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West End Tire

Does anybody go to West End Tire for their car? I go to switch my tires over and it always seems to be that they charge so much money.

It’s about $160 when I go. My tires are already on rims so it is just a straight switch over. Sometimes they rebalance them.

Is this a ridiculous price? Thanks!



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  1. Why can’t you do it yourself??

  2. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    Why don’t you try calling around

  3. Jan Peterson Jan Peterson says:

    If you called around for quotes instead of posting on the internet you’d know !

  4. If they’re on wheels, it’s $11 a tire to get them swapped on. No balance.
    If not on wheels, $28 bucks a wheel.
    You are going to the wrong tire shop if you’re not going to KalTire!!
    Mind you, this is for Westlock KalTire!

  5. Ryan Beer Ryan Beer says:

    $40 Canadian tire north end as long as you got 2 sets of rims.

  6. Tyrone Hotte Tyrone Hotte says:

    RGW tire is awesome give Ramil a call.

  7. My husband got all 4 tires at Costco. I think it was $190 but they did balance them and there is warranty for any holes and such.

  8. Why don’t you check with some other tire company. There are lots.

  9. Leslie Ann Leslie Ann says:

    My ex worked for years in the tire business $160 is not bad. The last place he was employed it was $50 per tire.

  10. I have a company come to my house to do it. Saves me lugging my 20″ wheels out of my SUV. There is usually an added cost for tire pressure sensors as well. No waiting around so its very convenient.

  11. Kelly Dawn Kelly Dawn says:

    Kal tire is $50 but not sure if they do rebalancing or not

  12. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Yup, paying too much!!

  13. We pay 50 w rebalancing included at a dealership. Don’t know what they’re doing for the price you quoted.

  14. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    What’s more important the 160 bucks or a couple hours of your time on a sat or Sunday and doing it yourself ?

  15. Mark Lee Mark Lee says:

    Yep. Very pricey. Some places I’ve seen charge around $100 for tire switch. I’m lucky in that I buy my tires from Trail Tire so switch overs are always free (as long as they are already on rims).

  16. Lisa Watkins Lisa Watkins says:

    Just to switch tires over? Hell yes, that’s pricey. I’d expect that if I needed them mounted and balanced.

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