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We need to have Tyler Shandro removed as health minister

Petition · We need to remove Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro. ·



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  1. Edmonchuck says:

    Things need to change!

    • UsualSuspects says:

      Here is some more drumming for you to hear.

      What do you get when you cross a mason and a jew? Elite Sportswear/Elite Promotions or more descriptive yet leaving out details:
      Al shamal Shriner, Tony Lee, and a jew from St.Albert, Drew Shamehorn with their turds sniffed out in Edmonton and St.Albert city halls, contracts with Katz group and OEG (more masons, more political-economic control in Edm/StAlbert, Dentons, and one can even follow scouts and money right to LA and Hollywood (ie. Silver, WB), even Israel if want)

      Booo Oilers forever.

  2. TheRiddellFamily says:

    Are the Plastic Gangsters, the Riddells, untouchable? Nope they are very touchable and they love to touch. Whether James, Clare, Clay (a deceased mason is a good mason), Sue Rose, Bonnie (EdmPolice commission), or junky Riddells making 6 figures in the spoil sands, the Riddells are very easy to find. I am not dealing with bloods or crips, MS13, H.A.s, etc, I am dealing with plastic gangsters – I’m obviously not worried, pain is coming.
    Maybe their worshipful bros, the Forbes, of Edm, Spruce Grove, StAlbert can report on that?
    I bet Sgt Rod Carleton, freakmason of the RCMP, is angry with me – maybe the little fella will pay me a visit or I could always go to Stony Plain for a visit.
    More coming on Campbells, Harpers, Bush’s, Regans, Camerons, Mah’s, Chows, Cheungs, Leungs, Ho’s, Duncans, Obergs, Cyrs, Reids, Allans and Allens, Elliots, Bartons, Hogles, Harrisons, Powells, Pratts, Gunters, Johnsons and Johnstons, Larsens and Larsons, Robertsons and Robinsons, Herons, Koch’s, Forsyths, Fergursons, Martins, Mucklers, Roses, McDonalds, Taylors, Whites, Thompsons, Townsends, Moffats, Shaws, Smiths, etc etc, too many to list but those are some names you should all have some familiarity with.

    Further details coming soon, this is just a courtesy to let them all know I am ‘en route’.

    • TheRiddellFamily says:

      Masons wanted to play, so we are going to play.

    • BoltonHairWasCoolForMyers says:

      Vaughn Herman Myers, a jewish alcoholic who drinks and drives, and has been criminally charged and convicted for DUI, was appointed as a judge in 2007 after one of the messiest and unprofessional private practices in the history of the Metis settlement St.Albert.
      Good ole collaborative judeo Johnny law.

  3. EducationCuts says:

    So the United Convention of Pedos, affiliated to a gang, love to insert their people everywhere. I have an idea to make cuts without harming the youth. This plan should cover a 14% cut:
    Fire the big, fat, obese, smelly, whale, and daughter of the nile (female freemason), “lady” Margaret Blue of the EPSB. What a fat pig, she probably eats the youth after disorientating them from their potential.

  4. KenneyJongUn says:

    The man is a national hero like me. Alberta is the greatest place in the universe. My party is the best. Nowhere in the world has the liberties and freedoms we Albertans do. Alberta has most ethical and cleanest oil. Pooling pensions is the best idea since sliced bread. Alberta’s Sheriff is the greatest law enforcement agency ever; we will conquer the west. No other place in the world has mountains, trees, water, roads. Make sure you all dress, look and think the same, in the name of your superior, KenneyJongUn.

  5. DanielSmith says:

    The ndp, liberals, French, Natives, Russia and Arabs did this, they made this up! Tyler Shandro is an innocent victim! Petition them and save alberta from this conspiracy!!!! I can’t even believe people think he should resign.

  6. TrudeauIsMoreManly says:

    Lucky 13th comment! I don’t have a political party but Alberta must stay and the conservatives have to go.

    Like who shows up to a doctor’s house? Really? Make an appointment like everyone else, asshole. You can also wait in line to experience Albertan Health Care!!!!!!!!

  7. NotleyIsWrong says:

    “The Crown……Leaders do not act like that” – Notley.
    Um yes they do act like that and quite often. This is canaduh, politicians and public servants are a bunch of untouchable crybaby bitches.

    Alberta needs new terminology. When a grown up has a crybaby breakdown people should say: “aww, stop acting like a Shandro”

    • TrudeauIsMoreManly says:

      LOL! Or just say “typical conservative crying wah wah wah”.

      Looks like Jason Kenney is going to have a childish fit over this soon.

  8. UnitedConventionofPedophiles says:

    UCP f*cks children, f*cks nurses, f*cks teachers, f*cks doctors, f*cks the general population. Tyler and Andrea Shandro are scumbags. I’m on a sacred journey of hunting masons – Shandro is not a mason but I will find the connection.

    • TrudeauIsMoreManly says:

      That all sounds about right. You the one posting about the masons? They are a mob of creeps.

    • UnitedConventionOfPedophiles says:

      Sorry people, big correction, there is not just a connection, Shandro is “grandfathered in” through Hawrelak.

      Is guess we can call Shandro the Grand Architect Of The UnilateralCons (GAOTU). He definitely looks like a little imp.

      • UnitedConventionOfPedophiles says:

        *great, typo.
        Great Architect of the UnilateralCons.

        Masons always have such great foresight of where to be invested in an economy. On a more literal level Carl Jung would call it synchronicity or meaningful coincidences; I know it to be just the works of a cartel of crooked cowards.

      • TrudeauIsMoreManly says:

        What a P-uke.

  9. Albertdumb says:

    Alberta is a giant mental hospital. I can only laugh at alberta and albertans. Who needs a comedy channel when someone only needs to walk outside for a barrel of laughs.
    I do love the whole im a braindead albertan accent though.

  10. ShandroStinks says:

    Deport the immigrant

  11. TraceyAnderson says:

    I pee myself, I pee on peoples couches, the lobby I work at smells like pee and lost my kid over crack. Riverside Towers is accepting applications. Please send you confidential information to me in you application.
    Property Manger, Tracey Anderson, rock on!

    • TraceyStinks says:

      This seems out of place but i will accept it as valid after checking out Riverside reviews. Nasty place and person.

  12. PurgeTheCons says:

    I will sign that! He’s just another little, disgusting, conniving, crooked, lying, unstable, swindling, ugly, pukey, skeezy, lowlife, no balls, cunty conservatard.

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