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What a rip!

Pizza 73 has the everyday meal of a pizza and a second pizza or wings and side for 2for1 but a solo pizza is much cheaper!

How is this not effing false advertising? Why has anyone challenged this?



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  1. Seriously? Challenge it. Take it to the Supreme Court but make sure you share your $5 off coupon with us when you win.

  2. Lol I laugh in their faces when they try to sell it to me.
    Oh ok so one pizza is 12 and I can get one for free? My new total is $35? What?

  3. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    It’s the same as grocery stores selling pop at below cost. It gets people into the store and they will buy more.

  4. Not happy with this bloody pizza deals? Call this guy, Knut Johansen Willier. He’ll walk in there and those pizza dudes will not only give you free pizza, they’ll pay you5 dollars just cause you know Knut !!this man has no doors In His house , only walls he walks through . This dude doesn’t shave . He kicks himself in the face . The only thing that can cut Knut is Knut himself …

  5. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    My question, why would anyone eat Pizza73? It’s junk food. Disgusting crap. Wouldn’t feed it to my enemies.

  6. It’s been a long time since you have ordered pizza if you are just realizing now that the 2 for 1 pizza deal is dead. It’s not just pizza 73 it’s all pizza places and I think it’s been dead atleast 10 years if not longer.

  7. Lol people jus bitch about anything these days lmao pizza really go to the hope mission

  8. Last I heard it was the “2 for the price of 1” deal, so if one pep and mush is 10 dollars, then 2 pep and mush should also be 10 dollars. Anything more and it is in fact false advertising.

  9. $10 walk in two topper pizza

  10. It is not a two for one. It is a meal combo deal. Just want one pizza? Just get one pizza. If you want two get the deal because it is cheaper than ordering two single pizzas. How is this difficult to understand?

  11. When people buy more of one thing they can bring the price down…it’s called balancing your return of paying for product at cost. You’d have to work in the industry to know that.

  12. Little Cesar’s has Hot and Ready for $5.99.
    Get a frozen one from the grocery store or make your own. Lots of other options out there.

  13. Solve the problem, and tell us how it was solved.

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