WFG, you guys suck

I just have to say this. Be extra careful when you go to a job interview and see anything with WFG on it. Some dbag wannabe motivational speaker (more like self absorbed narcissist) Kyle or whatever his name is tried to tell me about changing my life with WFG.

First of all I wish you could take a step back and see how stupid you sound. I’m not handing over money to some guy claiming to be a financial consultant but didn’t step foot inside a university.

Secondly I avoid those financial BS recruiting things like the plague. I’m sorry, but guys that sell mlms are not freaking employed. You have a hobby. That you pay for. Then maybe you will make money scamming other people.

What a load of crap trying to trick people into thinking its an actual job they are coming into an interview for! If you tell me you “work” for WFG there’s a good chance you are narcissistic, stupid, or desperate. When you guys talk its like you think other people are stupid. Some are and join, but man what a freaking cult. Sorry but dealing with those idiots hurt my brain. What a scam!



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  1. Haha. The only ones making money is THEM by having you part with your $$. They sell you on a idea. Nothing but an idea.

  2. Such a waste! Learned this quickly about 13 years ago when I was called for an interview. I didn’t even stay for the whole thing. I walked out. What a crock! I can’t believe they are still in business to this day!

  3. I used to know some people who I thought were friends try and sell me on that shit. Pyramid scheme plain and simple

  4. Isn’t it just an MLM scheme?

  5. Pam Smith Pam Smith says:

    Pyramid schemes are illegal…

    And yes to sell insurance you need a license. Highly regulated industry

  6. Wait….WFG does “interviews” and hires people?

  7. Definitely culty, these mlm’s. I work in a bookstore, and they’re always being told to read certain books. I can always tell they’re with primerica or similar based on the titles. They’re all the same 3 titles. I wonder how many actually read them. Dry!

  8. World Financial Group almost sucked me in too. I realized it was an MLM and you’d have to recruit. No thanks.

  9. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    Primerica is another one to steer clear of. Almost got sucked into their B.S. back when I was young.

  10. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    Yessss I went to an interview once. Realized I was very mislead about the job and left.

  11. Good advice. Scammers all the way.

  12. My financial planner, who has a master’s degree in finance, refers to world financial as “bottom of the barrel”.

  13. Kit V Abuan let loose homie

  14. I have no respect for this company at all after working at an office in the same business park. I know nothing about their business but I do know they have no problem taking other peoples parking stalls and blocking parked cars in their stall. Then being rude when you patiently ask them to stop.

  15. The biggest problem is that they go after the people with low levels of education and income and rob those people.

  16. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    I went too one of those. Said it was selling insurance. At the end it was commission only and you had to get your licence to sell insurance. It was a huge pyramid scheme.

  17. These things have been around for a LONG time, I went to one of these “interviews” when I was young. I actually feel sorry for the interviewers, talk about being sucked in!

  18. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    Pyramid schemes are the worst.

  19. Hahaha our old landlord tried that shit on us we went to one of their meetings and 20 mins into it I looked at my wife and told her let’s go it’s a scam WFG is a joke pyramid scheme

  20. MLMs are fucking garbage

  21. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    All MLMs are a predatory, unsustainable, scam

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