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Wanted a hug

This has been a horrifying year, to say the least. My Mom died in February, and my dad in May. Our family dog got hit by a car and died. Two months later my best friend went to sleep and never woke up. Got laid off and, still no hopes for a job. Though I have been trying. Walk around like a zombie because, except for my 4 kids, I have nothing. They have given me hope and, the will to move forward. I cry all of the time and try hard to remember the good things in life.

That was me a month ago. Today, standing inline at Sobeys, I was triggered by a image and memories of my mom came flooding back. Every emotion I held deep inside came out. Didn’t make a scene by any means, just cried and with my mask on it helped hide my emotions. A lady two people ahead, kept looking back at me. Looking down, but can see her staring. I looked up and she was standing next to me. Asked me what was wrong and I told her. She leaned in and hugged me. She actually hugged me, a hug I needed sooo bad. Gone was the Covid scare and, rules. She whispered in my ear. I know, we’re at times where this isn’t allowed but, we need to stop and think on what a person in crisis needs. So, I hope you don’t mind me doing this. I didn’t. People whispered but, she didn’t care. Felt sooo good for once this year. Never knew her name but thanks sooo much. I feel like I can move on now..



2 Responses

  1. FreeHugsFromEdmontonsSwine says:

    Go see the Edmonton Pigs for a hug.

    Alex Thomas will put a onesie on and rub his little dick all over you…. Oh wait you’re not a boy.

    Stephen Fossen will play nice and charming to give you a hug, then will try to rape you.

    Trevor Stroud and Eugene Robinson will give you cyber hugs and perv on your children.

    David Ahlstrom will give you a hug to pretend he wants to help then will steal you money.

    You can also get short, fat, subslavic polak Doug Fedechko to put you on restraining bars, especially if Black or Native, so he can degrade you.

    You can get Eric Johnson to street race to for a hug before he would like to rape you and fuck your kids.

    You can get Brad Skuba, another subslavic polak, to violate your rights, touch you (I mean legally frisk you), hit you with a police car if Native and walking on a sidewalk looking for a hug and then even fabricate a story to suggest you touched yourself.

    How’s that for now? I have waaaaaaaay more filthy Edmonton pigs btw.

  2. HicksvilleHellberta says:

    You have kids so that’s something. I hope things get better for you but they won’t as long as you live in Alberta. There is a whole world of opportunity so why Alberta? Start fresh, start new, start over some where better. What’s keeping you here now. Think of loss as an opportunity to spread your wings an fly away – nothing is keeping you in in Alberta and your kids deserve much better. The best to you.

    In the meantime if need hugs there are plenty of fat, ignorant, Albertan hicks who can’t read but are talking about their rights and are giving out hugs instead of masks.