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Watch out for convicted pedophile PoS Pat Carson posting as “Ed Flynn” on Kijiji.

Pat Carson of Onoway, convicted of luring little girls to his ranch, abusing horses, and running scams out of Wild Horse Ranch, is back at it. Posting under the name “Ed Flynn,” only calls from blocked number, and admitted to using fake name.

And the worst part is how LAZY this sick fucker is! Typos in ad, and same song and dance as he’s been described using: sacred vortex/energy field, Japanese-inspired tourism, etc.



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  1. Sandra Cassidy says:

    It should have been written.. “to make matters worse”, which is not true, but/or “a part of the perpetrator’s profile is they are uneducated and cannot spell/read. There for, a farmer/farm worker profile suspect.
    I’m a cleaning lady, that’s my opinion .BaHaHa

  2. Andrea Rozgo Andrea Rozgo says:

    Miranda Nicole Purvis

  3. Steve Goguen Steve Goguen says:

    So this guy sexually abuses children and animals but the worst thing about him is his laziness?? Wow get a proof reader.. I think I remember when this freak was caught doing horses at the equine center in the river valley.. I don’t think he’s been in jail nearly long enough..

  4. Keesha Hirsekorn Francis awareness! Wow…..

  5. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    R u kidding me right.. to fucking warn people… how dare they publicly warn and shame a pedo

  6. Phill DL Phill DL says:

    Thanks for putting the word out, warning my young niece as she’s always looking for horse opportunities.

  7. Leah Ross Leah Ross says:

    Keesha Hirsekorn Francis how do you know they didn’t?

  8. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    Plenty of these sick guys in the equestrian world. Loads of young horse crazy girls. Willing to trade work for time with the animals or for trade of animals and tack.

  9. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    Keesha Hirsekorn Francis right?!

  10. Worst part is how lazy he is? You have a strange idea of worst, I mean I would have put the conviction of sexual offence and abuse of animals as far worse than being lazy. Just saying

  11. Alana Slaiwa Alana Slaiwa says:

    Miranda Evelyn Srayko wtfffffff

  12. Tom Edward Tom Edward says:

    There’s a website associated with him
    He also posts as himself looking for people to come live and work on a horse ranch

  13. If he s advertising to kids I’m sure he s in breach of conditions

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