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Hey I’ve been having a hard tome finding an answer and I’m sure someone’s been there before. We want to get married in the states but have our wedding date be the official date on our forms.

Everyone keeps suggesting have the wedding one day sign the forms here another and just remember that in Canada that date will be wrong so always fill out the wrong date. I don’t want that.

How do we marry in the states as 2 Canadians and make it still legal in Canada?



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  1. Myra Maines Myra Maines says:

    Go to the JP here in Canada. Head to the States for a ‘token’ wedding.

  2. Bring someone from Canada whos ordained

  3. Don’t do it. Problem solved.

  4. We were married in California, we got our marriage license done the same day before we were married. It depends on the State. You dont fill anything out within Canada.

  5. Here are the requirements for every State in the US for obtaining a marriage certificate

  6. The problem is you need to go and pick up your marriage certificate in the started after it’s been filed. So you can get married there and they file the paperwork but you also need to wait until that’s complete ( can take up to 6 months in some places). You then need to pick up that certificate from the state you’ve been married in and bring it back here. It can’t be mails.
    Most destination weddings are legally actually done in Canada (sign the papers and file) and then just a ceremony at the destination . It’s easier all around to have it done that way.
    I’ve worked in the wedding industry for over 13 years.

  7. Melissa Maki Melissa Maki says:

    You just need to get your license in the state you are being married in adhering to their specific requirements (ie. Blood tests, etc). Once you get married there the license gets filed either by you or the person officiating in the state the license was issued. Within 2 weeks you should be able to order a copy of your marriage certificate from the state office online. As another person mentioned you dont need to register it here in Canada just update your status to married where applicable and provide the marriage certificate as proof if requested.

  8. You hired a justice of the peace. Have two witnesses and they come sign the forms. The justice of the peace then hands in the document to the Registry’s.

  9. You can get married in the States and have your marriage be considered legal and recognized as official in Canada. No need to register your license with the govt here. When changing your name (if you are) just bring your license with the official stamp etc and it’s no problem. I’ve been married twice, once in the US and once in the Caribbean. No issues at all.

    This is from a “foreign marriage” website:

    That a legal marriage performed outside Canada, gives the couple all the same rights upon death or divorce, as if you were married in Canada. As long as you can show at any time the marriage certificate and that it was legally registered in the country it took place in. Do you really think all those Canadian couples having destination weddings in the Caribbean or Vegas or wherever… would do so if the marriage would not be recognized the same as a Canadian wedding? Has there EVER been a case on record where some rights were found to be different, simply due to the wedding not being in Canada? I think this is just lots of fear mongering… or if not would like to see at least 1 concrete example.

    All Canadian government websites say the same thing. You DO NOT have to register your marriage in Canada if the out-of-country marriage was legal.

    If anyone needs a copy of your marriage certificate for something, it will be the same if it was done in Canada or elsewhere. As long as its in english/french, or has certified translation accompanying it, it should be acceptable.

  10. Doesn’t a person have to file the paperwork and have a license before a wedding date?? On the forms don’t you write the date the wedding is taking place? Call a registry centre??

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