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Is there a place in Edmonton where you can report a landlord as a scam artist?

We recently had a terrible experience with a landlord renting a duplex in the Northwest. He lives in the other half of the duplex and the yard is shared.

After signing off on on the inspection report as everything being good he still found a way to scam us out of most of our deposit. Funds we desperately needed. He knew we were leaving because we both had challenges finding good jobs in the last few years. On top of that did the inspection and everything was okay. Gave us the impression we would get our funds as soon ands the e-Transfer network was up and running again (it was down over the weekend).

This has been devastating to us and I would hate for another human to ever find themselves in the same situation.



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  1. Carol Varley Carol Varley says:

    Call the Landlord Tenants Board, they should be able to help you. If he signed off on the outgoing inspection report, he cannot charge for anything else.

  2. You don’t report the landlord as a “scam artist”. You would fight to get your damage deposit back. You need to take inspection report, your lease and any other relevant documents with you to the Landlord and Tenant Board downtown. It costs $75 to apply, they give you a court date, and then you would need to serve the Landlord and he must attend or it goes in your favor. You can also apply for costs, meaning the $75 that you paid, he would have to pay back if you won.

    • Leona Aquin Leona Aquin says:

      go right to civil court in the court house, it’s $25.00 more and faster. I don’t go to landlord and tenants anymore, could be waiting for weeks to get in. courts are like 3-5 days. gl

    • lol 3-5 days? Oh god I wish! Mine took 8 months JUST to get a court date when I did a civil claim against the old home owners of my home. do NOT go to civil court. there are matters that are unrelated to landlord and tenant things that go first. landlord and tenant are specifically for that! They have to give you a 21 day away court date to give you time to serve the landlord/tenant! Which is why it takes a few weeks.

    • What Natalia said. We have a rental unit and I’ve had to go down there a couple times just for documents. They’re very helpful and will get you started. There’s parking just around the corner as well so it’s not much of a hassle.

    • You can also include the $75 filing fee in your claim

    • It’s worth it to go through rtdrs. They specialized in this so it’s thorough and fast once you get your date. We got our deposit back after our old landlord tried the same as the OP.

  3. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    Be very careful of making public statements and naming the person directly. Libel/defamation…. contact RTDRS and file a claim.

    • AW Smith AW Smith says:

      Yes, what Jenny said. The residential dispute board is there for exactly this purpose. Landlord & Tenant Board will tell you to visit RTDRS to handle it.

  4. Report him to the Landlord and Tenant branch, see if they can intervene and you can file a claim. They have a tribunal and whatever they rule stands legally as if it was a court judgment.

  5. Derek Walsh Derek Walsh says:

    Screw a court date. Get someone to ‘settle’ it. He will pay up if threatened

  6. You didn’t specify what they charged you for? There’s two sides to every story. I have had tenants destroy their apartment, dog feces smeared over the walls like bad horrible suites and the tenants had the nerve to ask. So when do I get my deposit back? Not saying you destroyed the place but typically a landlord will have pictures and or correspondence to back up charges. Although there are shitty landlords out there.

  7. Buy a place and be done with landlords

  8. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    Yes. Go to the landlord and tenant board. This exists for a reason.

  9. Sounds like LLR Canada. They screwed us for most of our lease. Sorry but unless you wanna go take the time to go to court tenants and renters are not really cared about. We are not protected in any way.

  10. I can help you with this issue. Email me.


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