wait listed. After another 30 days i got in as someone else was bumped. On the first and second day of classes 3 more students got put into the program to replace no shows.
    If you have your heart set on cooking do not apply for other career choices . That is horrible advice. Wasting money to not be happy? Rather take a year to work and gain some experience in the industry and explore more about it and make sure it is the right fit.

    • very good advice. This was many years ago, but my sister was waitlisted and just like Coral, was called a couple of weeks before start of school to say she`d gotten in (Vet tech program). Because we lived in Northwestern AB at the time, it was a race and some hard work and diligence to find her a place to live and get her all set up in time, but we all pulled together and made it work, because it was her dream to work with animals. Good luck to you!

  14. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    My son was on the wait list for another program last year and didn’t get in. Make sure you apply and have two other options for career choices.

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