Weird/Suspicious acivity w/ car keyfob

Hey everyone.. Just wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing. This happened at Safeway by Manning. So I was picking up some groceries and when i went back to my car, the fob wasn’t working. I pressed all buttons and nothing, like it was drained. I couldnt open the door so i used the actual key blade. The alarm went off. I tried to press the unlock button on the fob and doors and nothing was working. Only the mileage was showing on the dash, i tried pressing on the brake pedal, it won’t depress. The e-brake light indicator was turned off when i was sure i turned it on before i left. I tried pulling it up and the light indicator would light up for a sec then shut off. The lady parked next to me also came and found her fob wasn’t working as well. While we were both trying to figure out whats going on, the alarm on mine finally stopped but the lights on the side mirrors were flashing non-stop. After about 15min of panic, the push start message finally appeared on the dash, I tried to start the car but a message appeared saying the key fob wasn’t detected. I then called my husband and he suggested to push the start button using the end of the fob (car has push button start). It finally worked! As i was leaving the lot, another car alarm went off. I drove for about 10min and all the way, a message kept coming up saying the fob has left the vehicle, yet the car never stopped even when i stopped at a few lights. When I got to a safe place, i stopped the car, parked, etc. I locked it using the fob and it worked as it should at that point. I restarted the car and everything was fine from then on. Just wondering what the hell happened there.



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  1. Doug says:

    Same thing happened to me. Also started the car the same way you did. I immediately swapped out the battery and all has been fine since. Hopefully your second key fob worked fine when you got home, but I would just replace the battery.


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