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Watch out for this guy!

This man tried entering my home on the northside, he came back 3 time trying to open the door. Good thing the door was locked.

Dont know what he was trying to do or why he was trying to come in.

So scary.



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  1. Chan Chong Chan Chong says:

    Edmonton Police Service

  2. L Kerri L Kerri says:

    Nikki Morin Jane Michelle Shalane Faith

  3. L Kerri L Kerri says:

    Eww omg how creepy!! Hope you reported him

  4. Terah did you see this

  5. SuePederson Dorothy Hanak

  6. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    And FOR SURE after posting here you called police and have given them this picture. Because that’s what you should do.
    Not just post here where 1/4 Of Edmonton’s population can be informed…

    • Lisa Fedirko That’s more exposure than the police will ever give!!!!

    • Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

      Police need to be called so they will come and get the guy and ask him why he’s rattling door handles.

      Yes. Post here – ALSO not solely.
      I’m hoping the person called.

      I know someone was doing this last month around my place and someone called and cops came right away and asked the guy what the heck he was doing.

  7. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    I love my i see everybody coming near my door. I recommend it for everybody.

  8. Zayna Osman Zayna Osman says:

    Maybe he’s the bus driver looking to get paid. Lol

  9. He looks like a big guy, could this be that Dana Fash guy? Can’t tell from the pic but Fash is like 300 lbs and still out from what I remember.

  10. Sounds like he was after something in particular. What criminal tries to come back 3 times to enter the same place if not for something specific.

  11. What neighborhood on northside

  12. Most uninformative post ever

  13. Terps Events Terps Events says:

    I’m on the north, he will be greeted with a bat coming through mine.

  14. Melissa Dare Shn Dare

  15. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    If he’s knocking – run like hell!

  16. Hope this was also reported to the police. I’m sure it was. That is scary!

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